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    Premium Perfume Oils: Every Important Designer Perfume replicated in-house and hand-filled to order. Guaranteed Quality.

    We have your fragrance or will Custom create it. Glowing Reviews, Hassle-free returns. Designer Fragrances - Scented Bath & Body - Samples always available - Replications, Recreations.


    Over-sweet or fruity at first, heavy and earthy later and all gone in an only hour or two? Let us introduce you to your fragrance the way it was meant to be - pure perfume without alcohol or other harmful fillers.  Discover what the designer had in mind - smooth, long-lasting, rich, balanced & full of luscious aroma... In pure oil or infused in our bath & body collection. Read On

    Newest Fragrances

    • Vanilla Antique type for women
    • Tubereuse Nue type for men & women
    • Haltane type for men
    • Flower Market type for women
    • Bum Bum
    • Scandal type for women
    • Sailing Day type for men & women
    • Matcha Tea
    • Gardenia Lily
    • Coffee Break type for men & women
    • Burberry Her Elixir type for women
    • Amber & Peony
    • Vanilla Sex type for men & women
    • Prada Paradoxe type for women
    • Pikovaya Dama type for men & women
    • Eyes Closed type for men & women