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Customer Comments

  • "I cannot recommend this company highly enough! Their shipments come within 2 days of ordering and their customer service is the best in the industry! They always send the products thoughtfully and attractively packaged and I always get samples with each order! I will only buy my fragrances from you in the future!" Nancy
  • "Let me say that I love the fragrances I ordered, as well as the 2 samples you sent me. I used the Dry Body Oil this morning after my bath and followed with my perfumed oil in the Hanae Mori. Fourteen hours later, I still smell great! ...Thank you for your great products and excellent service." Jane
  • " Wow! Again, some of the most fantastic customer service ever and I was in retail sales for 20 years. Thank you and I am about to tell everyone about your products and great customer service. Thank you so very much. Hope you have a great day and you just made mine much better." Kelly
  • "Not only was the service Awesome, every one of the scents stays on forever! I'm in the Navy, in Japan, and it still only took about a week to get here. I ordered two Custom Designer 4-packs, and I get to wear whatever scent I feel like that day. Not only did this save me a bunch of money (as opposed to buying 8 bottles of expensive cologne), but the stuff smells way more consistent, and stays on much longer than alcohol-based spray colognes. I really couldn't ask for a better experience. I will be recommending this place to ALL my friends, both Navy and at home! Thanks so much!" Jake
  • "Just wanted to say 'thank you' and let you know how pleased I am with my Jasmine oil. Your wonderful products, ease of ordering, prompt delivery and excellent service has been an added plus. Also, your hand written note on the bottom of every invoice had a personal touch and made me feel more like a friend and not just another customer. Thank you again." Cheryl
  • "Thank you for your excellent service for this time we received the package 4 days after it was sent to the UK . Well done !! We will be back!!" SRH
  • "I am truly enjoying my fragrances. Everything came in perfect condition. Thank you so much for expediting the shipment so I got it in time to take it on my trip. You will be hearing from often as i will be ordering for myself, my family and friends. I have already told them all about The Fragrance Shop - And they love the way I smell..." Sharon
  • "Thank you for the professionalism. It is nice to deal with a company that is so on the ball. It is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to getting my new fragrances :)" Jennifer
  • "I just love my purchases and wanted to thank you. The oils are beautiful and pure and the way they were packaged was fantastic...even the added touch of the Lifesavers was special. I'll be back again and again and again... thanks so much for a great shopping experience!" Terry
  • "Your fragrances are wonderful! My sister, mother and mother-in-law are now hooked on your products! Your packaging is always so personal and makes the customer feel special. We really like your little samplers because it is fun to try the different perfumes in your selection. Thanks so much and I have told all my family and friends about you! :o)" Rayna
  • "I have been buying Wisteria from the fragrance shop since I visited their shop in New Orleans in the early 90's. Now, I buy over the phone when I run out. It could not be easier. They are pleasant and helpful and it takes moments. I would be lost without them. " Tia
  • "I am really happy with my purchase, as I have bought your oils for over 6 years now. The price is great, the oils last a long time and I get quite a few compliments oIn my perfumes. Thank you again and I have been spreading the good word about your company. " Paula
  • "You guys are awesome. Received the order and the Dry Body Oil is delicious. I will post a comment-rating tonight on your website. The customer service is spectacular, could not ask for more. Thank you!" Marie

Write A Comment About the Fragrance Shop

Thank You, smells awesome!

Every time I wear my Very Vanilla oil, I receive compliments from young and old alike!!! People say, ooh you smell soooo good! Students in classes, where I volunteer, always ask if they can hug me :) I absolutely LOVE my Very Vanilla oil!! It's the perfect scent! I've given it as gifts many times and my friends love it too!.
Terri K.

Love It!!!

love it....

I have been purchasing the Sweet Coconut Body Oil for years and LOVE IT! I will wear this delicious coconut oil forever. Everyone comments on who smells like coconut in here...that would be ME!
Lisette A.

I can't say enough on how pleased I am with this company and their product. My recent purchase of Jasmine and Gardenia was everything I thought it would be. I've been a customer for years now. I love the products and the customer service is fabulous as well. thank you "the fragrance shop"

Merci à votre société qui m'apporte toujours une grande satisfaction. Cela fait maintenant plusieurs années que je commande chez vous depuis la France et je retrouve les odeurs des parfums que j'aime. Bonne année à tous! Thank you to your compagny, it is always a great pleasure for me to find the fragrances of perfumes that I love. I have been ordering from France perfumes from you for several years now and am always satisfied. Happy New Year to everyone

Thank you so very much for your courteous and prompt service. Everything was perfect.The FREE SPICEBOMB AFTER SHAVE BALM that you recommended didn't work with my body chemistry. It gave me a headache. The TOM FORD NOIR EXTREME AND LEAU'D ISSEY WERE GREAT
Melvyn T.

I purchased the body spritz and 14 day oil in the Royal Secret fragrance. I am very pleased with this purchase. I have tried other companies and they were unable to match the Royal Secret fragrance but The Fragrance Shop did so. I have several friends that also loved Royal Secret and I will be sure to tell them about this company and how they match the fragrance. Again,I am very pleased with my order.
Sheila W.

I always get compliments on my smell! Thank you The Fragrance Shop!
Abu K.

Great products, orders come in a timely manner, excellent customer service.

I'm so happy to have found the Fragrance Shop. I love the products I have tried so far and have enjoyed trying the sample scents that come with each order. Thanks for making great products.
Ariel K

As always the oils I received are outstanding. I have brought from The Fragrance Shop in the past and still happy with their products. I get compliments all the time.
Liz B.

Amazing! I ordered online, on the 16th - received today on the 19th! (Over the weekend, at the peak of the Christmas rush) How did you do it?! Good job Fragrance Shop. Got my order filled perfectly. Thanks for quality products and service. Amazing.
Gerry K.

Great products at great prices. I have always received my shipment days after ordering it online.

thanks for once again treating me and my requests so very well.
Kew G.

I discovered the Fragrance Shop on a trip to Florida in 2001. It was just in time, as I was having a hard time finding Cashmir in Canada. I'm so happy about it, because the oils are much nicer, and more subtle. I've been happily ordering by mail ever since.
Stef T.

Wonderful service, quick shipping, and I appreciate the extra sample based on my tastes. Thank you.

A high quality product. Prompt delivery in sturdy attractive packaging (bullet proof). Plus a pleasent phone call informing me I get another bottle free.BOGO I am smelling ah.... veri nice Thanks

I have been shopping The Fragrance Shop since I graduated high school 20+ years ago !!! I WILL NOT purchase ANY perfume/fragrance from any other retailer than The Fragrance shop!!!! Why????MY Fragrance LASTS....ALL DAY!!!! The more you move the better you smell!!!!! I will continue to be a very loyal customer! i just wish my scents were on sale very once in awhile!!!! Continue to sell Quality!!! It matters.
B. Gibbon

I am completely satisfied. I expect to continue to re-order. I was surprised to discover the company started on Cape Cod. That's my region.

I have been a loyal customer of the Fragrance Shop since 1996. I always receive my order quickly and everything is very carefully packaged for shipping. You won't find a better place to purchase perfume!

Perfection,as always. Great service.
Dr. Abby

I just received my scented oils today and I am in love! The all smell so deliciously wonderful! What I'm happily surprised about is how fast the came. Great service, great products - highly recommend The Fragrance Shop for those who prefer a more "natural" approach to smelling good - keep up the fantastic job!
Elliot B.

Just ordered 4 of my favorite perfumes and was not disappointed. Was deleted to see a perfume that has not been in production since the 1980s. Wow, how I missed that scent. Love them all!
"B" from Raleigh

My order arrive in a very timely manner and even had a nice sample of another fragrance plus a candy cane in honor of the Christmas season! /div>
Doris L.

The Fragrance Shop is the only place I go to for my scent needs. I love the mix of Oud and Sudanese Frankincense, it's kinda my signature scent now! Outstanding quality, amazing customer service, vast inventory, I highly recommend you give them a try, you won't be disappointed, their customer service department won't allow it. .
Gerald H.

Thank you for the excellent customer service, my item came very quickly, and it's still the same amazing scent (I always order the black coconut dry body oil). I was so excited to see in my package that Jenny had included a free 8oz travel size!! It's so funny because I had had to re order my big bottle because it was recently taken away at the airport! So it was perfect!! I will continue to recommend and order from you guys!! Thank you!
Arden A.

I was glad to see the sample pack option. I have a favorite of the 5 and will order it in the larger quantity. Good value and long lasting. Thanks!
Kevin F.

Everything on time and completely satisfied
Osvaldo I.

Jenny and her staff are terrific! I am a new customer and plan to be one for life. The store is lovely, the service personal, and the selection unparalleled. Thank you!!!

I am perfectly satisfied with the cucumber lime fragrance and have repeated my purchase. I have heard from women you smell so good and I have witnessed a romantic influence. Please keep it up I would like to use it forever.
Richard M.

Absolutely always happy with the fragrances I've purchased for 6 years now. Outstanding customer service-never dealt with a company that was so committed to ensuring their clients are happy. Bravo!
Claudia B.

Been looking for 'Oh Boy' for years after losing the bottle that I had purchased in New Orleans about 10 years ago. So happy to have found your website, great service and product.
Cindy L.

The patchouli is the best.
Name Withheld

Pink sugar is an amazing oil perfume, I really enjoyed my sample. I recommended your shop to all who asked what scent was I wearing. I'm going to buy a larger bottle today thank you
M. Gray

I been purchasing your products since earlier this year. I sm so pleased with every purchase. Keep up the good work!/div>
Darryl C.


Dear The Fragrance Shop, I'm so excited to visit your store again on Thursday! I don't live near Charlotte but my great friend does. I visited a couple years again and it was a great experience, the people were great and I smelled many many things.
Amanda G.

lovely fragrance and excellent customer service...will definitely shop again
Jane A.

I so enjoy the products from the fragrance shop..well made and of high quality...I'm a customer for life
William L.

Cathy L.

Outstanding! I LOVE The Fragrance Shop!
Lynn P.

Great company and awesome products. I would Highly recommend The Fragrance Shop to everyone.

Thank you very much Jenny, and everyone at The Fragrance Shop. Your very speedy and and gracious response to my dilemma, bolsters my confidence in shopping at your store. I enjoy and rely on your fragrances more than I can express, and your attentiveness and accommodation is also deeply appreciated

Thank you for the shipment. Everything looked great. I always love your packaging, which shows the care you put into sending the order. I also absolutely love the mini-free sample that intices me to contnue shopping with you!

I absolutely love my White Amber, I get so many compliments on the fragrance. The customer service and care is beyond fabulous. I also love the the samples they include. Thank You

Love The Fragrance Shop! Super fast response & shipping. Highly Recommend and will purchase again.

Thanks Guys. I was so excited to receive my order & it smells amazing!!! Thank you so much! Looking forward to my next order, I'm have no doubt that it be awesome!! Einstein has nothing on you, you are Genius's!!! /div>
Rachel P.

After receiving a sample of your "norell" fragrance I immediately ordered a half ounce bottle. It is exactly as I remember it when I wore it exclusively in the 70's. 80's and 90's. Your reproductions of fine fragrances are spot on. I am so happy I found your website and will be ordering more in the future. Thank you also for your prompt service (2 days) and your knowledgeable staff. .
Donna W.

I am so happy I can write this review! I have never been more impressed by an online business more than I have with my purchase here. It's always frustrating when your favorite perfumes are discontinued or don't last very long. I was so impressed by this business' ability to replicate my favorite Escada perfume. I also ordered two base scents of Chocolate and Chamomile and cannot wait to order full sizes. My sampler pack was also sent the night of my order which was astounding to me. I recently placed four orders on different perfume oil sites and this site's turnaround time and commitment to their customers (including a sweet little candy, a kind note, and a reassuring paper on my package, as well as packing their products snugly and carefully in their envelope) earns my respect. I'm so delighted to have found this shop as not many reviews are out there. Please give this site a shot; I can say it's honestly the most underrated perfumerie. So excited to smell lovely :)

I was devastated when Donna Karan Chaos was discontinued (years ago) and was so excited to find that The Fragrance Shop carried the oil version. I was completely skeptical, but have to admit that I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with it and am ordering the perfume oil to add to coconut oil for my hair and body. And since i am so satisfied, I've decided to seek out a few more of my fave scents.THANK YOU!!!
MJ Gibbs

I'm I "heaven" after sampling your Norell fragrance. I thought I'd never be able to smell like this again. Your suggestion of Mitsouko was wonderful. I already ordered the norell and will probably order others in the future. Your promptness of shipment was wonderful. I am so glad I found your website!
Donna W.

I love this store. Very happy with the two scents that I purchased.
Taylor D.

The purest Jasmine oil is the only scent I wear. Yours is the best. Because of my personal body chemistry I can't wear perfume. That chemistry changes the scent of most perfumes. Your product, service, your customer care makes The Fragrance Shop is an excellent place to shop.
Ann H.

Quality product, obviously created with caring thoughts for the customers happiness. Thank you, the Wild Strawberry & Parsley type for men & women and the Cucumber Lime Strawberry & Parsley are seriously YUMMY! :)
A Shilling

I have been searching for the original Tribe by Coty for a long time. I read another's rave reviews about The Fragrance Shops Tribe Type products and decided to try it. This is it ladies. I promise you!!!! You will not be disappointed. I was so thrilled and grateful, that I called the company to express my delight. I spoke with her about the various scent types they offer and went on their website to learn more about their products. I initially chose the body spritz to make a conservative first choice. I will be ordering the scented oil next which is more concentrated and of higher scent quality. I have been disappointed before in my efforts to find this scent. If you have too, believe me, you will be very happy with this product. Thank you Fragrance Shop!

Exact, exact, exact. Wonderful job.

I am absolutely in love with all 5 sample perfume oils as well as the extra one you guys threw in. I never thought i would find any vanilla perfume oil to replace the discontinued body shop range...but your is even better! Great customer service even better product. Telling all my friends in Australia about this great product.
Kahla P.

I've used the aftershave balm for years ever since I bought the first bottle in New Orleans years ago. Great stuff!
John F.

I think I have finally found my place to get Mugler like oils. Had a problem with ordering that was rectified by owner/staff via phone. Got first order quickly.

I ordered Anne Klein 11 and I love it. I wore it today for the first time and got 3 "oh you smell good" comments. I have loved this fragrance forever and am glad I found this store.
Jean P.

I love the oils from The Fragrance Shop. I have been buying from them for over three years now and I will continue to buy from them. They never let me down with a match to authentic fragrances.
Erica R.

SWEET OLIVE DRY BODY OIL - This is the BEST product imaginable for silkening your skin. I absolutely ADORE the fragrance and highly recommend this if you have dry skin.
Carrie R.

Thank you for the prompt replacement of the LEDE ​bathgel and the additional samples of Caleche and Paloma to add to my spritz. ​You have great customer service as well as wonderful scented products. I look forward to bei​​n​g your customer for many more years.
Robin K.

Bought this for my wife. We both love it!!!

Ordered a couple of fragrances. 1.Sweet kisses is my favorite love that sweet smell ,can't stop smelling it only wish it would stay longer after two hrs can't smell no more. 2.Ordered samples of magnitisium hoping it would smell like the actual perfume I had from years ago but smells nothing like it. 3.Also I love pink sugar but every batch smells different and some close to the real smell but recent one not close at all just a lingering smell .bumer i smell very powdery at end instead sweet. 4. Sweet coconut did not like at all not sweet at all. All others were good I love sweet smell cotton candy, vanilla dream , almond . The crembrule was exactly what my daughter wanted smells like waffle syrup . Company has great customer Srvs and fast shipping which is great! Been shopping with u guys since south beach store

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to excellent service and amazing scents and products. The Fragrance Shop is a true gem!

I'm truly in love with "True Love" but it's the "African Gold" that takes my breath away. Both of these purchases were based on samples you sent with other orders. I'll be back.
Ellen O.

Dear Fragrance shop, I ordered through the webshop from Switzerland after looking for my favourite fragrance (body oil Paris) on and off for years. I was worried while ordering in the US, not knowing what will hapen and the quality of the oil, deliverance, etc.. My worries were in vain; the fragrance and the oil ist just perfect; as I was informed the fragrance does settle within minutes applied. The oil is perfect, even better than the original. Delivery to Switzerland without troubles within few days - I was quite suprised! I could even track the parcel on the internet. I am a 100% satisfied customer and I will order again in the future. I recommend the Fragrance shop to everyone, whereever you are!!
Kathya H.

This is my second time ordering, I loved the Black Woman dry oil it smells so so good. This time I order Curve Soul for women and men and I love it so far. I ordered Joop for men and women and I not quite sure, but my husband loves his. The samples all smell good. Thanks for sending samples, great idea. We will continue to order and they come in a timing matter, very quick--I love the Dry Oil!
Cynthia E.

A wonderful experience in purchase. Fragrance oil was lovely! Will definately purchase again. Thank you The Fragrance Shop for your prompt reply whenever i have a query. Thank you for everything!

Your fragrances are awesome. The single note travel bundle is perfect. My problem every morning is deciding what fragrance to choose as a bought several. What a dilemma.

Fabulous oils and scent! Bond No. 9 New York signature is a favorite. While I can no longer pop into the store on a whim, it's great to know that your lovely products are available to me with a simple call. Thank you.
Katia D.

I got my sample fragrance SUPER fast (and selected the cheapest shipping option) and it came with a nice little note and a lifesaver! I am enjoying this first fragrance a lot, but looking forward to trying out more samples in search of my "signature fragrance"

Love my Pikaki fragrance oil lasts all day. Never will buy store cologne again oils are the way to go.You get your money's worth.I will be getting different scents.
Deb G.

I was very impressed with your products and packaging.It felt like I was receiving a GIFT from a friend.
Virginia H.

I received the Royal Secret type dry oil fragrance and was very pleased with the lovely scent. As I was told, the scent doesn't last as long on your skin, but I find because it is so light that I can reapply and not feel I'm putting too much on. Love it and will try the perfumed oil next time.
Jackie S.

You have the best product! Hawaiian Tropic scent is like a non-stop Hawaiian vacation. I put it in my hair and everyone thinks I just got back from the beach, coconut passion..also awesome. Amazing scent. Also super beachy. I am going to try rose next

I have looked for years for my all-time favorite cologne that became unavailable years ago. I thought I'd take a chance on this company and ordered just a sample size. When I applied the first few drops, the memories came flooding back...what a wonderful and heady experience. I thought I would never again have the olfactory delight found in New West! There's just something about it that smells "right" with my chemistry. The compliments haven't stopped. I immediately ordered a larger bottle. Thanks. You NAILED IT!
Kim S.

Very happy as always with Fragrance Shop! Fast delivery, love Tunisium Opium and Calyx fragrances! Thanks

I can't say enough about the excellent service customers receive from The Fragrance Shop! I love their products but I love the length they will go to insure their customers have a first rate experience in consumer satisfaction. I will be a devoted customer...always! Thank you so much Fragrance Shop
Rebecca A.

Perfect!!! I love my fragrances. Lilly of the valley was awesome . Tobacco flower is a new favorite! Thank you./div>
Karen E.

Thank you again for your excellent service and high quality products. You guys made me very happy, I will continue buying from you. The Fragrance Shop, ranks above. Thanks.
Rigo M.

I didn't know it was possible to have two favorite scents, and possibly a lot more. The Fragrance Shop has the best options and creates the most wonderful scents. Hermes Rouge is a long lasting oriental scent with just enough spice to make it unique. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this fragrance and will continue to order directly from TFS.
Lisa W.

