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Customer Comments

  • "I cannot recommend this company highly enough! Their shipments come within 2 days of ordering and their customer service is the best in the industry! They always send the products thoughtfully and attractively packaged and I always get samples with each order! I will only buy my fragrances from you in the future!" Nancy
  • "Let me say that I love the fragrances I ordered, as well as the 2 samples you sent me. I used the Dry Body Oil this morning after my bath and followed with my perfumed oil in the Hanae Mori. Fourteen hours later, I still smell great! ...Thank you for your great products and excellent service." Jane
  • " Wow! Again, some of the most fantastic customer service ever and I was in retail sales for 20 years. Thank you and I am about to tell everyone about your products and great customer service. Thank you so very much. Hope you have a great day and you just made mine much better." Kelly
  • "Not only was the service Awesome, every one of the scents stays on forever! I'm in the Navy, in Japan, and it still only took about a week to get here. I ordered two Custom Designer 4-packs, and I get to wear whatever scent I feel like that day. Not only did this save me a bunch of money (as opposed to buying 8 bottles of expensive cologne), but the stuff smells way more consistent, and stays on much longer than alcohol-based spray colognes. I really couldn't ask for a better experience. I will be recommending this place to ALL my friends, both Navy and at home! Thanks so much!" Jake
  • "Just wanted to say 'thank you' and let you know how pleased I am with my Jasmine oil. Your wonderful products, ease of ordering, prompt delivery and excellent service has been an added plus. Also, your hand written note on the bottom of every invoice had a personal touch and made me feel more like a friend and not just another customer. Thank you again." Cheryl
  • "Thank you for your excellent service for this time we received the package 4 days after it was sent to the UK . Well done !! We will be back!!" SRH
  • "I am truly enjoying my fragrances. Everything came in perfect condition. Thank you so much for expediting the shipment so I got it in time to take it on my trip. You will be hearing from often as i will be ordering for myself, my family and friends. I have already told them all about The Fragrance Shop - And they love the way I smell..." Sharon
  • "Thank you for the professionalism. It is nice to deal with a company that is so on the ball. It is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to getting my new fragrances :)" Jennifer
  • "I just love my purchases and wanted to thank you. The oils are beautiful and pure and the way they were packaged was fantastic...even the added touch of the Lifesavers was special. I'll be back again and again and again... thanks so much for a great shopping experience!" Terry
  • "Your fragrances are wonderful! My sister, mother and mother-in-law are now hooked on your products! Your packaging is always so personal and makes the customer feel special. We really like your little samplers because it is fun to try the different perfumes in your selection. Thanks so much and I have told all my family and friends about you! :o)" Rayna
  • "I have been buying Wisteria from the fragrance shop since I visited their shop in New Orleans in the early 90's. Now, I buy over the phone when I run out. It could not be easier. They are pleasant and helpful and it takes moments. I would be lost without them. " Tia
  • "I am really happy with my purchase, as I have bought your oils for over 6 years now. The price is great, the oils last a long time and I get quite a few compliments oIn my perfumes. Thank you again and I have been spreading the good word about your company. " Paula
  • "You guys are awesome. Received the order and the Dry Body Oil is delicious. I will post a comment-rating tonight on your website. The customer service is spectacular, could not ask for more. Thank you!" Marie

Write A Comment About the Fragrance Shop

My first time ordering from The Fragrance Shop, I got two sample packs of some of my favorite colognes and my wife's favorite perfumes. Shipping was quicker than expected, and inside the box there was a lot of nice little surprises (candy, a letter, a bonus scent!). The oils themselves smell great and are pretty dead on to the originals. No complaints whatsoever. Will order from here again. Thank you! Tyler J.
Happen to love Valentino Donna Born in Roma and wanted to know if TFS version could capture the refreshing pop I get from the original. Very happy to say that it does and when used together the fragrance lasts over 24 hours. On my skin in the Florida heat, it gives a tart fresh fruity Jasmine vibe. . .black currant, pink pepper, bergamot mixed with Jasmine and vanilla. It has great sillage and lasts long on skin and clothing, with somewhat woody dry down. Deborah W.
Absolutely fantastic find The Fragrance Shop!!! Man am i glad i found out about this place. It's the dream for any fragrance lover.. I was a little apprehensive at first to think how a favourite fragrance would translate when it was mostly oil...? Alas, I'd heard such wonderful things about this place so i jumped and ordered my fav Tom Ford's Noir de Noir. So glad that i took the chance!! Could not be happier with both the product and the service.A+ all the way! Don't hesitate, go for it, check them out as soon as you can. Orla M.
