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Plant: this is a diverse group that includes herbs, bushes, trees, grasses, ferns, mosses, vines, and green algae.

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  • Spike Lavender
    Lavandula Latifolia, leaves from France, Spain, Italy, and the Eastern Mediterranean countries. Fragrance Notes: Spike Lavender Fragrance Characteristics: Antifungal, antiinfectant, antiviral, stress, and cuts·...
  • Pennyroyal
    Mentha Pulegium, Leaves from Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal, and Turkey. Fragrance Notes: Pennyroyal Fragrance Characteristics: Antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, and an insect repellent· Classification:...
  • Hyssop
    Hyssopus Officinalis, Leaves and Flowering Tops from Southern Europe, Brazil, and Palestine. Fragrance Notes: Hyssop Fragrance Characteristics: Bruises, arthritis, coughs, colds, sore throat, viral infections, blood...
  • Carrot Seed
    Extract of the seed from the carrot plant Daucus Carota. The oil has a woody, earthy sweet smell and is yellow or amber-coloured to pale orange-brown in appearance. Fragrance Notes: Carrot Seed Fragrance Characteristics:...