Perfect .fast service and great PRODUCTS!!!
Karen E.
Love the white patchouli. I get a lot of compliments. Will order again.
Mary Jane

I love this place! The service is great, and the quality of the fragrances is obviously very high. They work so much better on me than regular perfume, especially now that I've become sensitive to some chemicals. Lasting power is awesome, too!
Linda R.

I can say many good things, but I will be brief, one word, EXCELLENT, the service, the product, the care, it feels like I truly have a friend in The Fragrance Shop. You rank above. I will personally spread the word about your service. Thank you.
Rigo M.

Best company award should go right here! When a company is a total delight to deal with AND has an incredible range of scents (all identical to name brands), in long lasting oils, (including discontinued fragrances), ships them quickly AND cares about their customers? They more than qualify for a company to support!! The Fragrence Shop is just that company!!!!

I am going to enjoy using the product!
Ken S.

If the service was so absolutely incredible I would surely have mentioned the fragrances first!! Because I love fragrances so much, I was often disappointed that even my perfumes did not seem to last. Your fragrances are so long lasting without being over powering that it would be foolish to purchase any scent anywhere else! Thank you for being the amazing company you are. I can't wait to decide what my next purchase will be!!
Millicent W.

i'm so excited to have found my 'right rain'!..used it since grad school in colorado & bought it from the same store in boulder (everybody ltd) for the decades (omg) since..they went out of business earlier this year & i've been searching ever since..i've tried dozens of 'rain' oil before yours but to no avail..however, when i checked out on my iphone i couldn't tell if it got my paypal payment info entered..it also didn't accept my coupon but hopefully i can use it another time?..let me know if it didn't work & i'll make another attempt..thanks!
Marysue M.

I will get back to you soon and also to write a review just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your working with me so that I was able to get exactly what I wanted! You are really wonderful to work with and I look forward to many more scents in the future!
Millicent W.

Quick internatioanl delivery and nice scents! thanks!
Harry S.

Thank you! Love it!
Mary B.

I love Berries & Cream --- got my order so quickly. Thank you for having the best fragrances ever.
Sherry M.

I am very satisfied with my purchase. It is exactly what I expected. The ordering process was very simple and I was able to track my shipment easily. I was also happily surprised with a free sample. I will be ordering again in the near future.

I am impressed by the high quality of the fragrance oils I ordered and the friendly customer service! I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Sonja R.

I get THE MOST COMPLIMENTS when I wear this fragrance (Paloma Picaso for women). I've been wearing it for a while, and it smells as real as the actual perfume. As a matter of fact, my one girlfriend would not keep her nose off my neck one day; to surprise her, I asked TFS if they would send her a sample and they did. She was floored. I love this perfume and I hope they will make it forever. Five stars all the way.
Lisa P

I so enjoyed all the fragrances I purchased...and the gift presentation was wonderful. I will be buying all my oils from your company in the future. Thank you for being so prompt and until we meet again...xo
Linda K.

Linda K.

Got my order they smell fabulous I love the sample you sent me very very nice thank you
Tammy B.

Writing to say how much I appreciate Jenny and everyone at The Fragrance Shop! A superb product, reasonable prices and a great value, and superlative customer service! Most rare in this day and age. Thank you so much, friends at TFS!
Donna B.

I have been order from the fragrance shop for several years and every fragrance I have purchased have been amazing. I recently reordered Plantation Rose and received the most AMAZING customer service. They really are focused on meeting the customer’s needs.
Susan K.

I have been wearing opium for about 14 years,and I'll never get tired of the wonderful fragrance. Keep up the good work!
Elisa S.

The Tresor in Love is a perfect match to my name brand spray. I got the bath gel and body lotion. With the lotion, it's different going on, then absorbs to leave a very light scent that matches very well!
Doris N.

Great deal !!!
Vicky W.

I'm glad that i came across such a wonderful place. They have high quality fragrances that lasts forever, excellent service and packing.
Mohamad M.

Thank you very much! They smell Beautiful! I was delighted to experience the extra sample you sent me and I'm looking forward to further purchases! Thanks again for your great customer service
Jennelle B.

I have been purchasing my oils for years and it is absolutely the best. The products are great and the customer service is even better. Keep up the good work and I am a customer for life !!!!!.
Mia J.

Dear Kay Family. What can I say that hasn't already been said. The fragrance I received(Aventus by Creed) was not only on point, it was better then the actual product itself, in my opinion, I have been wearing it now for almost 8 hours and can still smell it on myself. The shipping was exactly as stated, and on time, and your customer service has by far been the best I have ever experienced. I will never shop anywhere else whenever I need a fragrance. To anyone who has doubts, or second guesses regarding this company and their products, rest easy, they are absolutely phenomenal. As a first time buyer you have gained a lifetime customer and new friend. THANK YOU KAY FAMILY! From the bottom of my heart, every business could learn a few things from you! Cheers!
Jordan A.

Love the products for the last 12 years. Great quality ,company and service! Thanks!/div>

Just received my "Woods" after shave balm and found it's very similar to the original A&F Woods cologne I used to wear but can no longer find. I will be buying more of the "Woods" products in the future. Thanks you!

Very good service.
Vicky W.

I love the Jungle Gardenia type spritz. It smells so good. And it lasts a long time. Thank you for the speedy delivery and free ample. I will be buying again.
Jean G.

I ordered the Tribe scented body spray and this product smells just like the original fragrance! I'll be ordering more items for sure

Just had to write again and say how much I appreciate Jenny and everyone at The Fragrance Shop! They always go above and beyond to make your experience wonderful, and I truly love shopping there! Their fragrance products are superb quality, and ordering from them is like ordering from your best friend. Highest recommendations and thank you once again!
Donna B.

I did receive my oils, and thank you they smell great. I did have a mistake that you rectified quickly without a fuss, I appreciate the top notch customer service. However, the scent Versace Pour Homme. i requested smelled like cool water or Polo Sport. The new one you sent me smelled the same. It smells great and I will use it anyway. But I know my colognes. I can bet money that your oil is either a mistaken bottle or the mislabel before you fill and ship. But besides the great service and other oils were great like Carolina Herrera and Creed. BUT- The Versace Pour Homme is not at all like the type in other stores. That's the only oil i have dispute with. Thank you.
Murphy J.

There is a place in my town that I think uses theses oils to make scented lotions etc and they qui carrying my favorite, sunshower! So happy to have found it available online. The Egyptian Goddess is for a friend who couldn't find it either, so hopefully it's the right one. Anf the free sample is an awesome way to test new ones. I liked the heart's desire sampler I got
Jessica S.

I have been shopping at The Fragrance Shop since my vacation to Miami in 2000. The in-store customer service is impeccable, but the online customer service is equally impressive.
Kimberly S.

This company is wonderful. I love the fragrance I received (a Jungle Gardenia-like body lotion), which arrived very quickly and with a sample. The scents last a long time on both. I have bought very expensive perfumes that are so diluted that they lose their fragrance in less than an hour. I will certainly buy from this wonderful company again.
Joey L.

Quality products. I liked the bath gel very much.
Robbin from Delaware

This will mark the 10th year (or so) that I order fragrances from this shop (ever since i was fortunate enough to visit the place in person). I have purchased no other fragrances nor scents or perfumes, from anyone nor anywhere else. The products they sell at fragrance shop are of the highest grade, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and friendly, and i have never been disappointed in any of the purchases i have made. Congratulations and thank you./div>
Frederic S.

Some of the samples I received are very good reproductions. Others are not. some of the scents last a nice long time but others do not as promised by the company which is the point of purchasing their formulations. I would say that try before you buy is a good idea but could be costly if you are in search of a fragrance that closely matches the original manufacturer's.
Cindy J.

Absolutely LOVE this!!! My all time favorite!

I'm very pleased with the products and service here. The oils smell just like the real thing! I love the try before you buy concept, where the follow up coupon makes it basically free. That's great because I've found that some of the scents are just what I wanted, while some of the popular ones from this year are not to my liking. So now I know which ones to order or not. Thank you so much!
Steve D

This order of Chaos was "spot on."

I honestly can't stop raving about you guys. I've gotten two sample sets in pursuit of my "signature fragrance," and a) both got to my house extremely quickly, even with basic shipping, and b) I FOUND my new signature fragrance, and it was the extra free sample y'all sent based on my order! I also love that after buying the sample set I get $30 off my order - that is super nice and makes so much sense. I just bought a 1/2 ounce of New Haarlem for Women and I am so excited. I'll will continue telling everyone who will listen to shop here for fragrances. P.S. - This is the only website with a live chat feature that I've found actually helpful, so major kudos on that as well.

I cannot be more please about my order. It came with a personal note that let me know they care about their products and my satisfaction. I'm planning a special trip just so I can try more!!!!

I used to visit your store often on my trips to Miami. I'm SO glad you guys are still around. BEST OIL COMPANY IN THE WORLD! On all of my visits I received GREAT customer service. The employees were very patient with me. . Today I received my sample packet. As I expected I was not disappointed. I am placing another order ASAP! To anyone who orders please spread the word as this is a family owned business.
Troy M.

I always end up with a smile on my face whenever I open an order from The Fragrance Shop! The wonderful scents put my mind in a happy and exciting place. Your Oils are superb, and long lasting! I have tried others, but yours are always consistent, and pure. I thank you for taking so much pride in your product, it really shows!.John
John C

The staff at the Fragrance Shop are wonderful to work with. They are always polite and my order ships immediately. I don't buy fragrances anywhere but here.
Anne M.

Very pleased with my purchase.
Colleen B.

This is a wonderful company. I have used Green Tea (Elizabeth Arden) and Patchouli (Indian) for many years. Their products are excellent quality and customer care is exceptional.
Cynthia R.

I missed the Abercrombie Woods fragrance from my younger days. Browsing some websites I noticed the fragrance shop. I purchased both the body lotion and the body spritz, woods scent. I am fully satisfied with the service and the product. I will use this service after my product runs out.
Matthew W.

My introduction was through the 5-scent sampler, which is so fun! I love The Fragrance Shop's custom blends (like the zodiac-based ones), and found their versions of other scents (like Marc Jacob's Daisy) to be just perfect - the oil makes me like them even better than the originals! Definitely a long-term customer now.
Julia M.

Great site I've been happy with my transactions even got some free stuff!
Marc J.

Dear Kay Family, Certain key "Je" products are extremely hard to find, e.g., their lotion, their gel (impossible), and especially their bath oil (more impossible -- it's a very good thing that you produce your signature oils, which answer all needs). Therefore we clients have to search all over the net for qualified perfume imitators. You are far and away the best. You have always nailed the very elusive Je scents 99% of the time, and for that one percent you sent me two replacements to make sure I was satisfied. There are no other sites that do what you do. To be honest -- I was searching for better pricing on the gel and the lotion. After exhaustive hunting that led mostly to hacks, I learned that no other business worth trying is out there. Your policies, but especially your experience, expertise, consideration and integrity cannot be duplicated. Not to mention your generosity -- your little sample gifts are super. You sent me a vial of Arpege with this shipment -- how did you know it was singularly one of my old time favorites? And thanks for the lemon Life Saver. Lemon is a fave too. You're uncanny. Even though I shop infrequently, it's good to be back again. Please stay in business and keep it in the family! Compliments and many thanks.
Noel C.

The Bellodgia was perfectly reproduced! thanks so much--my favorite, mostly unavailable, fragrance!
Susan D.

I loveThe Fragrance Shop! I received my order quickly and love the Shea butter! I also love that they included a wonderful sample of an item they felt I would enjoy based on my purchase and YES I will be ordering it!! Thank you so much you have a customer forever!!thank you
Lynn P.

I love the original Sand Verbena from Aveda but it was limited edition so I searched online for other places to buy and I found a couple of bottles on ebay so I bought one. When I saw that The Fragrance Shop had a replication, I procrastinated buying it for a couple of years but I finally ordered it and I'm so glad I did! I think I love their version even more (maybe it smells even better because it's pure perfume oils). My order arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. It was in a gift box and packed very well. They even gave me a free sample of another scent that I may order in the future! I do plan to order samples of other fragrances that I might like to buy since my experience has been great with my first order. I just wish I hadn't waited so long!! Thank-you very much!
Gene H.

I love this company! They have every scent available and if you can't find it, they can match it. The oil scents last forever.

I'm truly in love with "True Love" but it's the "African Gold" that takes my breath away. Both of these purchases were based on samples you sent with other orders. I'll be back.
Ellen O.

Highly recommend this amazing place and their perfumes, which are entirely pure and GOOD FOR YOU! I can now smell good without thinking about all the nasty chemicals meddling with my endocrine system!!! Please do not purchase mainstream perfumes, they are bad for you. BUY YOUR FRAGRANCES HERE WHETHER YOU'RE A MAN OR WOMAN!
R. Ali

I've contributed some reviews to your site and will continue to do so. Thanks again for the generous coupon code. I made an order with it and just took advantage of your latest sale. I am finding many wonderful frags! I just reviewed your Bourbon Vanilla. I love your perfume oils. They are much longer lasting, are portable, and I love the ancillary product lines (the dry oils are amazing). Thanks again!
Suzanna M.

I first bought my "sobe rain" fragrance years ago while in New Orleans. When I returned years later, the store was gone. So imagine my delight when I discovered your web site. Your customer Service is excellent and I am happy to have MY fragrance.
Sandy H.

You guys rock,I am sold from the very first time I used your fragrance,got so much compliments how good I smell,I refuse to use any other perfume I love your fragrances. Your Customer service is great.
Barbara E.

I love buying from the Fragrance Shop, and i get so excited when my little box arrives because they always send a little sample of something new...which i always like and usually end up buying!! THANKS for being so fun to deal with!!
Carol Z.

I got my sample fragrance SUPER fast (and selected the cheapest shipping option) and it came with a nice little note and a lifesaver! I am enjoying this first fragrance a lot, but looking forward to trying out more samples in search of my "signature fragrance"

Absolutely amazing fragrances that smells rich and great, also great customer service.
Abdullah M.

Only place I buy fragrances from now. After visiting the store front in Laguna beach several years ago I've been hooked. I refuse to buy from department stores now as the frangrances truly do not last. Highly recommend any of the oils!
Courtney P.

I was so excited at how fast I got my order.Oh My Gosh.,the smell of the oils I got Smell sooooo good. I couldnt decide what to put on so aftet my bath I put them all on and boy do I smell great..They even sent a sample that as soon as I smelt it I ordered it .I will never buy from anywhere else. Customer for life. Thank you for quality
Cindy H.

Love love my Giorgio. I had used Giorgio since the 70's and loved it, however I became petroleum and formaldehyde intolerant. Therefore I had to stop wearing all Giorgio products and other fragrances. I decided to try your products and I have not had any problems. Thank you so much . I am so happy to smell good again. Lol
Gayle T.

Loved the smell. I think you should add a little more Amber to it, but it's the closest I've smelled compared to the real thing. Thank you so much.
Renee T.

Fast delivery and excellent quality.
Andreas K.

Wonderful company. Great fragrances.fast shipping. Would highly recommend.
Adeline T.

I know the scent I prefer to wear, the one which both smells best on me and best expresses my persona.I also know the commercial fragrances that fit this category are way beyond what I’m comfortable spending. So I’ve been very pleasantly surprised to have discovered The Fragrance Shop. It provides a high quality alternative to retail designer fragrances, and the fragrance oils are in many ways superior to their commercial equivalents. The website is really informative, the staff very knowledgeable, and the service superb. I’ll be using The Fragrance Shop for my purchases from now on.
David C.

I have leukemia and the medicine causes really dry skin. The dry skin oil is something I use everyday before I head out the door! love...
Sue R.

i am truly impressed by the quality of these oils. they are pure and free of any fillers. i highly recommend the Try Before You Buy so that you can sample more than one fragrance. i will be purchasing from The Fragrance Shop for years to come!
The Blonde Bombshell

I have been wearing the Special Blend Carnevale since 2001 and I still love it just as much as I did the first time I put it on. It is now my signature sent. I still get complements on the fragrance. It has never irritated my skin in any way. The quality has not changed. I am sure there are so many more fragrances that I could wear and love but when you find the best why change. New Orleans is where I first found the Fragrance Shop.
Lisa G.

I so enjoyed all the fragrances I purchased...and the gift presentation was wonderful. I will be buying all my oils from your company in the future. Thank you for being so prompt and until we meet again...xo
Linda K.

Linda K.

My wife has been looking for ralph lauren polo sport for several years due it being discontinued, I was unable to share my comments until she tried your perfume I can tell you she loves it and swears it is the same as her favourite perfume , her friends have been asking where she got it from thanks

I too ceased from wearing 'produced' fragrances and wearing the blend a friend of mine created with the fragrance shop. I often received compliments on the scent and love to tell people it's a custom blend. Thank you The Fragrance Shop!
Robin M.

I have ordered from The Fragrance Shop for over 5 years and have never been disappointed. The fragrances are exquisite and long lasting. The staff is so very helpful and friendly.
S. Shell

My husband and I LOVE The Fragrance Shop. The scents we purchase are perfect and last. We always are complimented on how wonderful we smell. We are pleased with how quickly we receive our orders. We are customers for life!
Sarah M.

As always......a great purchase experience! I get fast delivery within two days; products are top of the line; packaging and service first class!

Thank you very much for the vial sample of the fragrance that I ordered: Voodoo Love + the enclosure of the other one; complimentary. You were very classy in your fulfillment, and articulate regarding usage as well! I will likely order that fragrance again some day. Although it "seems" like perhaps it would be more for a woman than a man, I believe that it's all about what a person likes when it comes to his/her scent. I was skin tested once at the Del Coranado Hotel's perfumery (if it's even still there, that was many years ago), on a scent that was predominantly for women, and it came up very high in my chemistry. Doesn't matter (and, I am not affeminate...was a college athlete....so, it doesn't matter). You did a great job on customer service! Ditto with the product.
Gary O.

The Fragrance Shop is awesome. The products are excellent. The customer service is superb. I am 100% satisfied and will continue to be a loyal customer

I'm soo happy to say that I love your oils they are fantastic. The shipping is super great! Your Oils take Perfume to a whole other level!!!
Judy P.

I LOVE The Fragrance Shop. Yellow Jeans by Versace was discontinued many years ago. I looked everywhere and was pleased to find it on this website. The scent is just as I remembered. I received my package in a timely manner and they even included a peppermint candy cane for Christmas. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I will definitely order again.
Keysha C

I love the fragrances. I have been a customer for about 20 years. The sample on this order was broken when I opened the box. It spilled all over the inside. This isn't your fault. I just thought you would want to know. I always recommend you to my friends. There is no comparison to PURE OILS.
Melvyn T.

I am very happy. The fragrance was exactly what I was looking for. Expect to see more business from me as well as my sister. She is the one that will be receiving the tobacco flower for christm
Rebecca B.

The absolute best company for all your fragrant oil needs. I stopped using perfume years ago after discovering the Fragrance Shop. (I miss having them at Lincoln road Mall). They are the epitome of high quality customer service as well as the standard when it comes to quality.
Aimee R.

Love my perfume & dry oil! Last all day and smells wonderful!
Melissa D.

Id received my Shiseido type for woman (14 day sample ) Loved it , truly represents the original.
M. Butler

Thank you! Eek... just remembered I was going to ask for a spare bottle as I am mixing the body lotion... Next time! Thank you for your wonderful products and service. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a rewarding 2016!I am so happy with the Calandre perfume. It is the only scent I now wear, and love it so much that even if I'm just shlumping around the house, I'll put it on and feel like a million bucks in my sweatpants.
Miriam M.

