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Aftershave Balm



About Aftershave Balm

Aftershave Balm with Aloe, Cactus Flower, Palm & Sage Leaf Extracts.

To choose a fragrance for your Aftershave Balm, please search for your fragrance in the search box, once you get to the page, select the Aftershave Balm.

We couldn't find a better aftershave, so we created one.   Soothe & Protect After Shaving, Tone & Protect Anytime. 

Our entire Bath & Body collection is Paraben, Phthalate & Cruelty-Free.

Active Ingredients: Deionized Water, Palm Oil, Aloe Leaf Juice, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Comfrey Extract, Echinacea Extract, Rosemary Extract, Yucca Extract, and Sage Leaf Extract. 

Our entire Bath & Body collection is Alcohol, Paraben, Phthalate & Cruelty-Free
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Customer Reviews

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  1. A face saver that smells wonderful

    This was a gift to my husband who absolutely loved the way the balm sank into his skin, soothing rather than irritating like other aftershaves. His face looks toned and he loves the scent. I chose the Ambercombie Woods after reading the review below and it is perfect.

    - Posted by Nina Graci on 24th Dec 2021

  2. Finally found replacement for Abercromie Woods

    I used Abercrombie Woods for 20 years. Then they discontinued it. I even contacted A&F to find out who manufactured the after shave-no response. After 15 years I did some searching and found Fragrance Store had a "Woods" line. I first got the balm. It is pretty darn good match to A&F Woods. They also sent a small little sample of something else (Oil of Royal Oud). I usually just toss samples, but tried this one. It's just as good as the Woods; different, but outstanding. Fragrance Store is my new source for after shave and scents.

    - Posted by bmfflash on 25th Feb 2015

  3. Excellent Product

    Love that the product is alcohol free. Very soothing and high quality!! Provides moisturizing and conditioning for beards as well!
    (Scent selected: Woods by Abercrombie)

    - Posted by John A. on 1st Dec 2014

  4. Leaves a beautiful glow!

    I love this balm after shaving my legs, but it is also perfect as a moisturizer for my face. It leaves a beautiful glow, and my face is dewy and radiant! I like it much more than anything I've ever used; even the super-expensive "age-reversing" lotions and creams cannot match it! And it is so nice to have the lovely scent on my face match my fragrance. Thank you Fragrance Shop for a superb product!

    - Posted by Donna Burger on 3rd Apr 2014

  5. Perfect

    This aftershave balm is perfect and versatile, I actually like to use it as a hand lotion as well, since it is so moisturizing. I chose the fragrance 0242 which is a very smooth sandalwood type fragrance and is absolutely perfect as an aftershave. I will always have a bottle of this.

    - Posted by Mo on 30th May 2013

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