I LOVE this store!! I believe I'm allergic to perfume because I sneeze the moment I put it on. But with the Fragrance shop perfumes, no sneezing! The scents are FANTASTIC!! Shelly R
WOW, just WOW. First time purchasing from this shop and I must say, I am impressed. Fast shipping and the fragrance that was long discontinued is now found! This smell brings back so much memories. Thank you! Kim H.
I ordered a sample of my favourite fragrance which was discontinued years ago. I kept saving a bottle of original Cartier fragrance with a little bit of this precious juice on the bottom to remind myself how heavenly it smells. When my sample arrived I received a wrong sample Cartier Must instead of Must II. I know it can be easily overlooked and immediately after contacting the company, I received a correct sample. After comparing it with my original EDT I couldn't believe how accurate it was. Much, much stronger than EDT but that is understandable since you are using concentrated oil. And it lasts for days. I went ahead and ordered 30ml bottle. Shipping to Canada took much longer than I expected after almost 2 weeks I even couldn't get tracking info. I contacted the company and Jenny immediately stepped in and started to track the package herself for me. My package arrived about 3 days later to my door. (I do understand delays with COVID19) but if Jenny didn't take her initiative, it would be probably still stuck somewhere at the boarder. I was ordering from other companies in the US lately and everything was delivered within a week to 10 days max. When I opened the box, to my surprise I received a 30ml perfume and travel size bottle and a small sample of another perfume. Quality is amazing, long lasting and 99% match. I am in heaven again. Thank you for such a beautiful products and superb service. Good quality is hard to find these days. I will be ordering in the future. Special thanks to Jenny. Dagmar K.
I am very pleased with the recent replication of one of my favorite perfumes that had been discontinued for a long time. Julia and Jenny were very helpful throughout the process. Jenny was very patient in walking me through the replication process over the phone and timing expectations. I received my first replication samples in about a week after sending in my perfume, which was faster than I had originally anticipated. Julia, who performed the replication, was very attentive and quick to respond to my questions and adjusted the blend based on my feedback. They did an outstanding job on the replication and I am so happy to finally be reunited with my favorite perfume. Also, I'm very impressed with the overall responsiveness from the team (I found out they are a family-owned business and only have a staff of 4) - when you call the 1-800 number you are reaching t he actual store itself (versus a call center) and when I send questions via email, I would receive a responsive within 1 business day. I really appreciate the truly personalized experience. They are also very quick to ship out orders. Aside from this replication, I have purchased many perfume oils from them in the past 5 years and each time, my order has shipped out within 1-2 business day after placing my order. I highly recommend this place! Elaine W.
I am canceling my Scentbird subscription!!! I found my favorite Marc Jacobs and several other colognes that I’ve purchased, The Fragrance Shop is the best. Chris L.
I adore the fragrances I've bought. Each one smells amazing and doesn't fade away like most perfumes. It lasts and I've gotten SO many compliments, especially for the "Heather" blend. I'm a customer for life! Heather
I have to thank you for such a positive experience, I reviewed you on Google too . ABSOLUTELY AMAZING , .. RECOMMENDED TO all the girls at work. I will definitely be ordering again. The customer service is amazing, thank you again Jenny. The scent was 100% spot on. Thank you and like I said AMAZING. Kszyklinkski
Love love love your products. Blesses me that you can provide a fragrance that my mother and I wore for years until it was discontinued. I wish you had a store in Charlotte/Lake Norman area but your online service is excellent. Thank you. Susan P.
I have used aromatherpy for decades, personally and as a Psychotherapist - and was very attracted to scent since my ealiest memories...I bought some esential oil (Frankinsense) about ten years ago and always remembered the quaility. I have just purchased eight different products and I am reminded of how very excellent, even sublime++, the essential oil products are...there are a lot of chemically-based artifiial scents otm there parading as the real thing - well, this is the real thing. Five Stars +++ Thanks! Richard R.
Hello Fragrance Shop I usually wear Suede, I haven't had a chance to try the samples yet but they do smell Good. N completes here. Thank You! Kevin J.
he Fragrance Shop has been the best experience I've had with any business whose been producing these fragrance oils. Very Professional when fixing mistakes, good communication, and nice touches with the packaging and shipping! Joshua B.
