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Customer Comments

  • "I cannot recommend this company highly enough! Their shipments come within 2 days of ordering and their customer service is the best in the industry! They always send the products thoughtfully and attractively packaged and I always get samples with each order! I will only buy my fragrances from you in the future!" Nancy
  • "Let me say that I love the fragrances I ordered, as well as the 2 samples you sent me. I used the Dry Body Oil this morning after my bath and followed with my perfumed oil in the Hanae Mori. Fourteen hours later, I still smell great! ...Thank you for your great products and excellent service." Jane
  • " Wow! Again, some of the most fantastic customer service ever and I was in retail sales for 20 years. Thank you and I am about to tell everyone about your products and great customer service. Thank you so very much. Hope you have a great day and you just made mine much better." Kelly
  • "Not only was the service Awesome, every one of the scents stays on forever! I'm in the Navy, in Japan, and it still only took about a week to get here. I ordered two Custom Designer 4-packs, and I get to wear whatever scent I feel like that day. Not only did this save me a bunch of money (as opposed to buying 8 bottles of expensive cologne), but the stuff smells way more consistent, and stays on much longer than alcohol-based spray colognes. I really couldn't ask for a better experience. I will be recommending this place to ALL my friends, both Navy and at home! Thanks so much!" Jake
  • "Just wanted to say 'thank you' and let you know how pleased I am with my Jasmine oil. Your wonderful products, ease of ordering, prompt delivery and excellent service has been an added plus. Also, your hand written note on the bottom of every invoice had a personal touch and made me feel more like a friend and not just another customer. Thank you again." Cheryl
  • "Thank you for your excellent service for this time we received the package 4 days after it was sent to the UK . Well done !! We will be back!!" SRH
  • "I am truly enjoying my fragrances. Everything came in perfect condition. Thank you so much for expediting the shipment so I got it in time to take it on my trip. You will be hearing from often as i will be ordering for myself, my family and friends. I have already told them all about The Fragrance Shop - And they love the way I smell..." Sharon
  • "Thank you for the professionalism. It is nice to deal with a company that is so on the ball. It is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to getting my new fragrances :)" Jennifer
  • "I just love my purchases and wanted to thank you. The oils are beautiful and pure and the way they were packaged was fantastic...even the added touch of the Lifesavers was special. I'll be back again and again and again... thanks so much for a great shopping experience!" Terry
  • "Your fragrances are wonderful! My sister, mother and mother-in-law are now hooked on your products! Your packaging is always so personal and makes the customer feel special. We really like your little samplers because it is fun to try the different perfumes in your selection. Thanks so much and I have told all my family and friends about you! :o)" Rayna
  • "I have been buying Wisteria from the fragrance shop since I visited their shop in New Orleans in the early 90's. Now, I buy over the phone when I run out. It could not be easier. They are pleasant and helpful and it takes moments. I would be lost without them. " Tia
  • "I am really happy with my purchase, as I have bought your oils for over 6 years now. The price is great, the oils last a long time and I get quite a few compliments oIn my perfumes. Thank you again and I have been spreading the good word about your company. " Paula
  • "You guys are awesome. Received the order and the Dry Body Oil is delicious. I will post a comment-rating tonight on your website. The customer service is spectacular, could not ask for more. Thank you!" Marie

Write A Comment About the Fragrance Shop

My first time ordering from The Fragrance Shop, I got two sample packs of some of my favorite colognes and my wife's favorite perfumes. Shipping was quicker than expected, and inside the box there was a lot of nice little surprises (candy, a letter, a bonus scent!). The oils themselves smell great and are pretty dead on to the originals. No complaints whatsoever. Will order from here again. Thank you! Tyler J.
I am so impressed with the way the Fragrance Shop was able to replicate my favorite perfume--perfectly! It was one that was given to me as a gift 10 years ago and since then has been discontinued. Excellent customer service. I will be ordering from you again. Thanks! Sarah H.
As this was for my husband, he seems pleased this. MaryEllen B
Thank you so much for exchanging my fragrance. It arrived today and I'm a very happy lady. Your customer service is first rate ! Phyllis L.
I bought the 2 pack trial size of my favorite scents. I am impressed by how long lasting the perfume oil stays on your skin. I will buy again. Celine M.
China Lily has been my go to fragrance for years and will continue to be for many more. I love it. Tried Sugary Warm Vanilla for the first time. It's a bit stronger scent than China Lily. I'm getting used to it. Maria P.
I love everything I purchase from the Fragrance Shop. I used to buy all the scents I wanted when they were in Huntersville, NC. Now they have moved farther away and I’m so happy that I can still order my scents and have them shipped to me. I love that you only need a dab or two and it last all day. These are the best oils that I purchase. As long as this shop is in business I will purchase all the scents I enjoy from them. Khadijah
Was very pleased with my order. I received ahead of time and the fragrances are wonderful . Thank you so much. Wilma P.
I would just like to thank the Kay family for all of their dedication and work toward giving men like me a fragrance that expresses our maturity as a man. Thank you. Steve W.
Received my China Lily today and it smells Wonderful. Have been wearing it for Many years. Love it ♥ and will wear many more years. My order was Very well packaged. The sample you sent of Tulip really smells nice and light. Thank you. Want to Highly commend Ms.Jenny Mann who Really helped me with my order. She is truly an asset to The Fragrance Shop. Thank you So much. Thank you,The Fragrance Shop, for having China Lily that truly smells like China Lily. Suzanne D.
I found this website and wanted to see if they could make a fragrance I had worn for 40+ years until the company stopped making it. And to my surprise, they really did a great job of matching the fragrance of Germain Monteil Royal Secret. I am extremely satisfied. Jane O.
I received my Joy type for women body lotion and I am so satisfied! The fragrance is so true to the "joy" that I have used for years. It is fabulous and I love it! Thank you! Irene L.
Thank you for making good on your promise for 100% satisfaction. I now have the right Shalimar fragrance and am 100% thrilled. Susan D.
I have delt with the fragrance shop since they were located in Miami. Wonderful people to do business with. Morgan R.