'Adrienne' has been my signature fragrance for over 10 years. People stop me on the street and in stores to tell me how much they love it.
R. Ozburn

Thank you so much for musk samples. Will try one each day and will definitely be making another order. It is a pleasure to do business with a company like yours. You truly care about your customers and is much appreciated!!!!
Linda F.

I've been a loyal customer for many years.... I love doing business with the Fragrance Shop! Everything is always done with class, style and perfection.
S. Rudy

Love this company. The oil lasts all day and you only need a little. I have been a customer for many years and am always complimented on how light and fresh my scent is. Wonderful product.

I discovered The Fragrance Shop in 2001 and selected a custom blend that has becomes my personal fragrance ever since. It was fun to smell all these different essences and select a combination compatible with both my taste and skin. Now, 14 years later, I still enjoy wearing this custom blend and being asked about this unique fragrance. I also appreciate the quality of these oils. This year, I decided to order the body spritz and I wonder why it took me so long to add this product to my collection! I would highly recommend the products of the Fragrance Shop.
Sophie G.

I Love The Fragrance Shop. They have me for life.....
Kevin J.

This is a wonderful company. I have used Green Tea (Elizabeth Arden) and Patchouli (Indian) for many years. Their products are excellent quality and customer care is exceptional.
Cynthia R.

I love the Fragrance Shop! Fantastic customer service, great product. Love the sample included and the hand written thank you every time, makes me smile!
Liz K.

We are very pleased with your outstanding product and service. We received our shipment within three days and my wife is extremely excited about the oils we purchased. Her first experience with your products were over 10 years ago. No other products can replace your quality oils. She plans to our something from your recommendation for Christmas.

I am completely impressed with The Fragrance Shop not only because the quality of their products, but because of their excellent customer service. I first visited a brick and mortar location while in Miami and was lucky to blend my own fragrance. Years later I wanted to duplicate it and took a chance via their website. I was completely amazed they still had a record of it and duplicated it perfectly twice since then. I have also purchased a few "designer" fragrances and essential oils. Everything was GREAT!
Dawn M.


Love my China Musk, very light but sensual aroma that all women that I have met love. I like it because it's not strong and when u are in a room of people and u walk by u don't offend anyone the way some women and men put too much of what ever their using and they stink up the room. I usually will hug a friend and they are always asking what is that u are wearing it is so pleasant. Thanks again Key Family love my scent, and so does everybody else.
Al Y.

Wonderful service, fast delivery is what I can say about the Fragrance Shop. They created a scent for me that is now discontinued and I love it!

Best customer service anywhere. Love this site

I was looking for a scent to use when freshening up my winter accessories: scarves, gloves, that didn't go against my perfume. This was the perfect solution! I sprayed it on a dry cloth and threw it in the dryer (on air) with my scarves and they are fresh as new! Everything has a light and lovely, fresh scent!!

Superb! Just like the original,but much cheaper and lasts much longer!
Reuven B.

I've been shopping with The Fragrance Shop for a few years now, and I am always so pleased with the products I've ordered and the customer service you provide! Thanks for the great service and best wishes for your continued success!
Lisa P.

mI received a free sample and ordered the full size but when it came in it smelled quite different. Both smelled good but my husband didn't like it as much as he did the sample. I contacted the fragrance shop and they were very kind to replace it with the scent of my choice all I had to do was ship the other back. They have great customer service and wonderful fragrances!
Justine C.

My custom designer four pack and my sample five pack were posted to me in New Zealand and arrived in perfect order. The perfumes are all absolutely lovely. I can't wait to order more of my favourite fragrances. Thank you so much.

I've always been very pleased with your products, that's why I'm always back for more. It's your oils are the best I've ever found. Thank you.
Dr. Lawrence

Great products top quality. I will order again. Heartily recommend these folks & their products!

I have been wearing the Sweet Coconut Dry Body Oil for years and LOVE IT! It has such a wonderful scent and everyone that knows me - knows how much I love the smell of coconut - so it fits me very well
lisette A.

My husband ordered my favorite fragrance! I'm thrilled with the oil, the scent lasts. Thanx once again
Veronica Z.

I bought the dolce & gabbana for women body oil.. It is exact!!! Lasts long.. Love this.. Will continue to buy this and others.. Company is awesome.

Thank you for the fast shipping (8 days to Australia incl. weekend) and the wonderful fragrances. Sublime Vanilla is very true to the Creed scent as is Virgin Island Water. Habit Rouge is fantastic as is flower bomb and neroli portofino. Thank you for the lolly packaging and personal note in reply to my enquiry. I will certainly buy all future fragrances from here. Thanks again/div>
Alan J.

Love The Fragrance Shop. Fast delivery, wonderful customer service and great product
M. Pearl

Loved the Ciara type perfume oil so much that I have ordered a larger size! Can't wait to try the bath products. My order came super fast, great experience all around!
Jamie G.

Thank you so much for your fragrance Lauren type. I love it. It is easy to apply and love the scent. quick delivery thank you again
Stacy P.

Always a good, solid experience.At times educational, always informative.

I love love love it!
Keisha W.

I just absolutely love the Dolce & Gabbana !!! Smells exact!! Shipping fast and will definitely reorder!! Unbelievable customer service .. From purchase.. Until after I recieved item.. This company does truly care!! Thank u!!!

I have always looked for the best oils. And The Fragrance Shop has it.. I love all my fragrances they helped blend for me
Kim H.

Great fragrance oils. Great customer service. At first I was skeptical, but The Fragrance Shop is not only legit, but an awesome to go if you want to smell good.
Stan D.

The Fragrance Shop is wonderful with which to work. I created my own fragrance many, many years ago and just ran out. I called the # on the bottle, and lo and behold, they had my custom-made fragrance on file. It came in today's mail packaged beautifully and smelling awesome! It was a fun surprise to open, even though I knew it was coming.
Sharon C.

everyone item is perfect and the service is 100%, as each time. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.
Mike K.

I first started purchasing when I wandered in the store in Louisiana. I've been a customer ever since. I absolutely love this store! the products and customer service are incredible. I would highly recommend this store to anyone who loves fragrances at a good price.

I received all my orders quickly. I was extremely happy about that I ordered a bath. Gel and spritz and I purchased a favorite summer fragrance that my Mom wore. Every time I entered my bathroom it brought back childhood memories. I was so impressed I purchased an order for my daughter. Love Fragrance Shop

Betsy M.

Love your company! Love your service! Love your oils!
MaryAnn D.

I have been ordering my custom blend by phone since the Fragrance Shop closed in the Riverwalk in New Orleans after Katrina. I love that my scent is unique as I created it many years ago in the store. The staff have always been very nice and I receive my orders in 3-4 business days. They always add a special gift with each order. I love my scent and get many compliments. I refer many to the Fragrance Shop. Thank you to all the staff!!!
Nina K.

Crystal N.

The customer service is amazing at The Fragrance Shop. All of the oils are always amazing even the new sample that was sent, " sexy amber".
Lisa F.

OMG I got Sugar Kisses as a sample with an order of my custom scent and I fell in love with it - I can't get enough of it and had to order a bottle immediately! So yummy! Thank you for the samples Fragrance Shop!

As usual, the Fragrance Shop delivered an excellent product with the most efficient and professional customer service EVER known to man!!! I have purchased a 1oz. bottle of Oud, Luxor Sandalwood and Vanilla 5th this year in addition to little orders of this and that. This store is built into my budget AND the wonderful discounts customers receive from sales and vouchers makes their heavenly fragrances affordable! Thank you!
Rebecca A.

Beautiful, I'm So Pleased With The Paloma Picasso Type. Paloma Picasso Is My Signature Perfume, I've Been Wearing Paloma Picasso Since 1984, When It Was Exclusively Launched & Sold At Saks Fifth Avenue & Neiman Marcus. Paloma Is Very Complex, Desirable, Beautiful, Powerful, The Fragrance Shop Has It Down Perfect. I'm Going To Say This, I Actually Like The Perfume Oil Even More. I Found It Lasts Way Longer, More Powerful And Beautiful. I'm Very Pleased, I Will Be Back To Shop Again, For Paloma And Many Other Perfume Oils. For All The Paloma Picasso Wearers, Trust Me And Give It A Try. I'm Very Pleased !

Love love love the white amber scent. This was what I was hoping for.
Kimberly W.

All received in good condition. very satisfied, thanks!


DIVA was a fave if mine decades ago. It is very hard to find locally and in dept stores. I had forgotten it, until I got a sample. I'm in love again and have the body oil, bath gel and lotion, as well as the perfume oil. My bathroom smells delicious and so do I. The aroma is true to the original, if memory serves, and I am happy.
Robin from Rio Rancho, N.M.

You sell the best designer Type oils:) I ordered now for the 3rd time and was never disappointed by the quality of your fragrances and You have such a big choice. Amazing:))

I live in Miami, and have been buying my fragrances from The Fragrance Shop since they were located on Miami Beach. Now I order online. I love that their fragrances don't have fillers, and the scent lasts. I usually order Bal a Versailles and Pure Grace. Love them!
Donna F.

Love my order! I got a sample size and the dry body spray just to make sure it smelled right and it was perfect. Cant wait to order a bigger size and share this company with others!
S. Williams

my order arrived in a very timely manner and the sampler package was more than I could have expected. I'm very pleased and will definitely be placing another order based on the samples.

Fabulous. I ordered the Nag Champa. I was a little apprehensive because it was a bit much to buy without sampling. I was searching for a nag Champa for some time. They smelled... Like licorice. Or just not strong enough. I will definitely purchase from here again. Arrived quickly. Smelled lovely. Included a sample that I might have to order in the future. I recommended to to my friend who is always looking out for oils.

Your customer service is outstanding and your products are top notch. Finding your shop, I feel like I found a gem. Thank you for all you do!
Maria B.

My Order arrived quickly as usual. a couple of the massage oils I ordered didn't have enough fragrance in them. I was sent additional scent to add to them which was also shipped quickly! I am in love with the Vetiver 30% and Maui Ginger scents I ordered. They are both amazing!!!
April M.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Fragrance Shop is hands down my favorite company to buy from. Everything (almost) from customer service to products to packaging to shipping to the Lifesaver taped to the packing slip is absolutely top-notch. The only thing I'd beg for is a clearer website: I always have trouble finding my account information, even after I've logged in under "Service." But a minor quibble: I love you guys!
Karen F.

I absolutely love The Fragrance Shop's products. They are true to the original's and the staff that handles the ordering are so helpful and courteous. I've never had a problem ordering from them or with any products but I'm sure they would solve any problem to your satisfaction.

As always a perfect match to the pricy original,with much more staying power. Love it.
Morgan R.

I just received my 6th bottle of fragrance oil from The Fragrance Shop although it's the first one I've bought for myself - the other 5 were gifts from my lovely hubby! - The Fragrance Shop's oils are just so potent and so pure and so long lasting... I don't even consider any other types of perfume or cologne! Also the customer service is outstanding! You've got a customer for life here!
Sharon R.

These fragrances, Hei and Canali, are excellent! I receive quite a few compliments when I wear them, but more importantly than that, I really enjoy the scents myself.

Amazing customer service and stellar products, I will be telling all my friends about your products and website! Thank you again!
Ginny S.

Penny Kay is a neighbor and she had given me a bottle of the Dry Body Oil. I was so impressed with how it made my skin feel, especially the soles of my feet which are extremely dry, that I just had to order another one when the one she gave me ran out. It is, by far, the best product I have found for my dry skin because it not only softens the skin, but it never feels oily! Thank you!
Doris L

I bought the Anne Klein 'll dry oil and I love it. The lotion is better I think for lasting longer, but I was very impressed with how close it smells to the real thing. The time frame in which I got my product was outstanding and will be ordering again very soon.love this company so far.
Tammy C.

I'm writing to let you know just how fabulous I think that your company is. You're sample fragrances are always perfect for me. I'm on a severely limited budget, so thanks to you, I can at least smell like a rich b#t#h. Hudson Yards, your suggestion, is now my favorite scent. Through you, I also get to sample famous perfumes that I've always been curios about, and wouldn't have had any other way to try them and satisfy my curiousity. I wish you all the best, and will keep ordering as much as my budget allows. Sincerely,
Marlene G.

I have been using this company for my fragrance needs since 1996 when I lived in Miami. The quality of the products and the customer service is outstanding! I could not recommend the The Fragrance Shop more highly!
Tony Z.

Very nice fragrance, not exactly the same as the original,but very pretty. Would recommend

This fragrance is wonderfull,just like the original .Service was quick and very professional. Always a pleasure to deal with this company
Judy F.

I have been wearing the same fragrance from The Fragrance Shop for many years. I love the scent, but I love the customer service I get from Jenny Mann a tad bit more. Thank you Jenny!
Deirdra L.

I am so happy already with the complimentary Dolce and Gabbana. I just dabbed some on. Boy did you know how to pick another one that I liked, from looking at the ones I ordered. It is really authentic and I will be ordering lots more. Caleche has always been one of my favorites. I’m thrilled to have found you. Once I try the 4 I ordered, I will make comments per your instructions below. Thank you! Very happy!
Jeanne G.

Fast shipping and I like your products better than the originals. I have been and will be a repeat customer.
C. Jordan

Yes - - I an very happy with my order of Jasmine Rain - - thank you !!! I am very grateful for your company - - I LOVE your products.
Linda K.

I'm enjoying the fragrance oils, especially the Dew Drops. I wish I had ordered the Dew Berry. Thank you

Hi there Just emailing to say thank you for the perfume. It arrived today and I'm really impressed with the speed of delivery given I'm based in London UK. It arrived in under a week. I originally bought the True Gardenia perfume from your shop in Miami and loved it. Pleased to know I can order it online. Much appreciated
Sally A.

I've been doing business with this company for many years. They are a pleasure to deal with; a family-owned business and they are so friendly and helpful. I hope they're around for years to come!
John S.

I very much appreciate your assistance with this and thank you for your great customer care. I will be a regular customer moving forward and will be ordering this fragrance frequently….I've been wearing Gucci Rush for Men for about 15yrs and have never found another fragrance that is "me"! I will also be recommending you to my friends and online.
Cate L.

I am writing to thank Jenny for once again going above and beyond to make shopping at TFS a superb experience! I never buy fragrance anywhere else. TFS is absolutely THE BEST in every way!
Donna B.

All very good as always.. wish the Armani Code was not the "Ultimate".. prefer the straight up Code.. customer service, products, & website always make things easy to order.. a little goes a long way for me, as my S/O has an incredible aesthetic sense of fragrance
Gary O.

I have been shopping at the Fragrance Shop since 1996 or 97. First at the bricks and mortar store on Miami Beach, but since leaving there in 2001, online. My wife has worn the same scent the entire time and this is the only place I buy it. Thanks.
Dory S.

Thanks for the exellent and fast service! Just one week after ordering, I already received my perfume in the Netherlands. And I love love love the fragrance of my dicontinued favorite. The package was wrapped like a special gift and all the necessary information was included. I will surely tell my friends about your shop!
Mara from the Netherlands

Hi Jenny, Thank you so much! Sorry to be so much trouble - I don't know why I couldn't get that order to go through. Thanks so much for all you do - you guys are the best! Wish I'd found your business long ago - I don't shop anywhere else for fragrance and bath/body items. God bless you all and have a great day!

I just want u to know that your products are awesome.I wish my lotion had more scent of peace of scent in it, but other than that , everything was great. I really wish I had a coupon to purchase a large size bottle of scent of peace. it smelled like the real perfume if not better. This is my second time ordering from your shop. I just spent 100.00 dollars at my oil store here in Atlanta, Ga. I think I will just send for my oils from your shop from now on. Thanks so much for your great customer service. Only a simple "smile and pleasant voice make people feel so special.
Dell R

Hi Kay Family. My boyfriend and I have been using your oils for years ever since we stumbled upon your old store in Miami. We used to make sure we visited there whenever we traveled from Chicago. We both get compliments on our oils all of the time. My signature oil has become Tunisian Opium and while I have tried and liked several others, I also go back to that one. We never use commercial perfumes anymore. Thanks so much for your outstanding service. We always order online now and are always pleased.

I just want to say I am really impressed by your customer service. Your shipment arrived quickly, and your responses to my questions are timely. I also really appreciate your generosity with the coupon code. I am very pleased that every time I purchase a sampler, I get a coupon. Please pass my kudos on to your supervisors./div>
Sharon E.

Good morning from Australia. I am so so happy to have found you. My most favourite perfume (EVER) was discontinued about 7 years ago. I have ordered your version of Shiseido Relaxing Fragrance and it arrived yesterday. I was a tiny bit dubious that it could be perfectly replicated but I wore it last night and could smell its remnants in my hair when I woke up; just like the old days. Im so happy. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I hope you never stop making your perfumes; I couldn't go through discontinuation trauma again ;-)

I received my 5-pack of trial sized fragrance oils. All of them are beautiful but the "Coriandee" type oil is so close to the original it brings back memories. I have also ordered "Rive Gauche" type in the recent past and what I appreciate is that they added a note in the description of the fragrance that it is a rendition of the original vintage fragrance, which is far removed from the current formulation...it is spot on, from my memory, of my first bottle that I received in 1974.

Love Love Love Egyptian Jasmine. Soft, sweet and feminine. This is my new signature fragrance. So glad I found it at The Fragrance Shop.

So glad to know that you all are still around. I used to buy your fragrances when you were still in New Orleans, in the Riverwalk. My husband loves the sample I bought "Jivako", and I still love my Oil of NOLA rain. We'll be buying more. Thanks
Cathy W.

Hello Jenny, I have received, and am enjoying the Cotton Candy II oil. I am very happy and impressed with the great service. You guys are super. Peace, love, blessings.

This is my first time ordering from TheFragranceShop and everything was smooth! Too many choices to choose from and fast shipping. I have only tried one of the oils I have bought but I'm satisfied with it. Thank you again!
Ahmad E.

I love the egyptian musk! I smell good all day and my husband loves it!
Michelle M.

Hi Jenny, thanks for the awesome customer service I will send in the oil with a note for exchange. Thanks again you guys are awesome.

Great perfume. I love Oil of White Amber. Readable and great customer service. I would recommend to anyone. Good company, great service.
Adeline T.

I just wanted to say thank you for replacing both damaged items with full size products! That was very kind of you. You have the best customer service I have dealt with (which many of your onsite reviews state), you could teach this to many of the big box stores. Because of your excellent customer service and massage oil, you have made me a very happy customer and I will continue to make future purchases with you.
Chritine T.

Your perfume oil is awesome! Love it! Thank you
Virginia L.

Dear Kay Family, We haven’t opened the Egyptian Lotus Blossom fragrance yet, though I did receive the package. It is a Mother’s Day gift to my wife of 47 years, and a reminder of another bottle of the same or similar fragrance I bought for her in Cairo years ago. I’m sure we will love it, and I will be sure to write a good review after she opens it. I enjoyed the life saver myself, so she will never know about that. Blessings to you all.
L. Howard

I got my annual supply of Fresh Air and, as usual, am thrilled with my purchase. I have been wearing this fragrance on and off for nearly 15 years, and my family knows it as my signature scent. For fun this time I ordered a travel sample set of oil/body spritz/bath gel and am loving the versatility. Everything is conveniently packaged for TSA requirements and I love being able to bring these lovely products with me while I'm on the road. Thanks again for making "my" fragrance available online and for offering so many fun, innovative ways to experience it.
Kelly G.