The Fragrance Shop has been the best experience I've had with any business whose been producing these fragrance oils. Very Professional when fixing mistakes, good communication, and nice touches with the packaging and shipping! Kenneth W.
best customer service ... they get what you want to you quickly and well wrapped. haven’t been disappointed yet in anything i’ve bought and love the free sample! Renee B.
I love the Fragrance shop. Jenny is the best. Love the individual attention abd her recommendations. Last order I got 6 fragrances- 5 new- and they were all wonderful!! Nina R.
I love the Fragrance shop. Jenny is the best. Love the individual attention abd her recommendations. Last order I got 6 fragrances- 5 new- and they were all wonderful!! J. Penta
I received a free sample with my last order of the Vanitas. I liked it so much I bought it as a 1/4 ounce bottle in another order. Thank you so much! I have discovered so many new scents that I have purchased because of the free samples you have sent. Catherine W.
As usual The prompt service to Australia always amazes me, I love my larger bottles of Ethereal Ambergris. I only have one complaint, I cannot buy cherry flavoured large life savers in Australia. Rose-Anne W.
I discovered The Fragrance Shop while on vacation in New Orleans spring 2005. I later found them online and have been ordering from them for 15yrs. Their products are wonderful and customer service is outstanding. I recently made a purchase on Mother’s Day while they were having their buy one get one promotion. I only purchased one item not realizing I would be eligible for the promo. In a matter of hours I received an email saying I was eligible for the buy one get one promo and was asked what item I would like. I don’t know of any other companies that would reach out offering the free item. They could have just sent me the one item I purchased and let it be at that. This experience just makes me tell more of my friends about them. I love their oils and get compliments regularly. Just and all around great company!!! Jen F.
I have nothing but positive comments regarding’The Fragrance Shop” and my chosen fragrance “Oil of Black Woman” I found this on the Riverwalk in New Orleans more than 20 years ago, it is my ONLY fragrance noticed everywhere by someone. The staff has always been friendly and helpful when I have ordered, and my order arrives quickly and safely. Thank you very much. Branda M.
I have been purchasing old spice type after shave balm and bath gel for many years.A great product sold by a five star company. Always a pleasure speaking with Jenny and the customer service department. A good experience each and every time.You can count on a quality product and great service. Nikko M.
I have been purchasing old spice type after shave balm and bath gel for many years.A great product sold by a five star company. Always a pleasure speaking with Jenny and the customer service department. A good experience each and every time.You can count on a quality product and great service. John M.
Easy to work with and will never buy perfume from anyone else again. Brought back to life my all time favorite smell that was discontinued. Can't express how much that meant to me. Erica D.
I LOVE The Fragrance Shop! I was introduced by a friend to the hibiscus passion oil and have been obsessed ever since. Great service and amazing products! Will definitely be a life long customer. :) Miranda H.
I have been a customer for years. I love my Privilege oil. The customer service is the best and I always receive it quickly. The Lifesaver is a nice touch:) Nancy S.
I have been a customer for years. I love my Privilege oil. The customer service is the best and I always receive it quickly. The Lifesaver is a nice touch:) Anne
This is my favorite of all your fragrances. I have tried others and I'm pleased of the trail sample you sent me "Summer Wave" wish I'll order next. Thank you for quality service and product! Veronica A.
Baby Powder is amazing! Very pleased with this company...they go out of their way for us. Thank you! Jane
I did receive my order very quickly. Loved the Dewberry Fragrance and also the Gardenia---two of my favorite fragrances. Thank you! Perfect, as always! Lacina
I was very pleased with my sample of Insolence type for woman, it’s a perfect blend, smells delicious!!! Liz
Your packaging is excellent. Very impressive. I’m not positive I like the fragrance but I’m gonna use it to completion. You’ve done a great job with time of delivery. Your customer service has been very professional and polite. I’ve called twice I’ll be in touch again with an order. Vanessa J.
Over the moon with every purchase so far, the Vanilla Musk and Vanilla Cream are beyond beautiful. Busy getting other people in the UK addicted to your wonderful fragrances! Julie A.
