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Custom Designer Four-Pack

* Scent 2:
* Scent 3:
* Scent 4:
* Scent 1:


About Custom Designer Four-Pack

Choose any four of our designer fragrances for $91.00! You get four 1/8th ounce designer fragrances, conveniently packaged in a travel-size jewel box ($16 off the price of our normal 1/2 Ounce price of $107) Because of the considerable discount, promotional codes or percent-off discounts cannot be applied to this package deal. Returns and/or exchanges are not available for individual 1/8oz bottles.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Only liked 1

    Aventus by Creed - The only fragrance I liked from the 4. It's a great fragrance for men. It's fresh, clean, masculine, and so sexy.

    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford - The tobacco scent wasn't what I imagined it'd smell like since I do like the smell of tobacco and fresh cigars. The vanilla paired with the this just doesn't work well, imo. It's like it's trying to be 2 things at the same time.

    1153 by Famous French Designer (Hypnotic Poison) - I liked it at first, but after using it a couple of times, it's suffocating. I'm not sure what it is about it, but it causes my throat to tighten and my lungs to feel like they're seizing up. Can't use it.

    V Absolu by Valentino - I also liked this one at first, but it's also suffocating. It's nauseating to say the least. It doesn't cause a negative respiratory reaction like 1153, but it's SO powdery. I imagine this is what royalty and/or people with status back in the day with the dense powder makeup and wigs smelled like. Can't use it.

    - Posted by ST on 14th Jan 2024

  2. disappointed

    Of the four fragrances I ordered, only the Tom Ford Black Orchid had any strength at all. The others, all high end fragrance choices, were only faintly scented. Mostly just carrier oil and very little perfume. Would never purchase that kit again.

    - Posted by CJ on 22nd Sep 2021

  3. Perfect...5 Stars.


    - Posted by Joe on 29th May 2021

  4. Amazingly good!

    Bought a designer four pack, mostly vintage lines, and am completely delighted with the fragrances. Now that my confidence is with The Fragrance Shop, I have ordered more! This journey began with a search for Anne Klein II, which this seller provides in all it's vintage quality and glory. Where have you been all my life? Oh yes, on the other side of the Atlantic!

    - Posted by Jules Hawkdancer on 3rd Mar 2020

  5. Each scent was amazing

    I bought three scents (I ordered double of the Tobacco Vanille) and each and every one of them smelled amazing. In fact, the Amarige smelled better in their oil version than out of the bottle.

    - Posted by Genesis on 26th Jan 2018

Showing reviews 1-5 of 48 | Next

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