My girlfriend loves China Lily and won’t wear anything else. I ordered last week and received my order on time as expected. This has been my experience with previous orders. Great customer service. Ken
I discovered The Fragrance Shop when looking for a backup before my beloved Dolce & Gabbana’s Feminine runs out. As another reviewer reported, this scent is lovely, soft and defies categorization and it’s a mystery and shame that D&G decided to discontinue it. I always get compliments on it, from women, but especially from men. The Fragrance Shop’s version is close, but its endnote slightly sharper/crisper than D&G’s original. I am enjoying having it in my purse for anytime smelling good. The Fragrance Shop’s customer service is outstanding. I’m embarrassed to admit I mistook the free sample I received to be my ordered fragrance so I was disappointed when it smelled nothing like Feminine, and I emailed them so. They were very responsive and told me to return it, only to receive a second email from me admitting my mistake after I opened the actual or der of Feminine. The sample was Pure White Musk and once I figured out it was indeed a different perfume altogether, I liked it well enough to place an order for that too. I made another mistake with this order, and they have been nothing but helpful in all my interactions and newbie mistakes. Melinda
Love the Sweet Olive. Takes me back to New Orleans. Dianne P.
Ordered another 5 pack trial for some new fragrances, plus some others I already enjoy. This company ALWAYS does every thing right! Customer service is everywhere.. value is uncomparable.. and the products are fantastic! They treat customers the way every company should & they will remain in business for as long as they want! Gary O.
The only perfume that has ever smelled good on me is Opium for women. I was so happy to find this essential oil formulation at the Fragrance Shop since I have become allergic now to all perfumes with synthetic fragrance. I can wear the Opium oil from Fragrance Shop with no problems or headaches and it smells great on me just like the original from Yves. Thank you Fragrance Shop!! Carolyn J.
i have been ordering fragrances from this shop for almost a decade now .. never any disappointment .. this year, one of their natural essential oils came in slightly a different color & scent .. still very nice though , still same oil, maybe just a different batch or a different supplier, or mayne even drawn from another part of the world .. i called to the shop , not to complain, but just to inquire , and tjey managed to reshipped the order , after they waited for a new supply source of the product ... how nice is that ... best fragrance shop . period Frederic S.
Love the Lauren oil. Tammy
Thanks so much for your fine fragrances and your attention to detail, including packaging and rapid shipping. From A to Z, it's all 5 star. Andrew P.
Very nice scents, strong oils. Fast shipping and good customer ervice. Laura R.
I've just recieved my second bottle of Speelbound type lotion. I found TFS after going on line to get more Spellbound and found it was no longer produced. Some people are crazy for this scent and were willing to spend a lot of money for "sample" pots of it. I found I could have sold my $.25 garage sale pot for $50. So very glad to find this company. I've been a repeat customer for several years. They are amazing. T. Oneal
I had surgery and as a result I can't smell anything anymore. But that doesn't mean I don't want to smell good to others. I always liked the smell of cloves before, so I thought I'd try this. I can tell you that my husband liked it but he did tell me that it wasn't very strong so I already placed another order so I can layer with the dry oil that I got to begin with. I also can say that I really like the dry oil. It's very moisturizing and absorbs quickly, leaving me very soft. Exine S.
The Fragrance Shop developed a copy of my favorite lotion that has been discontinued. It is fantastic! Claire
LOVE your products. They smell even better than the original, and the fragrance is lasting. The dry body oil is one of my favorite products ever. It leaves the tiniest bit of sheen on my skin while hydrating, and smells fabulous! Barbara G.
I have been a loyal customer for at least 5 years, I used to go to the fragrance shop and loved and enjoyed smelling all the different kinds of fragrance they had, it was the cutest and unique. I was so heart broken when they closed it but i started to order online and I've loved all the fragrances that I've purchased!! I love love these products they smell amazing!!! You have a customer for life! Freidja B.
I have been using the Tunisian Patchouli shower gel and lotion for years. Started when you were in Charlotte, NC. Will never use anything else. I love it and always get complimented on how good it smells. I have a very hard time with scents and this is perfect for me. Orlando
I visited TFS in New Orleans many years ago and purchased a small 4 pack of scents that I picked out from the hundreds they had. Today I found one of the empty bottles and remembered how much I enjoyed them. I could even remember the 4 fragrances I bought - China Rain, 24K Egyptian Musk, Sobe Rain and Tunisian Opium. LOVE LOVE LOVE these scents. They wear forever and you can't beat the price. 24K Egyptian gets compliments EVERY time I wear it. They package everything so wonderfully - just a great experience shopping with TFS. Rita
I can't say enough GREAT things about the fragrance shop. CUSOMER SERVICE is out of this world. Jenny was wonderful when I had an issue with a product. And to make things a bit sweeter she provided me a surprise in my order. This kind of customer service what will keep me coming back for years. Thank yo kay family and Jenny you have a wonderful company and a customer for life. Steve J.
I had a fragrance purchased multiple years ago and wanted it replicated but did not know the name. So, I sent the remainder of my favorite fragrance to the store and they duplicated it for me. The follow via email to make sure i was completely satisfied was terrific. Now THAT is customer service! Thank you. Tom M.
The scents were great! packaging and shipping were excellent! I can't wait to order from the fragrance shop again! George
I really appreciate your replicating my favorite lotion fragrance. I so hated that it wasn't being made anymore. The scent you created for me smells amazing. Claire
I first encountered The Fragrance Shop in New Orleans and they helped me create my favorite fragrance. The customer service is with out parallel and having recently worked with Jenn on another fragrance ( which I love ) I am now trying their sample fragrances. So many delightful scents and I am truly enjoying sampling and choosing. I love this business!! Please open a shop in Orlando!!!!!!!!!!!! Deborah M.
I love the scents. It’s really pure and long lasting. Even if it really took a very long time before I receive it, I’m really glad I was still able to test it. I also want to commend their good customer service and how they value their customers. I’m planning to place more orders. Thank you. Amee M.
I have been a customer of The Fragrance Shop for many years and I love their fragrances. Especially, their Joy and Red. Susan G.