Absolutely love Fragrance Shop. Got my first bottles in New Orleans years ago. Try the samples - you will NOT be disappointed. Any scent you want, they got it - or will make it for you. High quality, long lasting oil. Rita
This is my wife's favorite fragrance which we cannot find anywhere else on the planet. Thank you so much. The website was easy to navigate, the price was great and the shipping was quick. Perfect shopping experience. Keith V.
my first special oil created for me was in Miami years ago and to this day, I still get wonderful comments from people on the fragrance. I love it!! My own special one of a kind scent made just for me. Great service too! Thank you! Claudia D.
I love my fragrances. The sample is the next one I will purchase. I also bought one I had never tried before and it was excellent and my favorite one of all. Randi H.
Amazing!!! It smells just like the original, once it dries. Lasts just as long, if not longer. I'm so happy I found it again it's my all time favorite scent. I will be buying more! Thank you! Meli A.
Always pleased with your products, the very best. Michael L.
I've been a customer of the Fragrance Shop for more than 20 years. Their products have always been top notch and their service is a match. They're always helpful, have always answered my questions, and have always supplied me with fragrances that get plenty of notice and appreciation. Melanie
I have been missing my Armani Gio for years, they d/c in the states so i was browsing reviews on another site for it and they suggested Fragrance Shop. So happy I did, because they made a great dupe for Gio! Love it and can't wait to start wearing and getting compliments again! Thank you Fragrance shop! Tiffany
I cannot say enough great things about this company and their products. Exceptional customer service. All the scents I have tried have turned into an addiction. I cannot get enough. So happy I found this shop on line. Colleen C.
Love the Egyptian Musk I received This is not the first purchase I have made from the Fragrance Shop and will no be the last. Sent samples that I also love. Will be ordering soon. Always fast delivery! Nora D.
The Fragrance Shop is my new scent shop! The original scent I was looking for was spot on and almost every sample fragrance I receive turns out to be a new favorite! In addition to the great fragrances, customer service is great. I routinely receive my orders in a few days. Great business! Scevia
I ordered a tester of the superior white amber oil. I’m always hesitant with amber because it can be overpowering and very strong. This was the BEST smelling oil I’ve ever ordered. It was warm and subtle and stayed with me all day. My husband loved it!!! I am now in the process of ordering a regular sized oil and plan to make it my new signature scent. Cannot recommend it enough! ❤️❤️❤️ Stephanie
I continue to be very pleased with The Fragrance Shop! The fragrances are great and I enjoy getting the samples because I discover new scents that I enjoy. The quick delivery is awesome too! S. Hunt
You have a new customer. I just bought 2 body spritz bottles. One was a discontinued scent, the other is still in production. While the in production type scent wasn't exactly identical, it still smelled very nice. The discontinued fragrance, however, was 100%. I can't believe it. I'll be back very soon to order more. Glenn S.
I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered my lotion Love don’t be shy. I knew it should be a rich thick lotion based on what the Fragrance shop description of the ingredients. When I got it and smelled it I was so happy! It smells just like the fragrance! I love it! Myrissa
Yes I love the Spellbound’s worth every Penny...The other one I was going to try just by the ingredients was called a series of numbers like 38 — something..and the one I got had a name so I don’t know it it’s the same thing...I liked one of the samples in the sm.bottle I may order it next... Ali
I received the Gucci Guilty and a sample of the Gypsy Water. I was pleasantly surprised with how good both fragrances are. My order was received quickly and packaged well to ensure none of the fragrances spilled. I will definitely order from The Fragrance Shop again!!! Scevia H.
Blue Nile has an excellent scent K. Gordon
I really like your version of M7 for men. Very rare and discontinued fragrance done well! Anthony F.
Absolutely wonderful scents. The Burberry line up is spot on. It lasts all day. I will DEFINITELY be ordering again. Awesome experience from start to finish. Phil B.
Finally got my order of the bath gel and body spritz with the Voodoo Love scent. I absolutely LOVE this scent. I first purchased it at their store in the Riverwalk back in the early 2000s, I was enchanted by its rich musky oriental scent... and I've been enchanted ever since. No matter how many different perfumes I try, I always find myself going back to Voodoo Love. Getting ready to try some samples of their delicious oriental blends. Thank you Fragrance Shop! Please don't stop making these wonderful products!!! Nancy
I’m so glad! It’s been 13 years that I wear the same oil : Very vanilla. Always available. Same price and Great team, professionnal and kind! Every package is trace, and they care about every customers! Even in Belgium (Europe)!!! I highly recommand!

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