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Chypre: pronounced “sheepra”, French for “Cyprus” and first used by François Coty to describe the aromas he found on the island of Cyprus. He created a woodsy, mossy, citrusy perfume named Chypre (launched by Coty in 1917). Classic chypre fragrances generally had sparkling citrus and floral notes over a dark, earthy base of oakmoss, patchouli, woods and labdanum.

Leather: A family of fragrances that feature notes of honey, tobacco, wood tars, and woods. Leather scents vary in nuance from floral to velvety compositions to smoky and tart.

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  • 8 Ounce Bath & Body Collection: Body Lotion, Dry Body Oil, Aftershave Balm, Body Spritz, Bath Gel  -  Perfume Oil Sizes: 14-Day Sample, 1/4 Ounce, 1 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce
    DK men type for men
    This discontinued scent was introduced in 1994. A masculine blend of Leather, Cedar, and Carnation is still in high demand. Fragrance Notes: Davana, Bergamot, Plum, Peach, and Anise make up the Top Notes, with Geranium,...
  • Jo Malone Bronze Wood & Leather type for men & women
    Jo Malone Bronze Wood & Leather type for men & women
    A medley of wood notes wrapped in a cloak of sultry leather with a burst of fresh grapefruit and vibrant juniper. A mysterious trail of vetiver lingers in the base of this lovely fragrance. Fragrance Notes Fragrance Notes...
  • Tuscan Leather type for men and women
    Tuscan Leather type for men and women
    A chypre blend of notes brings a reserved, yet raw sensuality to tuscan Leather. Saffrom and thyme mingle with night blooming jasmine and olibanum, while leather, black suede, and deep amber bring a richness in the base of...