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The Fragrance Shop will help you conceptualize your ideas into distinctive fragrances and bath & body goods that bear your brand name, communicate your vision & smell like nothing else on the market. We'll collaborate with you on the fragrance formulation until you're in love with it, and we can even help with product testing, design, branding, bottling & distribution. With over a thousand of the most carefully selected pure oils to blend with and nearly two decades of experience precisely replicating existing fragrances & blending unique new scents on a daily basis, creating Private Label scents is second nature to us.


Developing your retail identity with our carefully crafted line of fragrances and bath and body collection is easy. Our perfume oils are produced under the strictest standards of quality and safety and are alcohol, paraben, phthalate & cruelty-free.

As a Private Label client, you'll be given access to purchase your formulation at a greatly reduced volume discount. Prices and sizes will vary based upon the final packaging you select for your fragrance.


The first step towards working with a consultant dedicated exclusively to your Private Label project is purchasing a Private Label Formulation Fee of $300 for each fragrance you plan to create. This fee provides you with a dedicated consultant who will collaborate with you in finding and formulating the perfect fragrance for your project and covers the conceptualizing, formulating, blending and production of fragrance prototype samples for your approval. Upon the completion of your first consultation, the first round samples will be mailed to you and your feedback will be requested. We'll work tirelessly to arrive at a fragrance you'll fall in love with and will want to share with the world.
Purchase our Private Label Formulation Fee once you've submitted the form below and you're ready to get the ball rolling..


Once your fragrance formulation, design and packaging selections have been finalized, the next step is a bulk order of your Private Label fragrance. The minimum order for Private Label fragrances is 250 units, the minimum unit size is 1/8th ounce / 53 milliliters. There is a standard price break for every additional 250 units purchased (price break varies depending upon the ingredients selected). Pricing for the actual fragrance you decide upon will also vary, depending upon the ingredients selected, but the overall price will be discounted at a considerable rate when compared to our standard retail pricing structure.


  • Create, refine and finalize a concept for your fragrance that conveys the image of or ideas behind your brand or project, This will aid you tremendously once you begin to navigate the seemingly infinite selection of vials/bottles, caps, outer packaging, shipping boxes, logo and graphic design, printing presses and labeling options. We can assist you in the selection of suppliers for any and all of these options, but your concept is (and should be) completely up to you. A talented graphic designer or product packaging specialist whose design aesthetic fits your brand or project's unique personality can ensure a beautiful and professional end result and make the entire process much easier.

  • Once you've settled on a design, bottle and packaging, we'll arrange for you to drop ship your bottles to The Fragrance Shop. Orders will be filled at our North Carolina headquarters and shipped directly to you. Aside from the shipping expense of the fragrance samples we'll send you during the fragrance formulation phase, all shipping costs will be the sole responsibility of you, the client..

  • NOTE: Our Private Label Fragrance Service is only available to clients with a delivery address in The United States & Canada.

    TFS Private Label Success Stories.

      Click the links below to read about a few of our Private Label Success Stories

    · GIVEScent

    Celebrated Yoga instructor Elena Brower spent a life-changing two years in Italy, where she became inspired by the culture and the fragrances. Her inspiration from this time spent on the Mediterranean led to this energizing line of fragrances, which are based on a delicious almond or coconut oil blend with a citrus twist. Even sweeter: proceeds directly support female war survivors and underprivileged mothers across the globe.

    GIVESCENT supports Women for Women International & Every Mother Counts.

    GIVESCENT signature is our captivating blend of sun-ripened citrus and spicy vanilla inspired by the first sultry summer days in Italy.

    GIVESCENT green is our invigorating blend of bergamot, lemon and mint inspired by the citrus groves of the Mediterranean.

    GIVESCENT orange is our sensuous blend of bergamot, grapefruit and musk inspired by summer afternoons on the coast of Sardinia.

    Visit to find out more about their mission & their unique fragrances.

    · GrecoFitness

    Tony Greco, Canada's leading fitness specialist has collaborated with The Fragrance Shop on five signature fragrances for GrecoFitness in 14 locations throughout Canada. The launch of his latest private label fragrance, "Lean & Fit" is in the final stages of branding and will be announced in early Fall of 2014.

    Here is the story of how the fragrances were developed, in his own words: "I grew up in Italy in a small town by the beach where everyone was fit and happy. My roots have always been to stay healthy and practice what you preach. Upon arriving in Canada in 1974, I quickly realized that Canadians shared the same philosophy - they’re active, fit and very happy. Working as a fitness professional among people who take their fitness seriously allows me to practice what I preach on a daily basis.

    In the fitness industry I see so many people working extremely hard to stay lean & fit while releasing toxins in their body. How better compliment the hard work with a fragrance made of natural oils that are not only free of harsh chemicals, but derived from plants and natural sources that are actually beneficial to your health? With this idea in mind, I set out to create a unique and natural fragrance that made me feel like I was relaxing at the beach after a fantastic workout. In 2003 after discovering The Fragrance Shop in Miami Beach, I put these ideas to work and began developing my "Lean & Fit” fragrance. It’s a subtle blend of pineapple, mango, musk, black coconut and other exotic tropical oils and the result is a scent that's good for you and lasts much longer than traditional fragrances. It’s been our most successful fragrance for over a decade and now we're making it available to everyone who wants to feel clean, fresh, lean & fit.

    Live Lean, Live Fit, Live Well,
    Tony Greco"

    · Visit to find out more about Tony and his unique fitness regime.
    · Visit, Tony's personal website to see which celebrities he's been spotted training.


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