My first time ordering and now my new addiction! I wanted to order a few fragrances that I remember from growing up in the 80's, something nostalgic. I ordered 18 different samples. If you are hesitating, BUY THE BIG ONE! The scents not only remind me of the original scents of the 80's, before they were reformulated. In fact, they smell BETTER, rounder, richer and more layers. I'm in HEAVEN! I'm so happy I found you guys! Sincerely, a new and forever loyal customer Renee
i've been a customer for a few years. i recently ordered my fav, China Rain. received and it didn't smell the same. contacted customer care. they sent a sample for me to see if this was a more favorable batch - it was. they sent replacement oils to me at no cost and i couldn't be happier with not only the product but the way they back it and how i was treated - fantastic customer service - above and beyond!!! thank you!!!!! Jill J.
The Rose de Vents fragrance was very lovely, but I think I would order the pure oil rather than the body spritz the next time. The scent is beautiful but fades almost immediately in the body spritz formula. I definitely liked the service I received, and will order again. Diane A.
This was my first order. Thank heavens I found them online. They were able to match my favorite Breathe Romance that hasn’t been made in years. Wonderful customer service, they sent me samples to choose the closest scent. My order arrived quickly and packaged so nicely! V.K.
I also discovered The Fragrance Shop years ago in New Orleans. I was so thrilled to find your website so I could order my favorite fragrance, oil of Voodoo Love. It is such a marvelous scent and I always get friends asking me about it. My shipment was beautifully wrappebqgd and I will be a forever customer. Thank you for wonderful perfumes! Denise T.
I first discovered The Fragrance Shop in Miami over 10 years ago while on vacation. I was a frequent online customer after that. Fast forward, life changes, including having a baby and purchases like this falls to the wayside. Although sad to hear your other locations are closed I am sooo happy you still have a strong online presence. Your product is by far superior over anything else out there. I don’t understand why people still where fragrances that are mostly fillers. I am starting to get my groove back and plan to never stop buying my favorite scents. Also, the scent of the oils last all day of not investment ever and your packaging and customer service are great! Hope to come to your Carolina shop one day. Liza T.
I love the perfumes from here. A couple drops last over 12 hours. Ordering and shipping is easy and fast. Will definitely buy more. I have used their lotions and soaps also. They leave your skin soft and fragrant. Karla
I’m very satisfied with my purchase. This is my favorite fragrance, it has a light scent and smells delicious. I get compliments all the time on the scent especially from men, it’s because it’s not overpowering. Liza
I have been a raving fan since discovering The Fragrance Shop on a trip to New Orleans in 2002. The products and customer service are outstanding. On my latest transaction this past November, Jenny helped me work through an account login issue and with an order involving a blend made especially for me may years ago. GREAT company! Bill W.
Bought it for my mom for Christmas - I buy every year! It's her favorite!! Jennifer K.
I have been a customer for a few years now and the service has been timely and efficient. Frederick F.
thank you for the shipment recently received. It is perfect. Everything I ordered was correct and quickly delivered. My favorite fragrances are Ocean Blue and White tea. Thank you for the sample also. I will continue to order and enjoy your special products! Leslie J.
I enjoyed the buy one get one free sale very much. I ordered my favorite scents Opium and Byzance, which I also have the bath/body wash of. I love these oils, and can wear them around people who are sensitive to perfume alcohol and chemicals with no problems. Yay! I also use your perfume oils in my house and car diffusers. Love it! HJ
Have been a customer since they're store in Miami Beach. Great quality oils and excellent customer service! Nazreen K.
I have been a customer of The Fragrance Shop for over 20 years when it had a wonderful shop in South Beach, Miami, FL. I was hooked on this shop & it's products ever since. I still wear the original fragrance I bought the first time I went in there--SoBe Rain! I have given it as gifts multiple times. Those who notice it on me want it! I have branched out to some designer fragrances for a change...but still go to SoBe Rain for my daily use! Customer service is great also! An important fact to note. These oils beat the Eau de Parfumes in the stores for much more money. Those fragrances only last a few hours--if that long. The oils from The Fragrance Shop can be detected 24 hours later! That's what I love the lasts!!! Never hesitate to purchase their products! They are wonderful!! Betsy R.
The oud perfume mix products are fantastic. The oil never irritates my skin and it's perfect to smooth over damp skin after a shower. It goes right into the skin, never greasy. The body spray is a great way to keep the fragrance light and not overdo it. The lotion is fine any time, and so moisturizing. I love how I can layer fragrance.. and awesome now many choices there are. I'm always finding new, intriguing scents on the site I had never noticed before. This is my favorite place for fragrance, hands down Patti M.
I just love, love, love my new scent "April Fresh" and I've gotten so many compliments on it. I've been a Fragrance Shop customer for over 10 years and it's well known my favorite scent is "SoBe Rain" but now I don't know. Move over Rain, April is here lol. Thanks for the sample of this amazing new scent that is now part of my permanent collection. Veronica A.
I ordered for the first time from The Fragrance Shop and am extremely happy and impressed with the ones I selected. I have spent more time trying to find the lotions for Lauren by Ralph Lauren and also Obsession lotion, neither of which can be found until I contacted The Fragrance Shop. I love what I'm smelling and even love the sample of West Side! I'm so glad I have you as my go to for fragrance!!! Karen F.
I love The Fragrance shop, staff and experience. I wish they did not move away from Huntersville. i rather buy from store experience. The staff was so polite, patient and knowledgeable. The product was shipped timely. I will be ordering more.Does not matter small or large orders they respect you the same. So worth it. Craig W.
One in a million smell is one of the best I've had so far. Everyone loves it when i wear it. Andres S.
I ordered a trial size of the Rapture type scent and what can I say other than IT IS AMAZING!! I am so incredibly happy I finally found my signature scent again! You’ve gained a customer for life! Bradny G.
As usual, a great company to order from. Fragrance quality is exceptional and the packaging is perfect so nothing spills. Excellent customer service. Thank you. RP
Just received Daisy Eau So Fresh body spritz. It's got a very light scent compared to the oil. It's great though because if you want a light scent all over after showering this is great! I love the oil for going out. You can tell they take pride in their product just by the way it even comes packaged. And they even sent me a sample of the oil at my request. Great company and products! The scent is a dead wringer for the real thing! Highly recommend! Erin H.
