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Can't Find What You Want?

You think it's here, but just can't find it...

The Fragrance Shop has an extremely wide selection of highest-quality, pure fragrance oils including Women’s Fragrances, Men’s Fragrances, Designer Fragrances, Domestic and Imported Oils, Essential Oils, and more! This overview may make it easier to locate your fragrance. 

Is it a new fragrance?

If it's a new fragrance - one that has been introduced within the last several months, please review our newest fragrances or use our search tool. If you still cannot find your fragrance, please contact us. Though not yet on our website, if we have had a number of requests, it may already have been added to our inventory.

Is it out-of-production or very rare?

If the one you're looking for has been commercially available for some time and you can't find it in our on-line catalog, let us make it for you. We recreate rare and out-of-production fragrances on a daily basis. If you have a sample of your scent and it is not past its useful life we can probably recreate the fragrance exactly as you remember it. Please contact us for more information.

Can't quite describe it?

If you can remember part of the name or any of the ingredients, just enter whatever information you have in the search box in the website's header. Its extremely powerful and can be used to locate almost any fragrance with just a little bit of information.

Are you unsure? Undecided on a fragrance?

Or are you just unsure about how one or more of our fragrances might work for you? Would you like to try any of our fragrances before deciding? Samples of our fragrances are available for a very small charge.

Here's How Our Fragrances Are Organized:


Most popular Womens' fragrances, listed alphabetically.

Most popular Mens' fragrances, listed alphabetically.

Rare, discontinued & out-of-production fragrances from around the world, listed alphabetically. 

Fragrance Shop favorites, including Rain, Fresh Air and Tunisian Opium.

Almond, Apple, Bayberry,Peach, Pikaki, Wisteria, Watermelon and dozens of others.

An extensive selection of the finest Musk Oils & carefully selected Imported oils including matchless Lavenders, Roses, Sandalwoods and more.

Single-note essential oils for harmony and healing, including Bergamot, Juniper, Ylang-Ylang and dozens of others.


A small, first-quality selection of personal bath and body products - available unscented or scented with your favorite fragrance.

Still Can't Find It? Ask Us!

If you have any questions, comments, or would like a bit of fragrance advice, get in touch with us.
Live chat, call (888) 377-3677, or email us now.

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Our best-selling fragrances, from 1996 to present-day. A complete list of our fragrances, sorted by sales rank


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The latest additions to our fragrance collection...
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All of the original fragrance designers and their respective fragrance types, sorted alphabetically

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A complete list of our fragrances, sorted by average customer review

Fragrance Families

Fragrance Families

Browse all of our fragrances classified by fragrance family, such as floral-fresh, oriental-ambery, woody-aromatic and 39 others, sorted by best-selling


Can't Find What You Want?

A helpful page that explains how to find fragrances in our shop, factors to consider when searching, and how we categorize and label our fragrances


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Ask Us!

Having trouble remembering a fragrance name? Wonder what scents we have that feature specific ingredients? Looking for a bit of advice? Chat with us now and get a quick answer.


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