I'm a frequent customer and can't express how much I love your fragrances (Egyptian Musk). Thank you so much for your excellent service. You guys are "Awesome!"

I am a huge fan! Took business trip in 2005 to New Orleans where I first discovered The Fragrance Shop. I live in Ohio and have never been with Krazy Krizia since! Wonder service everytime!
Kimia P.

I'm a new customer... And just received my 1st order. I can't tell you how should I felt! My oil was double wrapped in tissue, and sealed.in a bag, then bubble wrapped! I also was given a sample oil to try, along with a wonderful letter of introduction. What a wonderful place that will surely have my future business!

I purchased a replica of Tribe by Coty. I just received my Body Spritz yesterday...I cannot tell you how excited I was to open my package. I could not open it fast enough. This spray is a magnificent duplicate of the original. I am so happy to have it once again. The beautiful combination of the scents is just is refreshing and it just makes me smile. I had originally tried the oil based spray some years ago but the oil was not for me. I gave the bottle to my daughter and she still has it! And it still smells great! I searched for the website and when I found it thought to myself I'd try the Body Spritz instead. I am so happy I did! When I spray it on it is so light and it sprays on really nice. It does not leave any stains behind or anything just the wonderful aroma of Tribe :) (Sigh!!!) I highly recommend this product everyone! If you like sweet fresh smells...this is the scent to get. 2 thumbs up to this family owned business! I will certainly be coming back for more! :)
Cynthia L.

Dear Kay Family,I just want to thank you for my wonderful Body Spritz in the scent of Tribe by Coty. I love love love it!!! I had purchased an oil spritz before and I soon learned that oil spritz is not for me. So I sadly gave it to my daughter. But…THIS body spritz is identical to the REAL body spray by Coty BUT better! I have missed Tribe by Coty so much! I got online and tried looking for you guys time and time again and finally I found you again! I love my body spray. It is fresh and the scent just brings me back memories of when I first started using Tribe back to when I was in middle school or high school. It is just so wonderful it makes me smile J. I will submit a review. OTHERS NEED TO KNOW that you all do a great duplicate of the original scent. God bless you all and may your family owned business continue to grow and prosper in Jesus name!!
Cynthia L.

Thank you for the two samples. They are really nice. Fragrance Shop rocks!
Steve S.

Thank you so much for that kind gesture – you and your team have gone beyond my expectations. As always, I will spread the word about your amazing oils and excellent customer service. Kind Regards
Heather B.

Hi - I decided to try the perfume oil again last night and to my surprise the note that had been so predominant had quieted down and the perfume oil now smells exactly like the Je Reviens Worth that I love so much!! I'll be sure to go in and post the highest rating possible. I purchased the Catherine Deneuve Type Big Bundle for my mother and will be surprising her with that tomorrow - I can't wait to see her surprise as she thought she would never see that fragrance again. It was my search for Je Reviens Worth that led to my finding your website and I am so thrilled to have found you. Thank you so much!!!!

I am so happy with my custom replicated scent! I was looking for something to replace the already unique oil I have been wearing for years when it wasn't avilalble and you did an amazing job replicating it. It was similar enough and different enough that now I have two signature scents - Thank you!

I have been purchasing the body lotions: obsession type for women and the Dune type..I give you the highest star for your products! I will continue purchasing from you....Thank you very much....100% satisfied customer

"Tunisian Opium" is truly an enchanting,distinctive fragrance.
Susan T.

my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!! Thank You!
Karen P.

Hey Kay Family, I'm so very happy with my superior musk order!!! Fragrance is amazing and consistent with the last purchase. Will be ordering this from you guys forever!! Thank you,
Ann A.

Was very pleased with the order. Fragrances are true to the original and it’s nice to have the custom options. Will probably be a return customer.
Anne M.

I love the scents; I use the Bath Gel, the Dry Oil, and then the oil. I wish that I could smell the scent all day, but I know that I get used to it. I have to keep asking my husband, "Can you smell my scent?" He just laughs and says yes. I also truly love how I don't feel oily or smell like alcohol. Thanks, The Fragrance Shop! Oh, I also love the similar scent samples that you sent out. That's how I found Champagne Dreams - so far - my favorite.

Yes I love your product and always receive compliments...

Everything is wonderful!! The samples are amazing. I will purchase the full size option on the near future. Kind regards


Just a note to tell you that the products were received promptly and were better than we thought they would be. My bride loves to have "her" perfume back and the extras we ordered have been found to be nothing short of outstanding. You folks do good work and I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated. Thanks for handling this order in rapid fashion and for the quality of your offerings. Thanks and take care.
Dr. B

I love your Fragrances' this is my most favorite store of all time. I will order forever!!!!!!!
Laura S.

I have a mail service that accepts my packages so I haven't picked up my parcel yet. But allow me to say, thus far your company has been wonderful in every respect. The business concept of good quality fragrances similar to ones already on the market and the samples to try first - with the rebating of the cost of those samples on one's next purchase: all of this is so innovative and wonderful for a business to day. I bet the Big Fragrance industry hates you ! ! They should as they have been ripping people off for years and it is coming to a stop - at least with the people who discover your company. I could go on and on, needless to say, so far I am a big fan. Your customer,

Just received my 3 samples and am thrilled! The scent shop I have shopped at forever closed its doors after being in business 30+ years due to retirement. The quality and scent of the 3 oils I ordered matched my previous ones exactly. Am so pleased and will doing much more ordering.....so happy I found The Fragrance Shop on-line. In addition the order literally arrived almost overnight....excellent customer service!!!!!
Diane R

I just received my full bottle of "Tuberose Tango" fragrance and I am over the moon thrilled, with THE FRAGRANCE SHOP! Beautiful packaging, amazing customer service ~ Jenny, thank you so very much for your kindness and diligence to outstanding service! Tuberose Tango transports me to an oceanside beach with sun, palm trees, suntan lotion and tranquility ~ AMAZING FRAGRANCE that lasts, and lasts!!!! Have never received such wonderful fragrance or service from any other perfumery! PS, I've ordered samples from here as well and they were ALL GORGEOUS!!!!! Will DEFINITELY REORDER!!!!!
Karen O.

my wife has used this for a few years and she and I love the smell on her that's why I ordered it again. thanks when its gone will order again
Earl C.

I have been a customer of the fragrance shop for over a year now and in my opinion this is the best fragrance company out there. First, the customer service I have received from Jenny is unparalleled; she is friendly, accommodating, responsive, goes above and beyond for her customers and the shipping is great. Secondly, the product is unparalleled, it's alcohol free and the scent is pure. Now that I have purchased their products I can confidently say that I would never purchase Cologne/perfume from retail stores ever again. The oils I have purchased not only smell pure but they actually smell better than their alcohol counterparts that you find in department stores. Now when I smell a scent I have purchased from a department store compared to the fragrance shop oils there is no comparison! The department store scents smell solely of alcohol... I don't know about you but when I invest in a scent I don't want to smell like alcohol. All in all if you want to purchase a scent for yourself or as a gift for someone special this is absolutely your last stop. It will change the way you see mainstream cologne/perfume and once you smell/use their products you will never go back. The fragrance shop... You are amazing!
Michelle U.

Received the order today thursday thank you. Essence was great, blend was perfect .. its my eighth or tenth year or so ordering from fragrance shop, playing with same 2 or 3 oils, just varying percentages a bit here, there .. never been disappointed, quite the contrary , always pleased and even often impressed, and this 2015 combination of frankincense we came up with , (your rep and myself) , (over the phone) , matches perfectly for me .. strange for a man to be saying that .. but true .. thank you

The oil and the body oil smells just like the perfume I have missed so much. My package shipped and arrived quickly all the way to Norway with perfumes gently wrapped. I am very satisfied indeed. Thank you.
Norah K

Best products! Best customer service! I will always...always order from this site. I am stationed in South Korea and they went above and beyond in making sure I got the products I wanted. Wow...the standard for all online businesses!
D. Kim

Jenny has been one of the best customer care providers I worked with in awhile. She went way beyond her job description and helped me. First I let her know how much I love your products and she made sure they will be delivered to the base I am stationed in South Korea. She provided more than I could ask for. Also my credit card was charged twice and she fixed that instantly. Your customer care is outstanding and I'm glad I met jenny. I will most definitely buy your products again and recommend it to friends and family. Thank you again for your help
Danny K.

So glad I found my fragrance on your site... Thought I lost it forever once it was discontinued. Thank You!

Everything was great! I certainly appreciate your wonderful service and the fragrances are delightful!
Andrew C.

Thank you for your patience, attentiveness to detail, and helpful insights. I am impressed with the quality of The Fragrance Shop customer service. I love the perfume oil you suggested, 24K Egyptian Musk, a subtle blend that opens up revealing more depth with every hour of my day. THANK YOU! I will return to your online store to discover more little miracles.

Flower bomb type oil was exactly the same as original, but longer lasting and a ton cheaper. Customer service was great as well!
Ruth Ellen

I have used my Oriental Musk & China Musk for years. It's the only fragrances that I wear. Customer Service is great! I placed my order on Friday & received my pkg on following Monday.
Barbara M.

I love the fragrance oil i recently received and also it is not mixed with lots of alcohol which helps the scent stay with you all day.The fragrance Shop is where i will come to get my"SMELL GOOD"from now on and the customer service is GREAT.Keep up the good work.
Myron H.

I am so impressed with the fragrances I have tried this far, namely Black Orchid and Mitsouko type fragrance. As soon as I smelled your version of Mitsouko, my jaw hit the floor. It smells almost exactly like my Guerlain vintage version (sample). But in mine the beautiful top notes are slightly deteriorated but yours is perfect in every way. Never before have I been able to the sour/tart peach, rich and thick oakmoss along with the beautiful "Guerlainad" accord. It is absolutely stunning!/div>
Jason K.

Love love love the essential oils particularly the rhumba berry, green apple and vanilla hard too find such a good and long lasting scents that are not over powering :)

I have been wearing the Sweet Coconut Dry Body Oil for years and LOVE IT! I am known as the coconut girl:) This body oil smells amazing!
Lisette A.

Quality fragrances, superb service, fast postage, well packaged, free samples. Highly recommend The Fragrance Shop! A loyal customer from Melbourne, Australia

I was so glad to re-connect with The Fragrance Shop! I live in ATL and had made special trips down to Miami to buy my oils.... Glad to know that I can get back on track!
Tim G.

I have used Fragrance Shop for years and I love their Shaving Balms./div>
David S.

Great product and service! Shipping to Canada has always taken a little longer but never an issue.
Stan H.

I first visited your store in New Orleans years ago. Since then, I have ordered Wisteria Oil on a regular basis. I have never been disappointed in your product or your customer service. Keep up the good work!!

Wonderful company! The order comes quickly and they always enclose a nice surprise with your order. I have been a customer for years. It is the only place I buy fragrances.
Anne M.

I remember the personal touch when you had a store on Lincoln Rd in Miami Beach.I continue to get the same wonderful service online. You are a wonderful company with a great array of products.Keep up the great work
Michael D.

I love Dew Drops. It is a light, delicate floral. It last and lasts. I layer with bath gel, dry oil and fragrance oil. I've tried a lot of "designer" fragrances, but this really works the best. For an added touch of Gardenia, try Sweet Olive.

Been a happy customer for the past 10 years. Thank you!

I was thrilled that you were able to replicate my favorite perfume....a custom blend you created for me fifteen years ago! The four replacement bottles arrived perfectly and quickly.....excellent service and product! Thank you.

My orders have arrived very quickly and the products more than exceeded my expectations. You can order with complete confidence from The Fragrance Shop- this company is the real deal. :)
Lisa C.

I ordered the Aventus fragrance and have been very disappointed with the longevity at which this scent lasts (about 3-4 hours). It smells great, but I expected it to last at least 8-10 hours.

I have become a loyal customer. The customer service is EXCELLENT and the product is GREAT!

I recently ordered a sampler pack and I am absolutely delighted with the fragrances. Really good quality of designer fragrances

I loved it! My fragrance sample was perfect! it was just as I remembered it to be!!! THANK YOU! I will be purchasing a larger bottle ASAP!
Amy Jo

I received a sample of Prada Candy with my order and felt desperate for it. It's fragrance is candy sweet with a mild, elegant or sophisticated hint of expensive like class. I thought I had my favorites established, but this ranks my top 2. I say thanks as a customer of MANY years and blends for sending it as a sample. I know smell awesome.
Toya J.

I received my 5 samples (+ a bonus sample) today and I like them all! Can't wait to try wearing each one. Thanks!
Sherry S.

Grab bag had very nice fragrances. All three were keepers. Thanks

I have received my order, and may i say you did a great job! congrats on the fantastic blends you made, i loved them all! I will sure come back for more

My second order of these beautiful products arrived swiftly and carefully packed and of course smelling absolutely divine! The wonderful labour day saving meant I got to order even more!! I love this company!

I absolutely love Very Vanilla fragrance. There is never a time that I'm wearing that I don't get compliments, especially from men. I ordered on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday, safely packaged with a treat and a free sample. Great service, great product!
Claire B.

Love the Patou 1000, especially the bath gel. My bathroom smells delicious and so do I!
Robin K.

I think that purchasing the 5 sample size fragrances is a god idea because you can try a small amount to see what you like before buying a larger amount. If you buy a large amount and then do not like it, you are stuck with it anyway.
Jim P.

I love my scent that we came up with at The Fragrance Shop! They take their time to make sure you get the scent that is uniquely you. I will continue to purchase my oils here!!!

I love the fragrance shop, and their great friendly staff. Don't know what I'de do with out them.
Morgan R.

First time I ordered from The Fragrance Shop and I couldn't be happier. I have many colognes currently that I purchased from big box stores and after trying out the fragrances that I purchased from The Frageance Shop I will be buying all of my colognes from them in the future. Great store and products as well as superior customer service. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering again very soon. Thanks Fragrance Shop.
David R.

First time I ordered from The Fragrance Shop and I couldn't be happier. I have many colognes currently that I purchased from big box stores and after trying out the fragrances that I purchased from The Frageance Shop I will be buying all of my colognes from them in the future. Great store and products as well as superior customer service. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering again very soon. Thanks Fragrance Shop.
Shawn G.

Thank you fragrance shop for sending me the order so fast , I recommended to anyone , they have the best selection of wonderful smell that you not going find anywhere else!!

I was PLEASANTLY surprised at how quickly my order arrived. And I loved all of the samples! Will be placing my orders soon & love doing business with a company that is so focused on customer service! Thank you!
Judy S.

Lagerfeld product shipped on schedule and my wife says it smells just like the original from years ago. Best,
C. Gilluly

I found an old bottle while cleaning my closet and decided to look online to see if I could find it again. Well I ordered Superior Egyptian Musk because I had this fragrance 7 years ago from a different source but lost contact. I was amazed when I opened the vile the scent was exactly the same...robust and sweet. It compliments my body naturally. I also decided to purchase another fragrance; Unforgivable Black Type for Women. I put just a little bit on and it was so tantalizing...my husband was very happy.


I loved the fragrance! It smells very like the original Anne Klein II. I'm sure my sister will will enjoy this fragrance for her birthday. I will be ordering more! Thanks
Rita W.

great scents, wonderful service. loved what I ordered
A. Baron

Hi Fragrance shop, I received my travel bundle last week and was definitely impressed by the speed of shipping and presentation of products. The body oil and regular oil were perfect, the lotion didn't really have a staying power or deep enough scent like I thought it would but that could be because of the scent I picked. Aventus by Creed. Nonetheless, thank you and I'll be ordering again soon. Thank you,
Diego M.

I am enjoying my fragrance and also like the sample you provided. In fact, I may order the sample fragrance next.

I just received my full bottle of "Tuberose Tango" fragrance and I am over the moon thrilled, with THE FRAGRANCE SHOP! Beautiful packaging, amazing customer service ~ Jenny, thank you so very much for your kindness and diligence to outstanding service! Tuberose Tango transports me to an oceanside beach with sun, palm trees, suntan lotion and tranquility ~ AMAZING FRAGRANCE that lasts, and lasts!!!! Have never received such wonderful fragrance or service from any other perfumery! PS, I've ordered samples from here as well and they were ALL GORGEOUS!!!!! Will DEFINITELY REORDER!!!!!
Karen O.

my wife has used this for a few years and she and I love the smell on her that's why I ordered it again. thanks when its gone will order again
Earl C.

I got my first oil in New Orleans years ago. I phoned in my first repeat order,pre computer era.. I came within a week and I was so pleased. The oil lasted so long. I just received my latest order and pleased again. It did take over two weeks to get here,but when I called Jenny was very helpful assured me I would receive it. I loved the sample that came with it. I also ordered the dry oil and love it. Oil of Voodoo is my go to scent.

Wow! I placed my order on the 17 th of July, and received it on the 19th. This oil is wonderful! I'm glad I came across The Fragance Shop. Will diffenantly be ordering more.
DeAnna Bell

I love love love using The Fragrance Shop. As I am allergic to most perfumes, buying oils from them is Bliss! I'm so glad that after all these years they still have my favorite, Blue Ocean. I also love receiving the little samples of other types of perfumes I wouldn't normally try. You guys are the best!!!

I am always more than satisfied with the Fragrance Shop. Their customer service is consistently reliable, professional and always make me feel like I am their only customer when I call to place an order. I have been ordering my favorite fragrance for more than twelve years and plan to order for the rest of my life. Keep up the excellent work!!!

Love the new scent I received for summer in Citrus Basil! Love Voodoo love also ! I recieve such good comments from those around me. Will never use anything but oils for the lasting scent. Thank you so much for the quality of the product!

The customer service is absolutely fantastic. Very reassuring. I have not yet tried my products as due to a mistake of my own I ordered the wrong scent. The fragrance shop was very understanding and once my correct products are received I'm sure I will enjoy them. Can't wait.
M. de Koning

i HIGHLY RECOMMEND, The Fragrance Shop! They truly have what it takes to mix gorgeous, long lasting amazing scents!!! Shipping to Canada was fast ~ a VERY happy customer!
Karen O.

I smelled this for the first time on a co-worker. Decided to try it and it smells so good and the sent last all day. I purchased the oil and lotion. Think I'm also going to order the perfume oil for a layered scent. On another note the shipping was super fast.

i ordered the kouros type oil sample size- the oil was not have the same scent and beautiful intensity as the original kouros. I even put a sample of original kouros on one wrist and the oil on the other wrist and had a friend smell it also. Altho it smelled very nice , it was definitely not the same. Also the oil scent faded more quickly then the original Kouros. I did appreciate your service and how nicely it was wrapped and asking for my feedback.
Ivy G.

Bought a small tester bottle of Tribe oil. Great - very similar to the original Tribe. Will probably buy a bottle from this shop in the next few months.

I have now bought two different fragrances from you and love them both. The Shalimar was ordered a second time. I use it a lot. I thank you for the sample of Chanel No.5 and will be trying it in the next day or so. So far, I love it!! I will be in touch:) Regards,

I am so impressed by your customer service. You by far have totally out done yourselves. My purchase was for about &8.00 and u treated me like I just spent 500. I loved that you sentence a free sample and I will be a customer again. Thank you for setting a standard that I will be for ever expecting from other companies now. Regards
Rosemary R.

Great company, with a personal touch - very rare! Ordered for the first time recently, and it was delivered within a few days, including a note with my name hand written and a candy! I ordered the Stella McCartney type fragrance oil for women, and it smells even better than the original designer fragrance. I hope to write them for some fragrance recommendations, looking forward to their advice. The sample they sent with my order was also delicious! Thank you!

