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The Fragrance Shop has every important designer fragrance in pure perfume oils without alcohol or fillers of any kind!

Over the past two decades, we have provided millions of dollars of the the most carefully crafted Perfume Oils to a world-wide clientele, many of whom, year after year, prefer our fragrances to Designer originals. If your favorite fragrance is no longer available, or if you want something special and uniquely yours, our Fragrance team with over Forty years of combined experience in custom blending can create or recreate your own signature fragrance! These master fragrance professionals also regularly create unique, premium quality, signature fragrances for discriminating customers. (Records are kept of every blend so these can be refilled for returning customers, even years later). Because The Fragrance Shop fragrances are in pure form without alcohol or fillers, you can expect a richer aroma than commercial forms and - one of the great benefits of using pure perfume - just a drop or two is all you'll need to retain your full, rich fragrance hour after hour - even all day for many people! At the same time, many who thought they were allergic to perfume find they can wear The Fragrance Shop oils without itching or sneezing, or red and puffy eyes - allergic side affects most likely caused by alcohol and other fillers rather than the oils themselves. Another Fragrance Shop advantage: Because all of our fragrances are custom blended, most out-of-production Designer fragrances are still available here, or can be duplicated for you long after being phased out by the original Designer.

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