I enjoy the grab bag fragrances the most. I never run out. The fact that each new fragrance is a surprise delights me. Sometimes I find a super awesome fragrance and unfortunately am unable to purchase simply because it has no identity. Maybe labels can be added in the future. Either way I am a loyal customer for more than 20 years. I first discovered the Frangrance Shop on a visit to New Orleans.; on the Boardwalk It was definitely before Hurricane Katrina. Haven’t visited the city since unfortunately. I was drawn to the store because of the multitude of people there. Some at the counter, some at the grab bag section and some just browsing. It was an exciting time. I’m glad I made the discovery. The product remains one of excellent throughout the years. Thank you Fragrance Shop Maureen
Been using this company for 1 whole year now. They're great. Amazing customer service and the product is always on point. #Customerforlife Andres S.
I love the smell of cotton candy and I was so happy that the Fragrance Shop had just what I wanted.. I definitely will be trying other fragrances. Thanks Lisa L.
Excellent service and quick delivery to U.K. My wife has been looking for an alternative to Sensi for a while, I ordered the sample bottle to try and this was by far the closest match to the original she has tried. Will be placing order for more and definitely be a returning customer. Gary G.
Fast service and great product! What else could you want? Hugh C.
Fast service and great product! What else could you want? Una
1024 for men, renamed probably for legal purposes; "Savage Water" is its famous name, smells just like its original formula. As I remembered it came out in the 1960's, although it is still sold in dept. store, but the formula has changed, usually for the worst. The Fragrance Shop has it dead on the original formula. Love it. Hawkin Y.
HI. I fell i love with a scent from Comptoir Sud Pacifique calle Vanilla Almond (Vanilla Amande). It hasn't been manufactured in years, and I am running our of my source. Can you manufacture it? I have an old spray bottle that still smells like the scent. Thanks Connie S.
I Googled "Mostly Musk" searching for the ubiquitous fragrance of the 90s from The Body Shop. I was led to The Fragrance Shop and their version of Mostly Musk. It's not an exact replica, but it's pretty close! I love the smell. It doesn't last all day, but it's hard to find an oil that does. I am very pleased with it and am glad to have found The Fragrance Shop. The samples they have sent with my orders have also smelled divine. This site has a lot to offer!! Telma R.
Fast shipping, it was packaged perfectly. I think the fragrance is really nice, nice enough that I may purchase...having said that, I personally don't feel it smells like Gypsy Water.It's in the neighborhood though. I had a wonderful experience, I will be purchasing again from you all. Thank you for the free sample, very nice touch, I wish I knew what it was. In the future, you may consider writing next to the sample what it is, so we can purchase it, if we like it. Thanks again. Jenn M.
I absolutely love these perfume oils and have been using them for years! They are great for travel and the scent lasts all day. I am often asked about my perfume because it lasts all day. My absolute favorite is Nola Rain which is a scent developed by the company but they also have every single designer type (including those that were discontinued). I recently gave my mom a very old designer brand type from her childhood and it made her so happy, bringing back so many memories. These really make great gifts. The customer service is excellent and packages are received in just a few days. Thank you! Susana D.
I love Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt!! Love the Lotion!! Elizabeth E.
Thank you so much for forwarding my order so quickly. I like very few scents on me and when I ran out my favorite discontinued fragrance that I've been wearing for over 30 years I was so happy to find an oil in your shop that I equally loved. The fragrance last all day, I'm always complimented and asked what I'm I wearing? I've had the honor of referring many grateful friends to you who will never go back to buying perfume the old way. I'm a customer for life! Sharon L.
This is my first time trying out samples of oils from this shop, and of replicas of my favorite perfumes. I am a devoted client of my perfumes, but some recently started giving me headaches and I need scents with more natural ingredients. I tend to like high end and classic fragrances. I am so pleased and excited to find that I love the ones I am trying, and will be back to try some more! Thank you! Excellent job! Kathryn S.
I have been a customer for more than 12 years and I love the product. I bought opium for women, it takes me back so many years so romantic and intoxicating . I will continue to use this flavor for a long time. love it! Elisa S.
The Ambergris was awesome as always, thx. Robert B.
My husband and I just happened to be strolling and came upon the Fragrance Shop. I went in to look not intending to buy anything and the helpful friendly girl enlightened me on the benefits of using oils. I told her I like a clean and sort of musky scent - she went straight to "Tar Heel Blue" and tested on the back of my hand. Husband and I went on our merry way. As the day progressed I couldn't believe how good this smelled AND it stayed put all day and into the next even after washing my hands several times. I had to have it! Went on-line and ordered it and it arrived in 2 days beautifully packed and with a sample of another fragrance. I highly recommend this business for the scents and the brilliant customer service. Gillian H.
Thanks so much for your fine fragrances and your attention to detail, including packaging and rapid shipping. From A to Z, it's all 5 star. Andrew P.
I love Fragrance Shop..i spend a fortune also because i live in Canada and sometimes have taxes to pay...but i buy of all kinds of florals..oh my god i love them all !!..also the fact that they have no alcohol in it make sense to me...just good things for the skin ..they are small bottles easy to take in the for the colder season coming i wish to buy the oils because more concentrated ( i speack french so i hope my english is understandable) Evelyn E.
I am so happy that I found The Fragrance Shop! The fragrances are absolutely identical! I could not be more pleased. Not only am I more than satisfied with the product, the follow up and customer service is impeccable. I would and will suggest this to anyone who loves perfumes like I do. Thank you so much for a truly fabulous product and experience ! Shelli H.
Very pleased with the Fragrance Shop! ordered a 5 piece sample and got an extra one complimentary which was super nice. My favorite scent by far is Sweet Kisses and I'm really liking "A thousand wishes" as well. Delivery time was short and I'm impressed with their customer service. You have a customer for life Fragrance Shop! Bianca P.
I am very elated to have reconnected with the Fragrance Shop and the ever patient, go out of her way to help you find the right scent , Jennie. She's just as amazing as the product. I've enjoyed my purchases and Jenny's recommendations for new samples to try. Thank you for standing out as a top shelf business who manages to make you feel that you are their only customer!! Bravo!! J. Penta
I love the fragrance shop. The fragrances are amazing and the staff are always so helpful. Every scent that I've ordered and their suggestions were amazing. I am a consistent customer Riva
I really like my Fendi-type purchases. Fendi was one of my favorites, but as you know, it was discontinued. I can now wear it again. You did a good job at capturing the scent. Thank you! TeriLyn G.