My experience with The Fragrance Shop has been absolutely marvelous!! I love everything I have received and I cannot imagine purchasing fragrances from anywhere else!! I deeply appreciate the quality of your products and your exceptional customer service. Merci Beaucoup!!
Mark W.

I love doing business with you guys. Your customer service is right on. I've been using Aromatics Elixir-type perfume oil and Dry Body Oil and I get so many compliments. The Dry Body Oil is heaven.
Terrie S.

The Beyond Paradise body lotion and bath gel are great! Since the brand name discontinued these products I've tried a ton of "like" products. None were even close. Your products smell exactly like my perfume. You have a new loyal customer!

Regular "department store" forms of designer fragrances gave me headaches... So I was so happy to find The Fragrance Shop in 2001. It's the only place I've bought fragrance from, since then. And they're always better smelling than the store form and don't go bad ever... Now I've been giving fragrances as gifts to my friends!
Dorothy R.

Coco has been one of my favorite scents for a long time, so i was thrilled to find it at The Fragrance Shoppe. It's wonderful, and i love it. The level of customer service at The Fragrance Shoppe is absolutely stellar. This is my second (maybe third?) purchase, and i will always come back!
Miss Carol

I loved the new west type oil and body oil it did take sometime to reach Ireland but I love my purchase. Although it did resemble the original new west perfume it seem to lack some of the melon undertones.. I will be ordering this product again as it is the nearest I have to the original.. Thankyou
Patricia M.

Hello, I just received my order of mostly sample size items, and your 4 pack special scent blends. I just want to say that I am SO IMPRESSSED! I consider myself to be a 'Master Perfumer' and these are the best perfume oils I have ever smelled- EVER. I'm also happy that I took a moment to read about 'how to apply' the oils to my pulse points. You are so true when you say that I only need to dab it 'once' to my skin! The oils are very very concentrated! I feel like I'm lighting up the space around me. Even my husband was blown away when he smelled me... I bought sample sizes of Imperial Lime, Tonka, Listen, and Patchouli Musk. ALL OF THEM are awesome, and the lime and patchoulie are an awesome combination! Thank you also for my free sample of Vanilla musk... I'm just so pleased and happy, that I could cry...lol, no kidding!
Simone R.

Amazing!!!! Smell. So authentic

I always enjoy my Egyptian Musks. Many compliments when I wear them. The Fragrance Shop is very expedient in shopping my order out. I receive it within a week. Love the Fragrance Shop!

Love the oils from The Fragance Shop! They smell wonderful!
Michael M.

Excellent service! Very prompt shipping and great communication. High quality products, will definitely be returning for more fragrances later. Thanks so much!
Alexias F.

I did order the tribe type incredible smell Is the same.. and I was kind of skeptical in the beginning and also I read all the reviews so now I can say with my own words that I give 100% and costumer service. Only thing is Expensive and should be more specials beside that is great !!!!

I have shopped here for many years and have always received my orders quickly and accurately. I love the little notes and the free gift that I receive with my order. Everyone loves my fragrance and comments on how nice I smell and where can they get the fragrance. I use one of their scents and it lasts all day and night. Shop here with confidence and the knowledge that you will love your purchase.
Peggy W.

Love this shop. I have been getting my musk from them for 16 years and have never had one problem. Best customer service ever!
Karen G.

I am very impressed with their fragance oil types. They are amazing at recreating a scent, most I've tried are spot on! They seem to put a lot of thought into their work and use quality ingredients as well. Highly recommended, very happy with them.

Great experience shopping at The Fragrance Shop Online! After my purchase, a representative called from their store to notify my I had forgotten to choose a free Bath and Body product as part of their current promotion. Honesty and customer service at its finest!

I love this shop! I used to frequent their store in South Beach Miami many years ago (more than 10 years) and just recently, I googled them to see if they were around. I was delighted to see them still in business and still creating incredibly high quality oils. LOVE IT!
Joy W.

Love the new scent I received for summer in Citrus Basil! Love Voodoo love also ! I recieve such good comments from those around me. Will never use anything but oils for the lasting scent. Thank you so much for the quality of the product!

The customer service is absolutely fantastic. Very reassuring. I have not yet tried my products as due to a mistake of my own I ordered the wrong scent. The fragrance shop was very understanding and once my correct products are received I'm sure I will enjoy them. Can't wait.
M. de Koning

a big 'thank you' for the excellent fragrances, i am very pleased with your products! i ordered a 5 samplers that are designer's perfume, and i can say with confidence the oil smells richer and lasts longer, and i can notice a delightful twist in some samplers!for designer's perfumes i recommend: creed (try all types) and Yves Saint Laurent

I have received my order, and may i say you did a great job! congrats on the fantastic blends you made, i loved them all! I will sure come back for more

Fantastic products & customer service. From the US to the UK in 5 working days. Highly recommended.
Ryan C.

Thank you for your excellent customer service, it is really unparalleled. I'm pretty sure I will be a customer for life :
Sigurros F.

This is Excellent! It has the same scent of High Line, but the alcohol, which gives me headaches. I have tried several of the fragrance shop scents and this is Number One on my list. Next to Jo Malone French Lime Blossom and Lily of the Valley. This is a Fine Fragrance and have had many people overly complement me on this. It is Fresh, Light green, white bright floral and a touch of soft sweet, like a true fresh picked strawberry/cut melon. It is perfect for anytime. I cannot get enough of it. I have sprayed some in my purse, all over my clothes, tissues and sheets. A fragrance you want to nuzzle in. The best! No one will be disappointed.

Thank you so very much for your assistance with my order and making the purchasing and having the shipping costs refunded such a straight forward and easy process. You're customer service is extremely encouraging and I will be speaking of this and recommending this site to others. You really have made my day!! Thanking you,
M. de Koning

I can't use commercial perfumes, they give me headaches, however, your fragrances do not include alchohol which is ideal for me. I have been usnig your fragrances for 10 years and the fact I can personalize my own scent is wonderful!
Carol A.

Thank you again for the wonderful products and service that a person could want. We truly appreciate your kindness and hard work. Regards

So glad to have found you guys at the Fragrance Shop! Thanks for everything - it really means a lot to find a company that truly cares about their customers. Have a blessed day!
D. Burger

Very pleased with the personal care taken with the packaging (the handwritten name and lifesaver were a nice touch). I'm looking forward to giving one item as a gift and keeping the other scent for myself. One suggestion: when there are multiple fragrances, it would help if they were labeled on the outside so I could retain the nicely wrapped package (that one was the gift). Just a suggestion for the future. Love the sample you sent in the package too!
Kathy B.

Hello, Thank you for the fragrances that I ordered. They look very nice. I got the email about reviewing them, but I don't usually do the online reviews. I really thank you again for all your kindness and assistance in making my choices and your service is top notch. Happy Holidays, too.
M. Sterns

I'm a new customer and my experience with the Fragrance Shop has been amazing. I ordered the Paris Hilton body spritz a few days ago but received the body oil instead. I called right away to notified them of the mistake. The person I spoke to was very nice and apologize for the mistake. She then immediately ask would it be okay to send you the correct one. I said sure..about two days later I received the body spritz. The best customer service ever! Thank you so much for helping me with my order and the amazing hassle free customer service. I'm now a loyal customer for life and will be ordering more products soon!
Brian D.

my husband loved it my son loved the red polo you all are wonderful
B. James

I love the fragrance shop!! I have been getting my oils there since collage. They only take a few day to come and I always get complements on how good I smell!!! Being allergic to perfume make theses oils work so well for me. I'll never go anywhere else!!!!!!
Brandi :)

Just a quick update on my sampler experience. So far I've only had a day and a half of trying out the fragrance oil's and I am EXTREMELY impressed by the quality and longevity of the fragrances! It seems that the sillage of the fragrance is enough to get noticed while in proximity, but not enough to fill up a room... which is perfect! Dont get me started on the longevity... I applied some oil yesterday morning and happened to get some on the band of my wrist watch. I can still smell the scent on it over 36 hours later. Heck even after I scrubbed down in the shower last night, I was still able to faintly smell the scent on the application point on my skin. I even made sure to scrub the point extra well. Very impressed! To top it off, there is no skin irritation or greasy feel after application. After wearing only 2 of the scents so far, they seem to capture a full range of top, mid, and base evolving slowly over time as they should. The transition seems a lot more stable and subtle than I am used to with regular alcohol based perfumes (in a good way), but I suppose that is to be expected with oils. As far as the individual scents of the perfume oils... upon a quick sniff, none really jumped out at me. That is more of a personal taste matter, as these were just blind buys that I was interesting in trying first hand. Your sampler is perfect for this type of thing. You just cant beat 5 tial sized fragrances of your choosing for 30 bucks... with a coupon code refund, no less! I am already looking to make another sampler order soon! Finally, while browsing your selection of mens fragrances, I noticed that you have "Kouros for men by Yves Saint Laurent type". One of my old favorites that I'm always complimented on is the flanker fragrance "Body Kouros" by YSL (http://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Yves-Saint-Laurent/Body-Kouros-736.html). Is there any way to get that to be available? Thanks for your great customer service and your excellent quality product! I look forward to trying out many of the good you produce once I get back to the States! You'll probably even get another sampler order out of me while I'm still deployed for a few months, hahaha!

I love the fragrance shop!! I have been getting my oils there since collage. They only take a few day to come and I always get complements on how good I smell!!! Being allergic to perfume make theses oils work so well for me. I'll never go anywhere else!!!!!!
Brandi :)

I love everything about the Fragrance Shop - wonderful fragrances in many delicious forms, excellent and speedy shipping, and SUPERB customer service!! Everyone is helpful, friendly, and very efficient. AAAA++++ So glad I found you guys - you are doing everything right!

I was generously offered a sample of Rive Gauche type perfume oil. I put a drop on but could not detect the Rive Gauche I used in 1976 and again in 1999. I look forward to trying other samples, however. I think this company's commitment to outstanding customer service is to be applauded.
Miss J.

It was perfect, as always. Many thanks.
David V.

awesome place for fragrance. I asked for the samples I wanted to try and got them with my order, thats taking care of a customer right there. Great products.

Amazing customer service. It gives the website such a personal and friendly touch. The choice and quality of fragrances on this site is amazing, and I love finding new fragrances to smell. I hope this business lasts forever because I could not imagine being without my beloved fragrance oils!

I thought about buying my fragrance for months and Ifinally did. I am so glad I did it smells so good just like the origbnal without the huge price tag. Thank you Fragrance Shop
C. Jules

Your products are wonderful! I have been enjoying them for years! Much better than the department store perfumes that are made with chemicals. I give the Fragrance Shop a 10!
Susan G.

Everything was wonderful! Casaque never failed to elicit compliments when I was in my mid- late twenties and thirties. Now that I am nearing 60, I decided I wanted the scent back at the very least. Thank you for saving it for me!
Ellen C.

Wow Jenny - that was fast! Thank you so much; I never expected you to answer so quickly - you are amazing! I received my last order today and just love everything! I left one review and will be leaving more. Thanks for such AAA+++ service!!! Have a blessed day!
D. Burger

Hi – YES – I finally received the package on Friday! And Yes -I am so happy to have your oils – once again in my life!I currently live in Sweden – and was devastated when you closed your shop in Miami Beach! It was part of my ‘ritual’ to go there when we visited my Dad in Boca. So I suffered for years – trying to find similar oils or perfumes – but NO LUCK! I was luckily able to remember your name – and found you on line. What a relief! I put one on immediately –and I feel back at ‘home with myself’ and my smell! Everyone around me reacts… even the taxi drivers…And now my friends want me to buy some for them. Thanks so much. Warm regards,
Sari S.

I am absolutely ecstatic about my purchase...and so is my family. It smells so incredible. It brings me back to the time I grew a carnation garden. I will definitely be buying more...probably a customer for life. I wrote a review - which I've never done before but this time I felt I had to share my enthusiasm with everyone. I will be telling all my friends and colleagues about your company. I trust I will have a one stop shopping place for the Holidays...yeah!
Darci Z

great just got it yesterday...guys im tellin you ....u jst got an admirer ...i love ur products ..love it to bits...ive suggested your products to every damn friend of mine coz every1 is a bit of fragrance crazy u see....i love it....hopefully will order more as i travel some more duty free shops and test a few new fragrances .... :) happy customer specially with the hermes type for men! its classic! thanks keep the good work up......there is no one with service like you guys have :)

Very happy!! Thank you. Ready left positive feedback!! Have a wonderful day
Pearl P.

I just need to figure out which I love the best! Very nice
Chris C.

Hi Kay family, I just got the below mentioned shipment.thank you so much it is really what I wanted. I am really amazed @your customer satisfaction policy.you guys are awesome. Please keep my email in your database and if and when there is a new fragrance being introduced Or any promotion ,I would love to know about. Thanks again.
Sue M.

I absolutely love the fragrance you sent me and will be recommending others to your site. Thanks for the pampering.....it's a wonderful thing./div>
Laura J.

I liked one perfume " Love in White" other two were a little strong. I called your shop and they sent me other 2 samples perfumes i am familiar with. I am very happy with your service and i will write you a positive review on each of them. No worries, you deserve many good customers. Blessings and Thank you so much!
M. Davis

I left a review earlier. I might need to go back and amend it, because after living with the sample for little while longer, I think it’s closer to the actual scent than I gave it credit for.
Jeff S.

The Kay Family: This Morning, ( Christmas) I placed the Perfume on the table near my wife's plate. She was every bit as pleased with the order as she was the last time I ordered from your Company The order arrived two days BEFORE Christmas. You were kind
Earl B.

Thank you…Love my fragrances. I have buying from you guys for several years. Thanks for having an amazing product.
M. Vessles - Facebook Fan

Hi, I wanted to submit my review of the referenced order and The Fragrance Shop in general. Overall my experience has been nothing but superb. When I placed the order as a result of an email I received for a Black Friday (Buy 1 get 1) special, I immediately received confirmation of the order. Then, when the the item I ordered was on back order I received an phone call from an actual person to tell me my shipment was delayed (not an email). When the order arrived (still in time for Christmas) it was with a handwritten note, apologizing for the (very slight) delay, and including a complimentary 1/4 oz additional of the oil I had ordered. I have worn nothing but Earth from The Fragrance Shop for years and continue to get compliments almost daily. Keep up the great work!
Kris G

thank you so much for your follow up and the extra 'goodies' (it reminds me of my own background dealing with customers and customer service in the automotive collision repair industry)
S.K. - Facebook Fan

Several years ago while visiting N'Orleans, we stopped in The Fragrance Shop and was intrigued by the concept. With the help of a talented salesperson, we developed a fragrance that we named "Oil of Mardi Gras," which is the name of one of our miniature dachshunds. (BTW, this is a unique formula, not to be confused with the "Mardi Gras" sold by the store.) We returned yearly, but on the last visit a few years ago found that the store was closing the following week. Needless to say, we stocked up, but the salesperson offered to make sure the formula was stored on the computer, thus being available through the Charlotte store. Eventually, we ran out of the oil, so I called the Charlotte store and sure enough, the formula was there. I have since ordered by phone and ALWAYS receive top-of-the-line service. The fragrance is "on target" each time, and the shipping time is very fast. The sales people are more than gracious. I would love to visit the store one day and personally say thank you to the Kay family and the staff. Interestingly enough, a sample was enclosed in the package I just ordered a couple of weeks ago. It was "Oil of Oscar" and smells pretty good. The funny thing is that "Oscar" is the name of our other miniature dachshund! It seemed almost like the person packing the order knew exactly what sample to include! Coincidental, I'm sure, but it sure put a smile on my face and makes for a great story to share with friends. Thanks to all of you, and we wish ALL of you a very happy, blessed, and prosperous holiday season!
Dale B. - Facebook Fan

I am very pleased with the product in which i ordered on Dec. 6th. I received my order on Monday Dec. 9th. I never expected that my order would come so soon. I smelled my new scent which is Marc Jacobs "Honey" it was right on the money. I could not have requested anything else that right on the mark. I will continue doing all my shopping with your store. By the way, I was at a major department store today, and sprayed on a sample of "Honey" the set retailed for $95, I do not wish to spend my hard earned dollars at major retailers when purchasing fragrances that do not last for only a couple of hours. Basically, we are paying for the designers name, because the product does not hold up. thank you for shipping out my order in such a expedent manor.
Kim M.

Please know that I sent you an email several days ago thanking you for filling the order exactly as I had requested. It is always delightful doing business with your firm. Best wishes to the Kay family for a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2014.
Arnold S. - Facebook Fan

thank you so very much. I truly love this produce. People tell me I smell good & I'm advertising
L. V. - Facebook Fan

It's lovely. Lasts longer.
I Love Perfumes - Facebook Fan

I just finished talking to Jenny and I wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciate the friendly, personalized assistance I receive from The Fragrance Shop! Jenny has been wonderful to me, and whenever I talk with her I feel like I just had a chat with a dear friend. I found your website only a few weeks ago, and I am so glad I did! I just wish I had discovered your business years ago! I am auditioning fragrances for my wedding, and I have so enjoyed ordering the sampler bundles and trying the various fragrances! Everything I have received is of superb quality and all my future fragrance purchases will be from you! I am also telling all my friends and family about your wonderful business/website. In this age of computerized everything, I am so happy to have found a business that really cares about the customer, is responsive to my needs, and does so in such a warm and friendly manner. Thank you for a job well done!div>
Donna B. - Facebook Fan

Thank you so very much for sending the Egyptian Musk set; it is very greatly appreciated! In my initial order, I erroneously ordered Superior Egyptian Musk, but I thank you again for letting me keep that set and sending the Egyptian Musk set. And I have taken your suggestion to gift the Superior Egyptian Musk as I know someone who would truly appreciate this lovely scent. Best regards,
Paula C.

Thank You - My fragrances have arrived - 3 are gifts and I haven't opened the package yet. I LOVE how the fragrances are packaged. Different, caring and Special I will review these very soon

I love this product, Black Woman, it has become my signature fragrance. It has a very suttle, sentuous smell and, every time I wear it, people ask me what I'm wearing. It is absolutely fabulous!!
Evelyn R.

Thank you guys.. I got my order and im so happy.
Alissa M.

Love the Egyptian Musk. I mix it with my body lotion and the beautiful scent lasts all day! LOVE IT!
Michelle M.

Dear Lizzy, 1. My order just arrived today, very quickly since I placed it only a couple of days ago. As usual, faster service than expected. 2. The packaging was same as ever (I have not ordered in a while) -- hand-wrapping, cushioning, careful handling all around. As usual, fastidiousness to the max 3. The products -- my favorite Je Reviens in various forms -- smelled wonderful (better than ever?!), & I know if one or more is not just right along the way, you will make good. As usual, you stand behind your products & policies. (It happened once before & your repair of the problem was superior.) 4. You added one-eighth ounce of my Je oil. What a nice surprise, & generous! You have always included your personal touches, like this one, based on your knowledge of your client's contacts & preferences. In all, another delightful experience with The Fragrance Shop & one of its friendly people. I had to tell you. Thank you so much.
Noel C.

I have to tell you -- I've been sitting here all day just drinking in the fragrance of this oil -- because I've been searching for this particular scent of mimosa since 1981. I must have spent $500 trying different "mimosa oils" over the years, but never finding this scent -- not even close to the one I bought from a woman in Texas ages and ages ago. This is IT. Exactly. I'm beyond thrilled. As soon as I get the money together I'm going to send you the remaining few drops of a blend I have to see if you can replicate it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are my favorite people in the world
Judi H.

