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Private Label Formulation Fee

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About Private Label Formulation Fee
The first step towards working with a consultant dedicated exclusively to your Private Label project is purchasing a Private Label Service fragrance formulation & branding consultation fee for each fragrance you plan to create. This fee provides you with a dedicated consultant who will collaborate with you in finding and formulating the perfect fragrance for your project and covers the conceptualizing, formulating, blending and production of fragrance prototype samples for your approval. Upon the completion of your first consultation, the first round samples will be mailed to you and your feedback will be requested. We'll work tirelessly to arrive at a fragrance you'll fall in love with and will want to share with the world.

Each Private Label Formulation Fee covers the consultation, formulation, blending, sample prototype production and sample prototype approval shipping costs of one custom fragrance.

Once your fragrance formulation, design and packaging selections have been finalized, the next step is a bulk order of your Private Label fragrance, arranged directly with your consultant via phone or email and paid directly to the Fragrance Shop. The minimum order for Private Label fragrances is 250 units, the minimum unit size is 1/8th ounce / 53 milliliters. There is a standard price break for every additional 250 units purchased (price break varies depending upon the ingredients selected). Pricing for the actual fragrance you decide upon will also vary, depending upon the ingredients selected, but the overall price will be discounted at a considerable rate when compared to our standard retail pricing structure.

Prior to ordering, please click here to read and complete our Private Label Formulation Service submission form or call to discuss your plans with us.
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