I really like my Fendi-type purchases. Fendi was one of my favorites, but as you know, it was discontinued. I can now wear it again. You did a good job at capturing the scent. Thank you! A.K.
I love this product. Have been using White Tea for years and people ask me what am I wearing all the time. Delivery was so quick . Love receiving the little sample with my order of the different fragrances. Joyce W.
This Nag Champa is the REAL thing! Best smelling oil I have EVER tried. This is my second purchase..first was the sample size this time I went for the 1/4oz bottle. The shipping was so fast and purchase was easy. With each purchase they send a sample that they think I may enjoy...what a great idea! Love this company! You have a customer for life! Molly M.
It does not get any better,great products,great service,reasonable pricing. I purchased oil of tunesium opium,stunning smell,many compliments,tx for everything.its rare in today's market to have it all,tx to the Fragrance Shop family Scott H.
I received my latest order back in June and could not be happier. I became a loyal customer in 2003 after discovering your shop in New Orleans while on a cruise vacation and use no other fragrances and I am a representative of another well known direct delivery skin care and fragrance company !! No one in any company I make online purchases with matches or comes close to The Fragrance Shoppe's customer service, packaging, delivery timing, product quality and anything else I may have forgotten to mention. My purchases are infrequent as your fragrances last as they should but I also make gift purchases for my family. I will be a loyal customer til the day I leave this earth. Thank you so very much for continuing to be the type of company that makes someone want to return... A. Anderson
Fell in love with your fragrance Voodoo Love some years ago in New Orleans at one of your stores. Its been a while since I've worn or even ordered it but I'm happy to say that that I reordered it and it still smells just as good as it did when I discovered it years ago. Thank you so much for the quick service, Everything was wrapped/packed so nicely.nicely Sandra A.
OOOH Yesssss!!! I did enjoy receiving my Ambergris... It's amazing and unlike any fragrance note I've yet to encounter. Absolutely wonder what the authentic Ambergris smells like? Thx for such outstanding service...and the "Lifesaver: :) Robert W.
Love the Marigold oil. IT'S GORGEOUS. Many compliments Carmen F.
I've been ordering from The Fragrance Shop over a year close to 2. It started with a request my 83 year old Momma had for a scent she wore many years ago. They had it! Momma loved it!! Then I ordered her a couple more she loved from the past. Each one spot on in scent & the long lasting oils can't be beat. Option to order $6 vial to try...awesome!! Can't go wrong. The customer service is personable polite & patient in phone orders & questions. I just ordered vial samples of some old favorites & new ones to try!! I'm excited. The special price offers are wonderful too. I'm a TFS customer for life!! Elizabeth E.
I got a sample of 3386 and I just loved the way it smells. When I looked it up and realized it was a Chanel type fragrance I wasn't suprised. I wear a few Chanel perfumes. It is great for everyday wear. Even in the sweltering 90% humidity New Orleans summer. Zeebu
I got a sample of 3386 and I just loved the way it smells. When I looked it up and realized it was a Chanel type fragrance I wasn't suprised. I wear a few Chanel perfumes. It is great for everyday wear. Even in the sweltering 90% humidity New Orleans summer. Catherine
Not only are their fragrance “types” spot on to original designers, their customer service and integrity standards are also superb. If you have a favorite fragrance or a discontinued scent that you love and miss, give The Fragrance Shop a try. I have been a repeat customer for years and I keep coming back. For me, it’s all about both quality of product and business practices. The Fragrance Shop meets these expectations. Fancy
Love, Love, Love the Magie Noir, Ysatis, & all of the of perfume & essential oils too! The ability to mix the oils & create a personalised fragrance is awesome too! Remarkable family & remarkable fragrances. Thank you for everything! Robin xoxo Robin S.
Was thrilled with the perfume. So happy to find my favorite perfume that had been discontinued. Just received the body oil & lotion. Can't wait to try them. Peg A.
Thank you for your customer service and prompt responses. This is a great shop and I would rather shop here than at any department store. I enjoy the quality of the fragrance oils and so happy that I can wear them on my skin without irritation or headaches. Cely B.
The place I used to get my Egyptian Musk Oil is no longer in business so I searched for a new place. By luck, I found The Fragrance Shop. I emailed them to find out how I could get a very small sample of a couple of scents. How can one buy a fragrance & not know what it smells like & how it mixes with one’s body chemistry? They responded back quickly that they would be happy to send me samples - free of charge & no charge for shipping. They even included a third sample! Now that’s what I call great custmer service. I ordered the Egyptian Musk & love it! Just wish they sold decorative perfume bottles to put the oil in! Marcia, now a devoted customer
Got my product very speedy and I absolutely love it! I plan to be a long time customer! Bass
I first found the fragrance shop when I was on vacation in Miami about 10 years ago. I've also shopped at the New Orleans and Charlotte locations. I love getting the grab bag perfumes even ordering them online. The perfume lasts, on me, approximately 4-6 hours Jenifer
wonderful company. i have been ordering for years, the Oil Of White Amber, just a clean wonderful scent. Adeline T.
Excellent customer service and attention to detail. You can sense they are interested in delivering a high quality product and servic R.P.
I have been a customer for over 18 years. I don't buy frequently because your products lasts so long. They are great. I tell my friends all the time what a great deals you have. I wish you all at the fragrance shop family health and prosperity. I will be your customer forever! Derrick A.
I love this company. I have been a customer for years now and am always pleased with the orders and the staff. I was able to order my Sisters favorite scent at far less than I would have paid at a retailer and it was noticeably better than the over the counter scent. She raved that it only took a dab and she was good for the whole day. Peggy
I ordered during the recent bogo sale,I LOVE when The Fragrance Shop does this sale! I wanted to try ',April Fresh fragrance oil,& it's really clean,fresh& long lasting,if you like fresh cotton type fragrances,you should really give this one a try Jasmine V.
As usual, the fragrance shop has been wonderful. Their oils are fantastic. The customer service is stellar. Kudos to you! Mary C.
I I’m a long time customer. I love the Fragrance Shop notvonmy for your amazing fragrances buy your customer service is second to none. I am made to feel welcome and appreciated as a customer. Ervina B.