Thank you for the sample fragrances, much appreciated. I really like the Vanilla Musk a lot..I will be ordering the lotion in the next few days..Thank You for your amazing customer service quality.
Diane S

I loved it!!!!!
Stephen E.

Hi! I've been trying to do the online survey. Having trouble sending it back. When I read some of the comments I realized Kathrynn from ny miami is my sister. She was the one who introduced me to the store in 2011 I love the himalaya. Not crazy about the chinese flowers. Love the chamomile.Ill be ordering again in a few weeks. I love the thought of trying a body lotion. Thank you for being there. I love your store.

I have followed and been a loyal fan and customer since you were in Miami in the heart of South Beach.Your service is always great and your products are exceptional. I hope to continue to do business with you in the future. Thank you. Take care. I will be in touch in the near future.
T. Williams

the sample of Minotaure type for men by you was superior in every way to the commercially produced version and I loved that you included a complimentary fragrance sample which works so well when blended with the Minotaure type. Prompt excellent delivery and nice packaging, I will definitely shop from the Fragrance Store again.
Mark W from London

Yes. Thank You! Everything is perfect! I enjoyed the sample a lot and will try it on my next order

I loved my viva la juicy scent but haaaaaaated the very sexy type it was overly floral, not fresh like I smelt in the store, il probably never end up wearing it. But again I'm in love with the viva la juicy! Best scent ever
Eman H.

I will gladly give you a reference. The order arrived right on time as advertised, and our home now smells of gardenias. Your service was excellent and I would recommend the Fragrance Shop to everyone.
Arthur D.

Loved, loved, loved the fragrance!! Thank you very much.
Linda B..

Thank you! I'm very, very happy not only with your fragrance "True Gardenia" (I wrote a lenghty positive comment in regards to this fragrance) but with your customer service too.
Deborah B.

Absolutely! I am extremely satisfied with your products. Will be ordering the smaller sizes soon for traveling purposes. Thank you.
Joanne L.

Good morning! I received my exchange of fragrances this week and would like to thank you again for the excellent customer service and great oils. I will be writing reviews of the oils, per below instructions and shall always remain a loyal customer,
Marie M.

I just wanted to let you know I received my exchange (lost track of days) I think I received it on Tues, got to try it out yesterday, and it is amazing!! The Aftershave lotion in this fragrance is exceptional!!! I will be ordering that again when I run out, it is a PERFECT scent for an aftershave (I heard sandalwood in general works well, and this is a sandalwood based fragrance) I will likely be ordering body lotion/spray as well. Just having the bottle of oil at my desk makes my room smell amazing, anytime anyone enters the room, they wonder what smells so good (I have the same reaction myself, everytime I come in the room, I think What smells so good, then I remember) Thanks for the chance to return the products that I did not enjoy, and exchange them. I am so sorry that it didnt work out on the first order, I only found out about your website a tiny window of time earlier than your mothers day sale, or I would have made a more researched decision to try those oils first before ordering. Thanks for making it easy on me, and I hope it wasnt too much trouble. I will be ordering more in the near future, thanks again
Mo D.

Thank you, Jenny. I asked the man to whom I gave four samples of masculine fragrances to give me a report on them, and I also smelled a couple, Pour Monsieur and Guerlain's Vetiver. I just wrote the reviews for both scents. I thought them excellent. If I were a man Chanel's Pour Monsieur would be my signature fragrance. As it is,I am too fickle to limit myself to only one perfume, but I notice that these days I am wearing a lot of Rive Gauche, your type of course, since the original fragrance is now only to be found in your oils, and no longer with St. Laurent.All the best

Yes, I did received Tocade. I have already reviewed this fragrance from the sample I bought earlier,as you can see if you look at the reviews of this perfume. I have just reviewed Lou Lou. I have yet to review the Jo Malone oil,and those I gave to a gentleman friend. I love Tocade so much that I ordered the larger flask. Thank you for everything. I am becoming addicted to your oils.

To the Kay Family (& everyone else with you who works to create such joy in a bottle!) Thank you so, so much for once again for creating and delivering such an incredible oil to me! What a gift! They are always such a joy to behold - it was totally worth the wait! (which is always a painful experience as I know how great they're always going to be once they arrive!! That's what I get for living on the other side of the planet!) I would love to write a review for you once I get a free sec & I can compose something that will do your oils justice...I will inevitably run out of superlatives very quickly though!! I don't get to splurge out on myself very often, but when I do it's usually to treat myself to one of your magic oils, so I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart (especially when you have such great sales that allow me to indulge for a little bit!) With love, thanks and a warm hug to you all for following your passions and allowing me to feel more sublime about myself every day!
Monica M

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You...I could go on forever you know, but instead I'll simple say what we say back home in Ireland...Thanks a million! With much love, as always, for creating such divine & beautiful gifts for us all to experience, xx. P.S The beautiful sample of Happy that you sent is waaaaay to good for words - I can't express how yummy it makes me feel! It will definitelybe my next Moni-treat! :0)
Monica from Ireland

Loved everything. Have already spread the good word and My sister in law has placed her first order. I smell Christmas gifts. All the best
Tawny D.

Dear Jenny, I wished to thank you so much in person because I had just a few days ago ordered a birthday gift from the Fragrance Shop for my friend and he just received it today. He called me immediately and told me how beautifully you had wrapped it, and how you had put in the little gift card I had requested in an envelope--thank you so much for this wonderful personal and elegant touch. He is so impressed with the Champagne type, and plans on writing a review. He also thought the Arabian Rose I ordered a sample of was wonderful. He says the Champagne is just like a bottle he has of the original that he keeps in the refrigerator as a collector's piece that was from the time prior to it becoming changed to Yvresse. I appreciate your helping me provide a special gift for a dear friend. I continue to enjoy my own purchases of your fragrances and look forward to trying more in the future. I have been telling various friends about your store and letting them sample the fragrances that I have. I have written a review for Mitsouko type and plan on writing one for the L'Heure Bleue version that I bought from you! Warmest Regards,
Karen P.

I can't speak highly enough of you guys - I don't bother with perfumes anymore. Why get something that the person next to me is wearing, when I can get something special????
Gretchen M. - Facebook Fan

i was able to use my $30 coupon from the samples (which i had forgotten i would be getting) AND the valentine's day sale to buy a FULL ounce of a designer for LESS than half price! thank you so much for your online chat function. it enabled me to find my very favorite perfume in the world. (#0393) it smells amazing! so much better than the "real" thing, with NONE of the alcohol burn, headache or sensitivity. not to mention that they don't even make the french version anymore! i am so pleased with the service, the oils and the shop! thank you so much! my son also loves the candy that comes with each order. thank you!
NS - Facebook Fan

Great product line! Great sale prices!
Facebook Fan Lisa F.

Loved your POISON Type for Women and COCO Type for Women. Fast delivery and excellent service. Thank you so much!
Roopa R. - Facebook Fan

I haven't deviated from the Tunisian opium I picked up several years ago but just rec. my order with a few new oils to try and I'm in love again... Angelic is amazing and many thanks as always for the tremendous service.
Melissa M - Facebook Fan

hopin you could come up with a scratch and sniff for the computer
Facebook Fan - Robert M.

Wow! I'm very, very, VERY impressed! Got my order in the mail today (within a week from ordering!!!) and I'm SO pleased with it! Thankyou very much for the amazingly quick response and "halfway around the world" shipping. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas (you've already made mine!)
Anne D. - Facebook Fan

Absolutely LOVE Gucci Rush for women! It's amazing how long the fragrance lasts as you wear it! Love it when I throw on my cardigan and it smells like I just put on the oil! Now if only y'all had Aveda's Desert Dune Primrose lol
Facebook Fan Darcy B.

I have been wearing the Fragrance Shop Oils for a few years and just love them. Does not take much and last forever. Ordering for Christmas gifts is wonderful and easy.
Julie B. - Facebook Fan
--> Karen F - Facebook Fan
Dear Fragrance Shop, thank you for fulfilling my special request for the Gardenia sample. It's beautiful but I was blown away by the Rose Petals! My new fav!! Thank you!
Anna A. - Facebook Fan

I can't get your website to let me post a comment (I'm beginning to think it doesn't like Macs or Chrome or Firefox or _something_), so I'll do it here: The Fragrance Shop has got to be my favorite place to shop, period, online, brick and mortar, anywhere: from the products to the shipping (so fast!) to the packaging to the customer service, everything is of the highest caliber. I'm a customer for life!
Karen F - Facebook Fan

OMG! My order arrived today and I couldn't be more thrilled! I ordered "Tribe" by Coty and it took me back to 1991 when Tribe was first released. It has been discontinued for years. I cannot express how satisfied I am with this product! I feel like a young sexy gal again! It smells exactly as I remember it! Your pricing is reasonable and it arrived in a few short days. My husband is also very pleased with the Tribe ;) Today, we have ordered one of his favorite colognes that had also been discontinued. Looking forward to receiving it in a few days. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Christy S. - Facebook Fan

I absolutely LOVE your products! I recently bought a bar of goat's milk soap that was Frankincense and Patchouli. I just did a search of your site but couldn't find a similar combination. Do you have a product with these two scents in it??? Or any recommendations?
Jennifer L. - Facebook Fan

Love your products. You guys are amazing!
Michelle M. - Facebook Fan

I love this oil. Smells great:)
Bridgette G.

Hello, I love the fragrance. It smells better than the original. I have tried to leave feedback or a review, but I am not very good on the computer. Thanks so much for the great service and the wonderful fragrance. I love it. Thank you!
Nicole M.

"I have been using your services for the last 6 years. I happened to be in South Beach for a meeting and luckly walk into the shop and ask for "Secret of Venus"! To my surprise and my wifes delight The Fragrance Shop had the oil! Since then I use you for my personal Shaving Balm "Burbury Touch and Brit". Thank you for the Insect sray and I will let you know how it worked!
Phillip S. Facebook Fan

I love my Adrienne fragrance. It is my signature scent that I have used for years and still get many compliments on. Thank you.
Renee O

I just spoke with Jenny for the second time and I have to say that I am floored by the level of Customer Service you guys have. Unmatched is the only way to describe it. I wanted to provide a review on the site, I can't quite get it to post, so I pasted it below. Thank you guys and you have me as a customer for LIFE! "I have used other companies for simlar products, but the quality and service of The Fragrance Shop is unmatched. I'm a veteran and have appreciated all kinds of hospitality, but their service is above the rest"
Greg C.

love my new musk.. as always you folks are so pleasant to deal with thanks!
Morgan R

joy is delicious!! just like the real thing!! fragrance shop you are the best!! will write more reviews soon - all good! i discovered you online just a month or so ago!wow!!!! your service is out of this world good!!
Hamida Z

Thank you ! I received it all, well packed, love the brown boxes !!!!! And adore the smell! Will do business with your company again !
Julie M.

Your Anne Klein ll fragrance is awesome. It's a discontinued perfume but my favorite. I can't believe you can recreate this fragrance. I can't tell the difference! You're amazing!
Lori B.

I finally received my order! Thank you so much! I had some trouble with the shipping (I think my mailman may have delivered the 1st shipment to the wrong apt or something) but I received the package and appreciate the small extra that came with it! Your customer service is stellar- something so simple and so appreciated, but is so hard to find these days! Thank you so much again! I will continue to shop with your company and have already recommended you to all my friends! Thank you and Best Regards
Annicka M

I have been a very faithful customer of yours for many years. Most of these years I purchased my Patchouli Wood Oil perfume from your Lincoln Road store in Miami Beach. I need to tell you that I still miss going to the store with thousands of bottles on the shelves.....Same product, older customer, different world......same taste for goodness

I will say it again... Not only do you sell the best products, you also value your customers. That is why I keep coming back. Thank you so very much!
Marie Helene

always happy with you. Loved you when you were in miami and love you still in N.C.
Monica R.

This isn't a question - I'm just trying to leave a review on my recent purchase of pikaki oil. You can use this: "I love this product. For years I have been trying to find this scent that smelled pure and not to perfumey and this oil is it. Not only do I love the product, but I ordered this on Friday night and had my package delivered by Monday afternoon. Superb products and superb customer service. Even though this is my first time shopping on your site, I will now consider myself a regular customer. Thank you!
Heather D.

Hi I tried to write a review, but my I pad is being uncooperative, I received my order and love it. The very vanilla is gorgeous and the designer pack is spot on, thank you. Ps, I wore a commercial fragrance yesterday that I have previously loved and as soon as I sprayed it I knew it was a mistake, I didn't like it at all, it's like you've retrained my sense of smell. Thanks :-)
Helen P

I received my first order before Christmas and ordered samples and a body spray - just to see if Chaos was going to be just that - OMG!!!! I am so thrilled with it that I ordered a large bottle and a bottle of Chaos. You are just THE best!!!!Everything is packaged so beautifully and came so quickly. You have a new and loyal customer and I am spreading the word to friends!!! Thank you!!!!

Hi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such amazing customer service! My order came damaged but you have gone above and beyond to replace that order & then some. Not only have you made me a fantastically happy customer with my long favorite perfume scent, but your customer service will be keeping me coming back for many more orders. Thank you again! You all are the best!
J. Kwon

Tried to write a review last order and it was not working properly. You are terrific. Fast and reliable service and an amazing product! Love the gardenia you sent as a sample!
Betsey R

Yes, love the fragrance, however, I didn't intend on buying 2 samples of the same fragrance. I wanted to try "Rain" and "NOLA Rain". My order for a sample of "Rain" apparently didn't get transmitted properly. I placed another order today for a sample of the "Rain". My next sample order will be for "Dewdrops", then "Waterlily." Great customer service & follow up, btw.

I got the rest of my order today, thank you so much. I just have to double-check to make sure that I wasn’t double charged, otherwise I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for upgrading my Dark Blue item, that really wasn’t necessary as we all make mistakes, but I am very grateful for the gesture. However, as far as I’m concerned, you’re the only ones that do what you do and I attempt to promote you wherever possible, while explaining the non-alcohol based oil difference. I’m sure that I do not do as good of a job as you, but I appreciate you and all that you do and now again for fixing the mistake with my order. I remain grateful for the whole experience and I will continue to order from you, wherever possible. With that in mind, this request may sound a bit odd or otherwise not for real, but I am sincere. Do you have a scent that is like either a pine flower or a hoppy wonderfulness? If you consider a delicious Stone* beer (just about any one, except maybe the Smoked Porter) you will get that delicious hop aroma that I would like just about all the time. Is there a Pine Flower or Hop aroma therapy scent that you could suggest, maybe one that is reminiscent of a delicious Stone brew?
Matthew D. Repeatedly Satisfied Customer

A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of your 2 for the price of one sale and I ordered (A498649) more musk fragrances - Oil of White Amber, which was a sample you sent in my previous order, and Oil of Tunisian Amber. I'm enjoying them both, but the Oil of White Amber is very very light or subtle. I'm really enjoying the sample you sent me - Oil of Tunisian Myrrh, which is stronger and spicy. So thank you for that! And I'll be ordering more of that next time. Keep doing what you're doing! I will be ordering more of your products!

I Have not been able to use them all yet but of course one of my favorites is Jicky. Very few men recognize it in this country as one of the finest scents . Your replication as an oil is near perfect Always get comments from especially women as they try to ascertain the scent. One of my all time favorites is Romeo Gigli which is so hard to find as a Cologne. Thank you for the near perfect replication
DI Spaltro MD

By the way, just for kicks, I thought I would try spraying some of the fragranced dry oil in my hands and running it through my hair. I have dark hair and it does wonders for the shine! It's both light yet it feels conditioned and moisturized up until the point when I'm ready to wash it out. Many compliments on both the fragrance and my new hair product. Thanks!
Andrew N.

I , personally love your fragrances . My lady wears them well! She smells incredible and she knows it drives me crazy .
Larry C.

Thank you so much for my recent order. It really, really made me feel better. I had been experiencing some minor health challenges and the day that I opened the package from the Fragrance Shop I almost cried. The packaging was so beautiful and professionally done. Thank you so much for the "extra care"-- it really means a lot.

Received the fragrances and they are FABULOUS! Much stronger than regular fragrance - longer lasting and less needed. I'm glad they are as as good as i thought they would be! Thank You!
Laura M

Thank you, thank you so much for going through all of the trouble to find a musk similar to R H Mystic Musk oil. You are truly one of the rare companies that genuinely care about their customers!

I am very pleased with the fragrances you sent me. I only have 1 question… "Where have you been all my life?"

I just received my very first, nervous order today and must say that I'm pretty floored by how quickly the order shipped, at the knowledgeable, professional help I received leading up to placing the order, and frankly, I can't stop smelling myself. I didn't expect such an emotional response to the fragrances, which have long been discontinued. They're so much like what I remember and to think, they're even better quality than the original, I totally get it now. Thank you!
Andrew N.

It was awesome and I am telling anyone I know. You also may want to expand to Ebay as there are a lot of people looking for this!
Darrell & Eliza

I was thrilled to be able to locate the (3) fragrances I ordered on your website!! they arrived quickly and i am very pleased with the products. the only negative comment i will make is that the cap on one of the bottles was not clicked in placed and some of the product leaked...no biggy, but thought i'd mention it. Many Thanks!

I am absolutely thrilled I found you! I absolutely love all the body products and fragrances I have ordered. Your wonderful fragrances and customer care is beyond amazing. I really appreciate all the time and extra personal care. Not to mention the generous free samples to help me decide! And you are always commited to make sure all transactions are perfect. For example sending pumps for my dry body oil as requested. Truly a unique business with integrity and heart that stands out in today's world.
Beth Ann F

I've already left reviews for this scent and you guys on the site, so i figured i send one straight to you this time. thanks to your fabulous 30% off sale and 5bucksoff coupon, i was able to get the 1/2 ounce size of the ONLY thing that helps my migraines. the patchouli has been used for centuries as a headache reliever, unknown to me. imagine my surprise when i read that my home remedy was a "known" one. i had been using it because when i get migraines, everything is so "stinky" that i have to cover it with the patchouli. it was the only thing i wore at the time, not the only thing stronger than stink (no matter what my mother says). after reading the homeopathic use for it, i recommended it to my sister and my dad, both of whom also suffer from migraines. i also wanted to thank you for the samples that you always send with each of my orders. they don't always work for my body chemistry, but when they do, it's always a GREAT success. the oil of oud that i got today will be my next purchase! thank you again for your great business, and the candy! this time, i got to it before my son saw it! ;-)
N. Staib

I can't thank you enough for your service. You guys are freakin phenomenal! You can count on me writing another awesome review for you guys,you in particular. I tell all my friends about you guys, and you can be certain I will continue to buy from you guys once I'm back in the states. Shouldn't be any more shipping problems then either, haha. I am SO happy my friend Leon told me about you guys, you really kick ass. Thanks again!
Jake P

Dear Fragrance Shop, I loved the Gucci Guilty sample. I don't think it was the one I was trying to figure out. However, today I had a wonderful surprise in my mailbox. I had ordered several other "Try before you buy" samples. In one of the sets was SunShower. I believe this is the one for which I was looking! Same color and fragrance. (I think. I was so thrilled to receive my 1/4 ounce of "So Pretty" that I may have over applied and can really just smell it!) Your service is fantastic! Keep up the great work. I will definatly order from you again. Thank you, Kay Family!
Bridget D

Yes. Really love travel bundles giving you a chance to try a fragrance in layers.
The Renowned Morristown Princess

Thank you so much for the unexpected oil. Love it!
Julie B.