I have been a loyal customer of The Fragrance Shop for about three years and their products are always of the highest quality. The perfume oils are strong and not watered down. The lotion makes my skin soft. The body sprays are also strongly scented. I will continue to order from The Fragrance Shop and am so glad I found it! B
I walked into this shop forever ago in New Orleans. I fell in love with the Blue Egyptian Musk. I’ve worn it religiously for about 15 years. I get so many compliments on it. I’ve been asked where to get it by so many. It smells clean and fresh. It’s my favorite. I recently order the Blue Egyptian Musk dry Oil. I only shook it up a little before using. You need to really shake this a lot before using. The dry oil has a hard time mixing with the regular blue oil. Because of that, it completely gummed up the sprayer and made it unusable. All the blue oil was stuck inside the sprayer and pretty much only the dry oil was left inside the bottle. I couldn’t get it out. So sadly it was ruined. I called the company and I can’t say enough about them. First of all, they answered on a Saturday. Then they sent me a new bottle of the dry oil! They were so sweet and helpful the whole time. My only negative remark would be it needs to be shaken vigorously every use. Other than that, the quality of the oils are amazing, they smell wonderful, they have quick shipping, and best of all they have great customer service. I will continue to buy my oil from them for the rest of my life. I love it! Stephanie P.
I’ve tried Egyptian Musk oil from other retailers but they all pale in comparison to TFS version! It is absolutely the best on the market. The White Tea and Rain oils are superior products as well both crisp and clean with a long lingering scent! Catherine
The bubblegum smells GREAT, and more grown up than other bubblegum oils I've ordered from other companies. The chamomile smells incredible too!!! Thanks guys!!! KMac
This was my first order with The Fragrance Shop. I ordered my "signature scent", which has been out of production for at least 5 years now... Dolce and Gabbana's Feminine. Most perfumes do NOT smell nice on me, but I always got rave reviews when wearing Feminine, with people commenting (men, mostly) how it was so nice to smell a pretty perfume that is not overpowering. Feminine is a very soft, unique,and complex scent - and it never quite fit into any one catagory. (It isn't overly floral, woodsy, etc. but instead is a nice balance of herbal and floral smells.) I was skeptical that I would receive a product that I liked, but given the fact that I had never quite found any new scents that appealed to me, I decided to give my old favorite a try and see what you could do. I have to say I am absolutely **elated**!! The scent is, frankly, a bit better than the original, in my opinion. (Or maybe my original perfume was just too far beyond its prime? LOL!) The other fabulous thing is that I can wear the oil without sneezing!! For years, I thought I was allergic to the only perfume that has ever smelled really fabulous on me, and so I suffered with and tolerated the sneezing when I wanted to wear perfume. Now? Now I can have my signature scent AND I don't sneeze. B y the way, my skin is VERY sensitive and I have had no problems or negative reactions after applying this perfume oil to my skin. My husband has always loved the scent of Feminine on me and he is very happy with this, too. I can't thank you enough for such a beautiful product. You are alchemists and have worked magic! I will be ordering from you again! Jennifer C.
I love the Fragrance Shop. I found my favorite fragrance (Infusion D’Iris) at the Laguna Beach shop a few years ago and have mostly ordered online since then. I love that they offer different sizes of my Fragrance along with other options like lotion. I’ve always been picky about scents and I hate the awful, pungent alcohol scent that wrinkles your nose if you’re sensitive to smell like I am. Alcohol is in most perfumes, but this place doesn’t use it at all. It makes a big difference. I far prefer the Frangrance Shop’s oil version of my favorite over the expensive designer version. Heidii L.
When my local brick and motar store stopped carrying Vanilla 5th ( my favorite scent in the whole wide world!), I decided to order it online. What a treat! Packaged arrived thoughtfully and carefully wrapped, protecting its precious cargo. I was dripping in vanilla sweetness in 2 days time. Boyfriend approved! Strangers even comment on how much they like the smell! Peaches
Two orders, both perfect. Love the personal touches that are added to the order! Nana V.
I like the product so far,I will be purchasing more in the future Carlos J.
I love it!!!! This is the best smell!!!! I have been wearing this sent for 18 years. It is my secret sent!!! Clifon S.
I just looove the Fragrance Shop! I have been purchasing for you for over a year now. EVERYTHING I order is simply great. Fast shipping too. You have a customer for life! Jacquie L.
My first time ordering and I Love the fragrances Looking forward to ordering other fragrances and being a repeat customer. Shaunie D.
I'm really enjoying this fragrance. Smells just like pure vanilla - lovely Anna Maria K.
I loved the store when I used to visit on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach and I still love it even though we have both left Miami.....just ordered the body lotion scented with "eau de sud" and I could bask in it 24/7.....I love the perfume oils and have used them for years but this is the first time with scented lotion....wont be the last. Additionally, their professionalism is to be commended! Beth R.
ALWAYS such Fantastic Customer Service from Jenny Mann. The OUD OIL has me hooked ; It's amazing scent is my go to oil. Thank You for the great customer service and the OUD. Regina B.
I discovered the Fragrance Shop on my first trip to New Orleans many years ago. I loved the idea for creating a person fragrance and loved the blend they made based on my selections. I have reordered them time and time over the many years. The Fragrance Shop is a masterful place with wonderful Oils. I love your work and will alway return. Thanks ! Arlene C.
This is the second time I ordered the Spellbound type lotion. It is just like the original! The first time I ordered the small bottle in case I didn`t like it. I loved it so I ordered the large one and shared the small one with a friend. She is hooked too! Will definitely order from this site again and will recommend it to people. Very efficient on delivery too. Love supporting small family businesses! Cindy P.
I am very satisfied with your product. You will be seeing many more purchases in the future! M. Griffith-Spears
Vanilla Cream After Shave: Excellent product, quick delivery and very helpful customer support. Thanks much. Thorsten R.
Highly recommend.... I ordered 5 different scents. To my nose, only 2 of them were exact duplicates of the originals. But I was still very pleased with my purchase and will try other fragrances. Joan T.
I love, love, love my new fragrances Blue Lilac and Supreme Gardenia. I picked these two after ordering, and enjoying, at least 20 samples. The staff at The Fragrance Shop have been so helpful, and friendly, and I will definitely order more in the future. Joanna
When my allergy to regular perfume strengthened to a no-way to use I was really sad. Perfume was an essential part of me. I searched the web for a solution and found the Fragrance Shop. Much to my added joy, it had my prized perfume selection - the perfume that my mother wore and as a child I associated it with being beautiful, kind,gracious and loving. I tried it and have been a loyal customer ever since. BTW, other places I tested don't equal it in aroma replication, gentleness to skin, or price. Its management is gracious too. Joan B.
I gave myself a 70th birthday present of 1/2 ounce of Diva. I usually get the smaller size, which comes in a square bottle, but this size was in a round perfume bottle which I love. The smell and presentation are wonderful. Robin K.
I absolutely love doing business with The Fragrance Shop. My orders are easy to place and arrive in no time. The best part is the product itself. I have never been disappointed with any the purchases I have made....and I am a repeat customer. All their scents are amazing and last the entire day. They are well worth the price which is not unreasonable to begin with. Kelly C.
This fragrance is just what I was looking for. I had purchased Egyptian musk from another company and it just disappeared after application. Your product is far superior and I will be getting it again. I tried it as a sample to be sure. Good thing, because I tried another scent that just isn't right for me. I really appreciate the chance to try these fragrances before investing much $$. Great company. Anne S.
The news samples I ordered was AMAZING! Over the top! They were exactly the same as the original. Pri
Easy to order online, fantastic products (aftershave balms) , amazingly reasonable prices, free postage to Australia, fast ,hastle free delivery. You are the best. Thank you. Cliff H.
I have been buying the Nagchampa essential oil from this shop for several years. Love, love, love it! So earthy and calming. Joy Y.
I've been dealing with you all for years and I'm always satisfied. Thanks for the good service and fragrances!!! Quinlyn B.
I have been trying for years to duplicate my favorite discontinued fragrance, Anne Klein II - and you did it - thank you! Marie M.
Wow!! I'm very impressed. It's been so long since I've smelled the original A&F Woods, but what I received from The Fragrance Shop smells wonderful. And I almost like the trial size scent that they recommended even better! They shipped SUPER FAST and every communication was extremely polite and courteous. Thank you!! Scottt L.
I am so happy with my purchase. I ordered this fragrance over three years ago in a sample pack. Fell in love with it and forgot. After all this time, the quality is exactly the same and my order was sent immediately after I ordered. Very great company and excellent service. I will be coming back again for the holidays. Louise S.
I ordered from Malta in Europe and the order arrived within a week. Highly recommend these perfumes. The fragrances are beautiful - somehow always better than the actual perfumes I usually buy at duty free. I discovered you in 2006 when I was on holiday in Miami and have continued to buy until now. These stunning perfume oils last a very long time (unless I lose them!). Thanks so much for your lovely fragrances and fantastic service. Nicky G.
Have been ordering from the Fragrance Shop for a long time and only once had a problem which they resolved immediately. Very pleased with their Customer Service. Rachelle R.
Would get great remarks from everyone about my voodoo love dry oil. My last order the smell has gone away and no one can smell anything. Had same thing with lotion last year. From now on will only get fragrance no lotion or oil. Hope they improve soon. Nancy S.
This was my first order from this company. You can bet I will be making many more orders! Very exciting site. I ordered Lemon oil. Also received a sample of pink martini. Turns out I love pink martini ! So now I have to order that one too. I'm thinking I am going to fall in love with the next sample too! Jaime
After discovering what actually goes into a manufactured cologne/after shave I was looking for an alternative, plus my all time favourite is just too ridiculously priced. I was a little dubious at first but having received my GIT I could not be happier. Will be coming back but not in a hurry cos the oils last longer as well! Pluses all round. Greg
I love the fragrances that I purchase from The Fragrance Shop. Fragrance Oil is the only way to go, it's long lasting and just wonderful. Where-ever I go and get compliments on my fragrance,I always elaborate on The Fragrance Shop and the fact the oil is much better than fragrances with alcohol. Thank you Fragrance Shop! Angela
Gave it as a gift but has both masculine and feminine undertones would use it myself Brian C.
The quality of fragrances here is superb,second to none.The fragrance shop has some of the best customer service I've ever experienced.My deepest appreciation to Jenny and the rest of the Kay and Fragrance Shop Family. I bid you peace. James J.
I've been using this company for years and they go above and beyond every time! Plus their scents are FABULOUS! Love it! Melissa J.
I would highly recommend this company for their quality, great smelling products, timely shipping, and the way they pack their products with such care and thoughtfulness. I also really appreciate their reasonable prices. This company doesn't overcharge like many other companies do and they fill up their products to the top, so you really feel like you're getting value for your money. Leilani
I had great service at the Fragrance Shop. My body oil in a scent I love is perfect. I love it! I am going to buy a larger quantity next time. Thank you! Lisa
I have been purchasing from the Fragrance Shop for many years for my spouse. I am most delighted with the service and attention to detail. Keep up the great service. Earnest C.
This company is top notch. Your order is processed quickly and efficiently and you always get a surprise sample fragrance, which is great fun. The oils are wonderful. I prefer the Luxor Sandalwood in Oil, but the body spray is also good, but a little sweet for me. Thank so much for The Fragrance Shop. Once you buy you will do it again and again. Nothing compares. Susan B.
I am very pleased with the service and products offered by The Fragrance Shop. They have a great selection of quality products and I really enjoy how timely they always ship my items. They usually arrive within 2-3 days from the order date. I'm also very pleased with how they package the items with care and thoughtfulness, even offering a free sample for their customers. With this kind of quality and service, I will continue to be a loyal customer. Leilani
I just love this shop! I visited the store 2 1/2 years ago with my daughter. I called them a month or so ago and requested some products made with my daughter's blend, and revised my blend just a bit. They were happy to oblige, and we received our products quickly. I just received another order, this time I chose a single-note four pack. Love every one of them! I also took a chance and ordered a grab-bag fragrance. Lovely! Glad I took a chance. Keep up the great service! Sandra F.
Love the Aventus type oil. Long lasting and gets compliments. I placed my order after trying the sample sizes. Of the 5 samples I liked the Aventus type best, however the Aramis type will be my next purchase. Customer service is impeccable, and genuine towards your experiences with their products. I have already recommended to my friends. Kevin F.