I am a long time customer and loyal admirer of The Fragrance Shop. I now own my own fragrance Apothecary and would love to add your products to our offerings alongside are other very highly selected candles and such. We are a boutiqe brick and mortar location. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for your excellent product line.
Jeanna R

I love your oils! The Egyptian Musk and Rose Petals are amazing. I'm slightly allergic to the oils, but I mix them with my body lotion and it doesn't irritate my skin. Your oils smell amazing. Thanks for the wonderful products you sell. I'm a customer for life! XO
Michelle M

OMG! I must say that I'm REALLY IMPRESSED with customer service provided!!! :) I've NEVER experienced THAT kind of service! :))))
Beata J.

I ordered 2 aftershave balms, and they didn't smell exactly like I expected. I hesitantly contacted them about it, not really wanting to return anything, and they sent me 4 free sample vials (I only expected 2 of the tiny ones) with a reminder that I can exchange my balms anytime. I think this is proof enough The Fragrance Shop goes the extra mile to make customers happy. And if I want a special mix, I'm sure they will do it. I won't hesitate to order more from them in the future.

I loved the sample 5 pack! Each one of the fragrance oils has its own delicious smell. The hardest thing for me is to decide which one will be my favorite. I will never use regular perfume again; thanks to your great company and great scents.
Pam S.

your company is awesome. My orders arrive quickly and I just love the little sample with each order. It gives the customer a chance to try something new.
Linda P

Thanks for the fast shipment and great service!.

I cannot give enough praise to this company. From customer service, to product quality. The Fragrance Shop is the pinnacle of any fragrance boutique both online and physical store. Even their D&G Light Blue oil that doesn't compare to any local oil and fragrance stores I have frequented. Once I had received an error in my package, I called and left a message. The very next day I was contacted by the company and received my corrected order expeditiously within a few short days with a candy! This is your only and last stop for any fragrance needs. Trust me it is mine
Mekibeb S

Very much...Thank you....

i have been hooked, ever since I went to new orleans, when I saw your company in 1995..
Daren C

I just received my new order + spellbound sample. Luv luv luv them all - Sweet Kisses, Black woman and Spell Bound. I didn't try Amazing Grace yet. But a few of my co-workers love the scent and if it doesn't work for me I will pay it forward. Thanks for your patience with me while I was seeking a change from my standard Red Door. Your customer service is SUPERIOR. Thank You So Much.

I would highly recommend this company as well as the scent "Oh Lola"
Vivian V.

Their customer service is certainly 5 Stars. That kind of piece of mind, money can't buy. Thank you so much! Will be shopping here again!
Lea F.

The Black Coconut dry oil spray is fantastic. I am always getting compliments on how good I smell. The smell makes me happy when I put it on. Also the customer service is wonderful!!

This is by the best websites to order oils. I order four oils and i am in love with the oils. If you need something outstanding, by this oils because there is no point for paying $100's of dollars for the NICHE cologne. With having 100% of pure perfume oils it last all day and you just need one or two drops. Outstanding service and got my package in just 3 days.
Tushar P

No problem with my order. It got here Monday and as always is just what I ordered. The 20% off didn't bother me at all either. Ya'll keep on doing what you're doing. I can't imagine not being able to order the Lagerfeld after shave balm. I've been using it for years since the first bottle I got at the River Walk in New Orleans
John F

I have never smelt a beautiful scent as i have in kim kardashian oil..The ciara is to die for smells exactlly as i thought it would..I also recieved a free sample which i wasnt exspecting at all..I live in Australia & i would like to than you very much I am definately going to be shopping here from now on
Donna G

I adore Voodoo Love! A day does not pass without someone telling me how great I smell - LOL! I even have men in stores, etc tell me know sexy my fragrance is, which something that does not please my hsband, but I love!

Ultra fast service! Very nicely packed!
Chris W

These were all wonderful fragrances, including the extra sample. I just ordered a variety of products of two of them using the $30 off coupon and eagerly await their arrival. These are the first dupes I have found that are as good as and sometimes BETTER than the originals.
Barbara F

FANTASTIC customer service.. still using my 5 fragrance sample pack, to see what's the best for everyday & for evenings with my lady. Really enjoying the process. Great online experience, fast shipping, and high quality product! Can't ask for more!

I cannot say enough good things about The Fragrance Shop! They were friendly & helpful when I called & when I later placed my order online it was shipped the same day!
Christine C

Have been using Le Male for many years and have always been extremely pleased with The Fragrance Shop's concern for customer satisfaction as well as with the timeliness of their shipments. I often receive compliments from strangers about the fragrance. Have dealt with Jenny when placing orders and highly recommend this purveyor of fine fragrances
Arnold S

I can not believe how quickly I received my order. Really like the try before buy. It sure beats paying for a full bottle of perfume and then not liking it. I will be ordering from you in the future, once I decide which fragrance I like the best

I have searched for Byzance for years. Yours is very close. The products are long-lasting and shipping is fast. I will definitely recommend this company and continue to use it. I am very happy with the quality and service.
Kathy O

This company provided great customer service. The oils are not for me-just a personal preference, but the company was prompt,kept me updated on the delivery and provided great followup. The fragrances do last.

You guys are one first class outfit. Its always a pleasure and other retailers should take after you!
J. Meroski

I was very happy with my experience with this company. My order arrived very quickly, was exactly what I expected, and the customer service was impeccable. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer and will be recommending my friends here. A++
K. Jemison

Thanks ever so much for the body milk you sent me,and thanks for the sweet and the sample oil !! I send you hello`s from Spain.Thanks !!!!

Delightful product and quick delivery. Thanks!
Claudia Robbins

Love the black coconut fragrance...great buying an shipping experience. Highly recommended...thank you
Tracy M

The service was speedy and the wrapping was excellent. Although I did not care for the particular fragrance sample I ordered, a I know I will order in the future.
Renita D

I LOVE this scent => "Oriental Musk!" I discovered it years ago at another company, but, when it went out of business, I could not find it anywhere, except (finally!) at The Fragrance Shop (which also sent me free samples to do so). Recently, I had a bit of a snag with one of my orders and The Fragrance Shop fixed it, voluntarily, right away. GREAT customer service in a time when that is almost non-existent anymore!

I received my free sample of "oil of Narcisse type dry body oil" Tuesday. I used after my shower this morning. I liked it, but still need a dry dusting powder to use other than after showers. I liked this product. Will use it again after next shower. Thank you
Ellen C

I LOVE MY DRY BODY OIL!! I put in on lightly in the morning and I get compliments all day about how wonderful I smell!! I am a NEW FAN!!
Beverly W

Just received the Sung type dry oil spray and it is just like the Sung dry oil spray I used and loved over 20 years ago! Thank you so much for creating this, and your customer service is simply the best!
Paula C.

i purchased the "try before you buy" pack and all the scents are spot on!!! i got my scents right away including my freebie. thank you TFS, i no longer buy commercial fragrances. And another thanks for the freebie,,,you guys are very generous! i will always be a repeat customer
Luz S

absolutly love 24k egyptian musk

The dry oil sprays smell wonderfull!! I will definitely come back to order more! Customer service was an A+
Ashley P

So many great scents to choose from! The orders are fast and filled correctly. If there is an issue with your order you can trust someone to get in touch with you and fix the situation. Great customer service!

I have been a regular customer with The Fragrance shop for many years. Red Door and Falling in Love continue to be my favorite scents. This family owned business gives great customer service.
Orvetta W

Would just like to say that I am extremely happy with The Fragrance Shop. I purchased the body lotion and am extremely happy with how easy it is to apply and how long the fragrance lasts. I put it on last night and can smell the fragrance this morning. Absolutely love these oils.
Heather D

I've been using the Fragrance Shop for quite sometime I order my Light Blue oil by Dolce & Garbela it smells so fresh & clean I get compliments all the time. I've also order Le Secret Ange Ou Demon, just order recently Wall Street, i received the last two as samples. Everthing the Kay family has mention about there products is all true, I would never go back to store perfumes.

I have been using the Fragrance Shop for about 12 years. It arrived on time and with the quality I have always received from them. Sheer quality
Anne Z

I just left the shop with my new fragrance. The owner was SO helpful and friendly and very willing to continue to refine my fragrance until I was satisfied. There was some extra fragrance left over so she included it with my purchase. I think their customer service is over the top! I love my new scent and have already gotten compliments. I am addicted and will return to make another "signature" fragrance
Pen G.

I order "Wish" and everyone loves the scent.
Vivian V

Love everything about your company. Love the Michael Kors it is the best smell and last all day. Will recommend my friends, live in Australia. You are so professional in every way.
Deborah B.

I got my 5-pack samples, several days ago and gave them a good try. I was feeling a bit skeptical since TFS was the 3rd fragrance site I'd visited. First of all, "Wow!" My former "signature scent," Shalimar was no longer wearing well or long enough for me. TFS oil version is so perfect. It takes me back to when I really fell in love with Shalimar. Now I have received my regular-size order & cannot express how happy I am. I am going to be a return customer for sure. When I reviewed all 3 sites visited, TFS came out SO on top! (I was, at one point, going to spend $400+ for some Shalimar "essence" from Guerlain. One day, I might get it as a gift from a friend, but I don't have to worry about it now, thanks to TFS.) I can't recommend this site highly enough. Bravo, TFS, bra-vo!

The scent smells like the perfume which is very good. I love Lauren. It is too bad that Ralph Lauren is concentrating more on their other fragrances.

Love your fragrances.Every one is natural (no full of chemicals) hate the alcohol smell.
Salvador T

The staff is amazingly helpful. I cannot say enough good things about them. I have probably ordered over 50 different sample oils & loved them all. I recently found my signature "summer scent" by combining to oils with the advise of the staff. In the process of all my orders I also found my fall fragrance as well. I absolutely love the oils. I had to change from perfumes to oils b/c I was pregnant & I could only smell the alcohol in the perfume. I have been hooked since & will never wear store bought perfume again!!
Brenda V.

I am so so so impressed by The Fragrance Shop! Excellent customer service, great products, fast shipping. So glad I found this store. I will be back for much more!

the oil is great.smells just like a freshly opened orange!

The order arrived very promptly and contained what I ordered, in good condition. The fragrances are wonderful and I plan on ordering more. It was a good experience.
Lynn C

My order was received in no time-all the way to Australia. I love the samples and will be ordering more.Cannot comment on the 2 fragrances I ordered as they are birthday gifts for next month.
Michelle F

I absolutely love the Egyptian musks offered by the fragrance shop. I have been.buying from this company for at least a decade and love everything about and from them :)

I have just placed my 3rd order with The Fragrance Shop. I have had a great experience with the company and their product. The orders have always arrived quickly, accurately, and the oils smell wonderful. I get several compliments when I wear them. I highly recommend The Fragrance Shop!

I am very satisfied with my purchase of Amazing Grace Type Perfume Oil. The smell is heavenly. As usual the service is fantastic. Your customer service representative kindly helped me place the order. That's a plus. Thank you for the wonderful service. I will order often from you.

Jenny and Aimee - you are the best!! I cannot buy "my" fragrance anywhere but that is ok...your "type" is so much better than the original. There was a small error on my last order but no big deal you MORE than made up for the error. Thank you so much! Ladies have a great day - you just made mine....thanks again!!!

I have had the pleasure of having a very rare out-of-stock scent replicated by Ms. Jenny Mann of the Fragrance Shop. This particular scent - which I had very little left of - was bought from the perfumer directly and the original mix-receipe was lost by accident, so there was no way I could ever get the same scent again. Not only did Ms. Jenny Mann manage to get the replicated scent to smell spot-on, but actually *better* than the original (!), it was also longer lasting and had an excellent drydown (that the original scent didn´t have). All in all, the Fragrance Shop was a pleasure to do business with and I highly recommend them!
Dennis from Stockholm Sweden

Love the line of Egyptian Musk. The Blue Egyptian Musk is my favorite. I also love China Musk. The oils make you smell like you just got out of the shower, very fresh, very lite. I get many compliments on them when I wear them. I love smelling myself. They last very long throughout the day. My order always come within 3 days of ordering my oils. I will continue to order from the Fragrance Shop!
Debbie O

Yum. I love my cedar and lime fragrance!

I love The Fragrance Shop. My favorite scents are Jasmine, Tuberose Tango and Zen Garden. I always receive compliments from many people especially when I wear Tuberose Tango and Jasmine.
Jean P

I ordered four fragrances and I loved them all. I will be ordering the Honeysuckle,French Lavender, Nightqueen and Water Lily again!
Sheryl L.

I had two separate experiences with customer service. The first was by email; the response time was fast and pleasant. She responded favorably for a corrected discount I was to received. I then called to see how long that correction would take as a new customer. The second individual went out of her way to extend an even better promotion, gave the time frame and yes, this time it appeared. Fantastic service & attitude. What a winning combination!
Karen W.

I adore the Fragrance Shop. I have purchased quite a few items and I just had two perfumes replicated. The orders arrive very quickly and everything is carefully packaged. What more could you ask?
Michelle G

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mary A.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart not only for creating heavenly fragrances but also for your kindness and professionalism, the Fragrance Shop team is the best I ever have to deal with, record fast shipping as well. Thank you!
Marie Helene B

Great fragrance oils! Best customer service ever! That says it all!
Mary Beth

The sample I purchased was kiss of the dragon. The perfume I have been trying to find is fendi, the old fendi. Though I do like the fragrance of the "dragon.". It reminds me of white shoulders by este lauder

I decided I wanted to try a new fragrance for the summer and came upon The Fragrance Shop's website. I ordered samples of different scents and couldn't be happier with my selections and cannot wait to order more! p I highly recommend this company and wish them continued success for many years to come!
Martha B.

Brilliant service! Hope that one day you can open a branch in the UK as I think lots of people would appreciate it!
Louise B from London

When a bottle of perfume arrived shattered, The Fragrance Shop was quick to ship a brand new one. Excellent customer service, thank you!

Love this company. First visited down in New Orleans along the river walk, now I order everything online and tell others about it.
Trudy from Michigan

I'm a raving fan! Great products and service. After discovering The Fragrance Shop I've stopped buying perfumes for my wife, other ladies in my life and cologne for myself anywhere else. Great value. Perfume oils last much longer than products bought at department stores and other retail locations. I recommend The Fragrance Shop to friends and associates. And the occasional specials make for even great vale. And free shipping to for purchases over $100 makes for even a greater value. I recommend The Fragrance Shop's custom blend. I've had many compliments on mine.
Bill W.

I recently purchased the Sample 5 pack (try before you buy) and I am so satisfied. The scents are so true! I am just amazed! I will be a repeat customer of The Fragrance Shop. Two word description----High Quality" Thank you
Irene L

Shipment arrived quickly as always... My purchase is always Egyptian Musk, it has been my main scent for many years. I found this bottle to be very light on fragrance feeling like I need to use much more then normal. Disappointed but this is the first time I have experienced this problem. hopefully when I reorder this will not be an issue!!!!
Robin L

I'm now on my 3rd or 4th order from The Fragrance Shop. I always buy Patchouli (and theirs is the truest scent I've ever used). Other favorites: Himalaya, Patchouli Musk, Woody Sandalwood & Pink Sugar. I love the sample that always comes with my order. Everything is packed with care & shipped quickly. I've never had a single damaged item. It's so great to do business with a wonderful company like The Fragrance Shop. Thanks to the Kay Family for treating your customers with such care!
D. Keeling

Love your products. You guys are amazing!
Michelle M.

Made up my own combination several years ago in New Orleans and have been reordering ever since. And for all my singing friends, these essential oils will not cause any vocal issues.
Jo Ann M.

There is no comparison regarding the significance of the products that I receive. The mere fact that the fragrances endure throughout the day (in New Orleans) is an achievement in itself to which the quality speaks volumes. The customer service is efficient and prompt & I've not purchased a fragrance that I did not love. There are very talented people who create at The Fragrance Shop. If I am ever in their geographical area, I will definitely go by and ‘play’ a bit.
Donna K.

Thanks for my lovely perfume! It's beautiful and was shipped so fast to New Zealand! :)
Hope Mark

quality fragrances with long lasting scent power. Far better value than designer colognes that are so overpriced. The best is their oil fashioned people oriented service!
Veronica T

The best oils
Marsha B

I love this place! Thank you so much for making Tribe. My long search is over and it's better than I remember! Already placed another order!
Erin C.

I ordered the sample pack and love every one of them-great product without the toxins!
Susanne K

I bought Tuberose Tango today and LOVE IT!
Carolann S

best fragrances ever! White Tea and Blue Sugar-the best!
Trudy G

I really like your online store and your products. My only iss ue is 2 of 3 scents that I wear are no where, One is not manufatured anymore and the other is a newer one. Just curious if there is a way to possible get the 2 I am looking for...
Mean Janene

Patti H.

I have to laugh at the "what's in your perfume bottle" photo. I don't think I've bought "perfume" in a couple of years, thanks to you al!! :) I especially love your help with blending scents! Thanks ladies, I recommend you to all my friends!
Gretchen Miller

Love this store!
Michelle C

Thank you so much! You are the best essential oils store. Your oils are so much better and last so much longer than anything else with alcohol! I just wish you were closer to me here in Oklahoma!
Mary M

I have been sampling new fragrances, and so far, I still love my Tuberose Tango the best...
Jean Powers

loving my Black Orchid type dry body oil. I am so thrilled to have found your site!
Erika G

The Fragrance Shop is great!
Matthew P.

I get so many compliments on my scent (Prada) and ALWAYS recommend The Fragrance Shop!
Sandi P.G.

I love the oil from The Fragrance Shop!! It is so refreshing...
Crystal B

Love it!
Shelley H

Was at the Birkdale Store, Huntersville, NC in March. So impressed with Aimee, the customer service, that I have not forgotten. I'm mailing today, thanks for the memorable experience.
Nansie S

I had a custom fragrance made in New Orleans in 2005! I LOVE IT!!! I ran out, so I will be re-ordering ASAP!
Melanie Reyne

These fragrances are amazing! ?
Rebecca Caroline

Love you, The Fragrance Shop!!!
Arlene F

Great group of people and services!
Mike N.

I loved the New Orleans boutique. I am so sad it closed. At least I can still order my favorite scents online from you!
Melanie P

Pure fragrance - long lasting - great price.
Jeanette C

I love The Fragrance Shop! Shopping for fragrances for my Man now!!!
Cheryl T

More Patchouli 4 me :-)
Michaela Schilling

I love The Fragrance Shop, I just put on my oil of POLO BLACK type! Thanks ladies!
Greg S

Your customer service and attention to your customers concern is the BEST!!!
Amy M

I like the Fragrance Shop ? (My best online discovery ever!)
Janjarang K

great shop
Da Luck

I like The Fragrance Shop.....really love love love...
Vonda Lee

I am sooooooooooooo happy we spoke to Jenny today!! I will be making an order soon!
Jean Paul

I have been lost since you guys left Lincoln Rd in South Beach. I have like 4 or 5 frangrances tah I created with you over the years, can I order?
Jean Paul

Wow! Super quick shipping and yummy fragrances. Thanks so much for the great service and products!
Patty P

Wow! I got Pink Sugar, Blue Nile, Black Woman and Rain in the mail yesterday, I tried them all before I went to bed and all I can say is some fine man missed out last night. I smelled divine!

Amazing, long-lasting fragrance. Excellent customer service!
Kelly R

I love being able to buy smaller sizes to try something as well as using them for travel. It works very well in the required zip lock bag. Traveling can be difficult and having these smaller sizes makes the process easier.
Anne B, The Renowned Morristown Princess

Because of your willingness to provide excellent customer service and an outstanding product, I will continue to patronize your establishment and share my great experience with others. Thank You.