We smell amazing! Read about our wonderful experience on! Outrageously Ordinary
Riverside drive fragrance is an EXACT duplicate of the B9 but half the cost Love it Charles P.
Ordered a sample of the China Lilly. I must say this is such a wonderful fragrance. received lots of compliments. To make it last, i used a few drops of this concentrated oil & mixed w/ raw, unrefined coconut oil and used as a perfume body lotion. It was amazing and went a long way. I have ordered previous fragrances from this website & have never been disappointed. Sylvia
Can't say enough about your fragrance's and how spot on they are to the real thing. Keep up the good job Bruse S.
I have only tried one liked it very much. Earl G.
Great products and customer service! The staff really know how to help customers find complementary fragrances. Even the sample I was sent smelled amazing! Kia L.
I just cant live without THE FRAGANCE SHOP! They make all my fragances and I LOOOVE them ALL Great costumer service, Im their client for over 10 years and never regreated... Thank you for your great Shop! Rita H.
I LOVE this company. I stumbled into a Fragrance Shop in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina. After my first purchase, the quality of the product was evident. I live in Ohio, so the web site has been a savior. I have ordered multiple product types, multiple times, for myself and as gifts. I have had things shipped internationally and domestically; I have NEVER been disappointed. Quality is always first class. Customer service is always exemplary. As long as Fragrance Shop sells, I'll be buying. Jennifer B.
I am very happy with my order. All the oils are wonderful! I have been ordering and wearing since 2001. Thanks! Lynda B.
This company is the BEST! I only order fragrances from you because I know the quality. Since I cannot wear traditional perfumes, your oils make it possible for me to experience the sensations, memories, and emotions I relate to the various aromas. Also, the samples are very welcome as they introduce me to new scents that represent my personality. Please never go away! Carole M.
I loved the perfume. It's just like going into Nieman Marcus and picking quelques fluers out. I just love it. I'm going to have to make a bigger purchase next time! Lindsey
I loved the scent I chose. It was amazingly similar to the actual perfume. I was just a little disappointed that the frangrance didn't last as long. I would have love to smell it for hours but it burned out to quickly. I really did love the oil Lindsey B.
This made me giddy with happiness Because its perfect !! I like oil scents they last longer and it smells just like Hanae Mori Plus I recieved a surprise along it I was worried because I had moved and I was going to have my surgery and it'll be sitting in wrong mailbox but I got it FAST! Never have been so relieved!! Satisfied Customer
just recieved tribe type omg...its the same scent i remember ,so happy my nose knows lol.. wasn't expecting this at all Thank you so much. Celia B.
Jenny from the Fragrance shop is a very friendly lady. Something went wrong with the shipping, and she solved the problem very quickly. And of course the fragrances are as Always wonderfull! Willeke
Awesome quality products! Great customer services and fast shipping! Thank you!! Lisa J.
I have been looking for a China Musk that I smelt on someone while vacationing. I can't seem to find the same fragrance but I will say that I have been very delighted with The Fragrance Shop's personal service. Lynne Lynne R.
The One is a sensuous warm, sexy scent but i expected it to last longer as an oil.I would need LOTS of it ! Any suggestions? I was so excited about your oil but unfortunately it disappears on my skin very quickly. It lasts a bit longer on clothes but not enough for me to purchase a bottle of it. It is a very good reproduction of The One just wish it lasted longer ! It also arrived very quickly considering i'm in Australia. Ivana S.
Placed the order because I was curious of the quality for the price. It came in two days and was surprised it smelled exactly like the original fragrance. Will be ordering a few more soon. Also Got a free sample that was perfect. Thomas G.
Received my 2 bottles of Tunisian Opium (that I LOVE) with a $30 discount! Also-2 smaller bottles for travel and convenience I was in the middle of moving and had internet probs, the kind person called here to confirm my order as I did not enter the discount code properly on my order form. Again-excellent customer service..not the case these days in many places!! Thank you Chris C.
Love the Fragrance shop. They had my original fragrance still on file after 10 years plus! Just re-ordered and it's just as good as it always was. Thank you! Dev B.
I love this company service is great and love the essential oils. Thank you ! Mary B.
I loved it!! The perfume alone was just what I wanted, but the service on top of it really just permanently sold me! Ready was a great scent! Kelly W.
My first time ordering! My Perfume came today! I ordered the Anne Klein2 just a trail size! Well I will from know order my Perfume for The Fragance Shop! I am so so Happy with the way it smells, just like the original Perfume! Thank You so much! Garavaglia
I visited their store several years ago and described my favorite scents. With that, they combined two oils together to create my very own fragrance. I love this scent and over the years have tried different commercial brands, I always come back to my scent. Not only does it smell wonderful but it truly lasts all day with just a couple of drops. Since you don't need to use a lot, the bottle lasts a long time. The price is way more reasonable than commercial brands. Recently I tried the beach by Bobbi Brown and really liked the scent for the summer, but it didn't last at all. I decided to try the Fragrance Shop version, and not only does it smell just like the Bobbi Brown version but it lasts all day. Now that the Fragrance Shop has closed their store in my location, I placed my order online and received it quickly. This is a great family owned business and you will not be disappointed with the service or your fragrance. They are so much better than commercial fragrances! Christina C.
love my sample bundle fragrances!! I live in Northern Michigan,and the pkg came promptly and quickly! I love the products, Tunisian Opium is my favorite. Also-got an email that I would get $30 off my first purchase! This is how to do business..thank you Chris C.
Love this shop! Visited them a few years ago and had fun making up my own blend. I just called and had them revise my blend a little and it arrived today. So pleased with the new blend! Great service, very friendly and helpful. Sandra F.
The new fragrance is over the top. I love it. Rebecca B.
Bought woods fragrance for my husband. Love it! Mel
The OUD oil is absolutely FABULOUS! It arrived before stated delivery date / delighted, however; was not as thick as sample but I am still very HAPPY with this company and it's wonderful customer service. Thx Regina
I've worn this fragrance for several years after being introduced to it my dau-in-law who live in Mooresville. It is light and wonderful. Thank you. Eleanor F.
have been a loyal and happy customer for more than 10 years....Love the product love the cost love the customer service . .....

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