I cannot believe how well you have re created Mitsouko and L'heure Bleu. I'm stunned. Thank you so much for your magnificent customer service. I'm truly shocked and appreciative of the way you value your customers. The candy attached was such a lovely thought. I shall sing your praises from the roof tops and beyond! So glad I found you,

loved the ambergris.......thank you soo much
Amneris K

I'm really impressed by the veracity and longevity of your perfumes! I intend now to shop with you whenever I would like fragrance.
Emma K

The Fragrance Shop has wonderful customer service with extremely prompt delivery. Their products are excellent! It's a real pleasure shopping here.
Tom P.

Thank you for the EXCELLENT service…I’ll definitely order LOTS more fragrance once I get the ones I ordered
Megan M

I am a first-time customer and was extremely pleased with the careful packaging of my order along with the timely delivery. The oils last a long time on my skin. I will definitely be ordering more from this company!

I am so pleased with The Fragrance Shop. Not only are all of the scents I've tried wonderful and of the best quality, the attention to detail is like no other company. The shipping is extremely fast. The package includes a personalized note along with a free sample fragrance and a lifesaver candy. What more could I ask for!

I've recieved my designer 4 pack, and my specialty 4 pack, and I'm just thrilled with the quality of these perfume oils. They are all lovely, and the deigners are so much better than the origianl. I'm done with alcohol based perfumes. Why settle now that I have you! And to top it all off, you have the absolute most impressive customer service that I have ever encountered! Thanks a million times over!!!!

Unbelievably amazing fragrances! Outstanding customer service! The pure perfume oils last and last. I have sampled and purchased so many at this point that I no longer have a "favorite" scent. They're ALL amazing! So much fuller and well rounded than any alcohol based perfume I've ever worn, and no more headaches. The designer fragrances are spot on, yet BETTER! And the specialy blends are are truly art themselves. The Fragrance Shop has such an endless variety to choose from I'll never need to look elswere for authentic, pure perfume oils. Thank you for supplying the BEST!

Recently I was talking to a Fragrance Shop representative and asked them if they could make Sandalwood Vanilla, to which they replied that they already had it and sent me the link to the product. I was shocked because I had been unable to find it and had just placed a big order with The Fragrance Shop which I told the representative. To my surprise the representative said that was not a problem and send me a 14 day Sample free of charge. Talk about customer service. Aside from that their fragrances smell great. Thank you Fragrance Shop for the top notch service and products.

I had a wonderful interaction with a young lady named Aimee. She was very kind and pleasant. I can't wait to get my sample in the mail and start a journey of business with your company! Thank you
Marion, Brooklyn NY

I first starting buying from them in Miami Beach when they had a retail store there...I remains loyal customer, love not only their products but the absolute best service & quality! I highly recommend them!
Su R.

I used to shop at the Fragrance Shop boutique on Lincoln Rd in SOBE and adored the MAGNOLIA fragrance as it smelled EXACTLY like the flower itself. I am so glad to have discovered them online again and have to say, not only do I love my new scents: SCENT OF PEACE and STELLA MCARTNEY -but I am continuously impressed by their personal touch and exceptional attention to customer service. What a great company and a great product line. OPEN A STORE IN NYC!
April W

Love the Fragrance Shop! The perfume oils I have brought smell exactly like the real ones and stay on you the whole day! I'm from New Zealand and it only took a week to get my oils! Thank you so much. Have already recommended this site to all my family and friends. Really good stuff!

Black coconut lotion is great I love the fragrance.

Your products are simply awesome that is why I wanted to ask if it would be possible to duplicate Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather. Again many thanks for your great products as well as outstanding customer service.
Mark R.

This is my favorite place to go to for wonderful scents that my husband actually notices. I couldn't find anything he would notice then I tried Voodoo Love and it was magic. And the Pink Martini is perfect for a light scent during the day. Thank you so much

I had the Fragrance Shop help me with Fragrance Replication and I have to say they are amazing. Aimee was beyond helpful as she concocted the final blend. I would recommend to anyone. Great customer service and communication!

I got the buy 1 get 1 free deal and I'm so glad I took advantage of it! I got Scent of Peace type and Pure DKNY type and love them both. The customer service at The Fragrance Shop CANNOT be beat!

I love ordering from the fragrance shop. Each time the service and products are stellar. I've already recommended them to others, and I am even helping someone place an order today.

The Fragrance Shop is the Greatest place for oils/scents & my favorite new place to shop for them!
J. William

the Flower Bomb scent is just like the original! I *LOVE* this perfume oil because it lasts all day for me, something that perfume has never done. For some reason, this oil stays all day, maybe because it is uncut? I've ordered other perfume oil online from other companies and it didn't last on me but this formula did.

I have been a customer of The Fragrance Shop for over four years and have always received the highest quality fragrances and customer service. I have recommended The Fragrance Shop to all my friends!

Hello Kay family!! Once again thank you very much for everything!! Your service was incredible and I really love your fragrances! I think, finally the one I love most is the Vanilla one! But all your fragrances are special and unique. Wont stop being ur client ;) Thanks again!!

Michael Kors, I was suprized the moment i smelled the scent because this flower perfume smelled fresh and flowery. compare to most of the other flower perfume which smells very strong, almost like baby powder. This perfume was very elegant and great for a night out!
Chun T

Luv it. Long lasting and smooth. Also, thanks for the extra oil you sent to make my bath and body products smell stronger.

To say that The Fragrance Shop has great customer service could not be more of an understatement! I recently placed an order that was incorrectly filled. Not only did they have the corrected order in the mail to me the next day, they upgraded me to the next size up at no additional charge. I would recommend business with this company to anyone; and as for me, with customer service like this, they've got my business for life
Matt C

I think this was my 6th order for a Bal a Versaille oil. On me it smells ( at least I think) delicious. My interaction with Jenny over the years continues to impress me and your product is sincerely top shelf. I have not bought a store perfume in a very long time and I promise this is true, I tell anyone and everyone who compliments the way I smell ( and even some who don't say a word) all about The Fragrance Shop.

I can't say enough about this store! The oils are fabulous and the service is UNBELIEVABLE! I had a favorite oil that I couldn't remember where I originally purchased it from and the store reproduced it for me! They bent over backwards to help me, sending me bottles to send them my original fragrance in and corresponding with me regularly until I was happy with the scent they designed for me! Who does this?? I am a forever customer!

Jenny my order arrv'd in a few days and I was delighted with this fragrance. I have tried several Creed colognes and have been extremely satisfied with them all.the one I would like to try again, if available is eau du Portugal. I would also like to thank U for the free sample u sent me-millesime.Great customer service great follow-up.

I just randomly found the Fragrance Shop online one night and how fortunate I was! I ordered the Patchouli Musk and it was exactly what I was looking for! I LOVE IT! My order was shipped in less than 24 hours, at my house in 3 days, got a free sample of Dragon's Blood (which I will order next) and the owners really care about you. WOW...AWESOME!
Pam W

Hello Friends, I know you sent an e-mail asking me to review my order. Just didn’t get to it. But I am writing now to say that I love the scents you made for me. Fig/Orange in 2 slightly different proportions. They are both great. And your service and care were wonderful. (North Carolina). And I also like the sample you sent! So, thank-you, thank you!
Martha L.

I really liked the Samsara blend and the Casaque. Coco was very nice. Cocomango too sweet , you where right I think that Samsara would be really nice with fig and neroli. But everything got here, Jasmine is very loyal to the flower, But I still prefer the oil of true Gargenia. That one is absolutely beautiful. Aimee, thanks a lot for your time and patience. May you have a wonderful day

Thank you so much, the problem has been taken care of by your excellent staff. Many thanks! P.S. We love The Fragrance Shop even more! Can't wait to get our package!
Cindy B

Wow! Parcel arrived today, thanks again for the special gift! Will certainly be back soon!

I have been a long time customer of The Fragrance Shop and each time I place an order, I have received the very best service as well as an incredible product. I never will purchase fragrance from any other source because The Fragrance Shop surpasses all expectations in customer service, selection, shipping, and high-quality products.
Petra O.

Very pleased with my purchase. Fragrance right on target and lasts.

bought the Jicky type of fragrance oil and I received my order quickly. I love the fragrance. I will buy more products from this company

a huge shout out for Jenny! thank you so much for all of your help, you are amazing and i will be buying again.

Thank you for helping me find my favorite fragrance so quickly. Although it is no longer listed on the website, I was able to get it ordered quickly by chatting online with a representative!

I discovered The Fragrance Shop while visiting New Orleans about 10 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the scents and great service and have been a loyal shopper ever since. In my most recent order, there was a small mix-up and TFS was quick to correct the mistake and get a replacement out to me immediately. I wish other businesses were this awesome!

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your company and especially your customer service. I will forever be placing orders with you and telling all my friends about you. I appreciate your staff and all the help they provide to me. Thank you again for always making my day when I call ;o)

I had a great experience with the Fragrance Shop. They shipped my order quickly and the product was amazing!! I really love the Moroccan Musk. Thank youo Fragrance Shop!

Great service! I am still trying out the sample pack! Wish you'd open in London UK - think I'd be in the store all the time if you did!

I cant use alcohol based fragrances and am glad that I discovered The Fragrance Shop years ago. I love the strength and balance of your fragrances, the scent does not change as the fragrance dries down which is very important. It would be nice to see deeper discounts then 20% at times as your fragrances are just as expensive as the real thing. When I can afford to splurge I buy from The Fragrance Shop and highly recommend them.

Iam so pleased with my Givenchy III type. I was unable to find it anywhere until I discovered The Fragance Shop. I got great service and am totally satisfied with my fragrance.

I love your service, oils and the recommended sample I received with my order. Will be ordering again and again!!

I am extremely happy with my purchase. I appreciate all of the personal touches that went into the packaging and the thoughful sample sent. Your company was referred to me by a friend in New Orleans. Keep up the good work.

I wish you could teach Customer Service classes to others!

I love this fragrance and wear it all the time. It has become my "signature" and everybody that smells it (even strangers waiting in a line) always aske me "What are you wearing?" I now buy it exclusively on line, but use to visit "the fragrance Shop" on Lincoln road in South Beach, Miami. Last vist there a year ago the store was gone( very sad) I am happy I am still able to get it on line. Please don't even stop making this fragrance!!!
Amy C

You are the best. Orders arrive great. You are always helpful.

I'm really happy that I've found the perfume Orange Blossom, this product to me feels pure and real, as if I'm standing right next to a blossoming tree. This product is so much better than all the other perfume that I've bought from other company's, I'm very satisfied.
Chun T

The Fragrance Shop is fantastic! Their customer service is absolutely the best and so are their oils. The oil of Fresh Air is just that. It's a wonderful clean fresh scent and I get compliments every time I wear it. I wouldn't shop any where else for fragrance. They're the best!!!
Beth T

excellent service! amazing! and excellent products! i am really glad i found you online :)

I just want people to know how very helpful you are in selecting a scent. Your oils have staying power and they are so lovely. It is so nice to find "scents that make sense". Wonderful without the alcohol
Mary Jane

I would like to personally and openly send a sincere and heartfelt "Thank You" to the entire Fragrance Shop family. Your company continues to set the standard for what superior quality and excellent custome service should be. Thank yoso much for following through to make sure I received my package, that got "misdirected" by the postal service, and sending out, as a courtesy, another package. Which you truly did not have to do, since it was of no fault of the Fragrance Shop. I applaud you for being a cut above all the rest. And I look forward to lasting business relationship.And will continue to refer my family, co-workers and friends
Mr. Minney

I love your fragrances and prompt-ness in delivery. The dry oil sprays are the best! I struggled to find dry oil sprays prior to finding you guys! Only problem I had was my coupon codes you sent didn't work. :( but when I called, that was worked out!! thanks again.

Ordered Aventus and let's just say I forgot what I had been wearing before. So fresh and so clean!

This is by far the best company I've been in touch with. Everything from their customer service to their product is flawless. I have ordered several single note fragrances, and every one of them is equisite. They smell beautiful, and not synthetic, which a lot of perfume oils do. I have found my perfect scents, banana and cotton candy, and will probably never again buy perfumes from any other company than this. Thank you so much for the love and care you put in your product, and everything else. I will recommend you to everyone!

i love my oils, they smell soft & elegant!

I've been wearing custom fragrances from The Fragrance Shop for over a decade. I enjoy the constant compliments about "smelling so good!" almost as much as I enjoy the beautiful fragrances. It doesn't hurt that refills are only a phone call away.

Your service was great! I received my order promptly, and I was impressed by the scents. Thanks!

Thank you so much for the Tribe Type! You have a customer for life. I am ordering every product you have in this scent!

I have to tell you. I love your site, oils and the amazing customer service you provide. I stopped wearing perfumes and now only wear you oils. You have such a wide range of designer scents and original. I love it. Continue the good work. You have a customer for life!
Karla H

i love my egptian must it smells soooooooo good & its not LOUD! The quality of your product are amazing . Thanks for every thing

I can't believe after 10 years I finally found my bottle of "Oil of Sung" it smells as good as the day you made it for me! Awesome! Thanks

great fragrances + great customer service = i'm a customer for life. there is absolutely no reason for me to go back to wearing commercial fragrances.

I Love It....Im so happy you went to such great lengths to find it for me...I've missed this smell!!! Thank you so much!!!

Thank you for the lovely fragances you sent me I'm enjoying each and every one. I will be calling next week to make my order and yes the oriental musk was fabulous. Thank you. Talk to you soon

I recently ordered Very Vanilla and I have to say the smell in simply intoxicating!! From the prompt shippment to the extra care in packaging, I was amazed at the level of customer care/service. I find myself smelling my wrists at work b/c it cannot get enough. I look forward to ordering again!

I created an fragrance oil while on a visit to South Beach in 2009 at the former Fragrance Shop location. Since that time that oil has been my go to source day to day. I love all of the oils here but especially my own blend. I highly recommend trying your own blends. Great team of people behind the scenes as well. Cheers to all.

To the Kay Family, My Habit Rouge has arrived and all is well. I have been using this oil for more than four years as it was introduced to me by a former girlfriend. This is why I was not on your database: This is the first time I ordered it myself.

I have ordered for myself and others. WE were all pleased with the packaging. I was also pleased with the service. There are none better. I think you are the BEST in this service. I have tried others....not close to you folk.

I am VERY PLEASED with the eight different scents. I have tried the Hermes Terre. I will leave reviews of that which I've tried here and in past. AND the store review...I want too many of your scents!!! Best Regards

My 24k egyptian musk I love,it smells great! The egyptian musk I really couldn't smell really well!But because of ur great customer service, its going to be fixed! Thanx so much, you have a customer for life!....:-)

This cotton candy is the most amazing scent I never have received more compliments and have used it for about a year. The company has unbelievable customer service. Love you Fragrance Shop!!!!

I worked with The Fragrance Shop to replicate a limited edition summer fragrance and the final result is even better than the original. And this was done with me living abroad, which goes to show that the folks at The Fragrance Shop can get the job done no matter what the perfume and no matter where you live. Thanks a million!

This is my second purchase from The Fragrance Shop and once again: WOW! My first purchase was "Royal Secret" and my second was "Opium", both in body lotions. Fragrances are delightful and the delivery is so fast. Thank you!!

I am again thrilled with my Tunisian Opium and Egyptian Musk. One is heavy and one light so I can always accomodate my mood and the occasion.

I have been a client of yours for a long time. I used to visit your old store in Miami Beach. That is where I fell in love with my Patchouly Wood. You are the only store that carries the perfect Patchouly combination WOOD.i guess I will continue to order until.......who knows when. The store closed about three years ago but with this website it is even easier to purchase the goods than before.

Hello. Just want you all to know how awesome you are!!! Great customer service. I am a Massage Therapist in Dallas Tx so I know how important great customer service is!! Will defintely let all my girlfriends know about your Company With Gratitude

FABULOUS!!! Enough said!!
Mary C

This was my second time purchasing from here but my first ordering for myself and I am in love with my very vanilla fragrance. I wrote not to long ago regarding what fragrance would be best suited for me and they were not only quick with their response but right on with the fragrance. I look forward to continuing business with them!

Just a comment about the site.Great stuff.I was totally sstisfied and will order again soon.

I have worn fragrance since a really young age but in the last few years I have been dissapointed at the fragrance counters at local malls.The quality of perfume has gone down so much that I was returning everything that I bought not to mention a lot of them made me feel sick with their strong chemical smell.When I came across the fragrance shop I was very sceptical at first but I ordered about 30 different fragrance samples and was really blown away!I did not care for every scent but your not going to like every fragrance but the quality was just awesome and the customer service is astounding.I was given many free samples to try.My favourites are Pink Sugar,Wet & Wild blended with a little arabian musk,Black Coconut and the Plumeria flower and Hawaiian Pikaki flower oils are intoxicating if you love tropical and exotic fragrances!I am also trying to make my own blends as well!I will be a customer for life or as long as you guys are around.Give this company your business and you will never go to another fragrance counter again!They can`t be beat!Thank you Fragrance Shop for excellent products and wonderful customer service.
Jessica B

i enjoyed the oils

I can't say enough wonderful things about these ladies or their shop. I'm hooked on the true-to-scent fragrances and products, but no where is there customer service like the Fragrance Shop--soooo courteous, informative, incredibly generous and genteel southern kindness. If ONLY the rest of the world were like these ladies!!!
Sherry L. (WY)

The Fragrance Shop is top notch all the way around, great products and super customer service. Thank you
James B

Thank you so very much for the awesome product and service! I cannot say enough positive about the Halston for Women that you sold me! The fragrance is perfect!!!I was concerned about chemicals and additives and loved Halston so when I began searching for a healthy alternative, I had no idea you could provide such a wonderful pure product which far exceeds my expectations!! I am a customer for life now


thank you so very much !! After nearly 50 years of wishing and looking for some thing with the fragance of carnations .....you made my wish come true!!! I love it, again thank you , and I will be reodering sooner because my daugther has fallen in love with it too, so we will be using it twice as faster !!
Silvia T

I have to laugh at the "what's in your perfume bottle" photo. I can't say enough I love the quality, the service the and the fragrances are dead on if not better than the originals. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank You!!!
Don H

You guys are top notch

I love ordering from your store. The fragrances are my favorites- I wear them every day. The attention to the order is the best. Fast delivery so that I can begin to enjoy my purchases almost immediately! Love it.


I'm so glad to have found the fragrance shop! For whatever reason (age?), I acquired an allergic reaction to alcohol. All of my favorites are available at the Fragrance Shoppe! I'm even more grateful for the exceptional and consistent customer service!

I just want to say that you all have a GREAT thing going on!!! I ordered "Tribe" and it smelled better than I remember..I am so very happy with the whole experience, from the ordering to the product =) I will tell all my friends and use you all in the future for all my "smell good" needs!!! Thank You so much for being GREAT!!! =)

I am very impressed by your customer service and the products I received.

The customer service is awesome. All the ladies are so helpful, even when I'm not sure if I've picked the right scent for me. Thanks for always being patient!

I love the custom blend with patchouli that you make for me. I receive compliments on it all the time!!

You and The Fragrance Shop do not cease to amaze me! I already received the samples for Black Cashmere type, the Cashmere Mist type by Donna Karan, the Shalimar type and Aromatic's Elixir type. What a rich spectrum of fragrances you have! Please allow me little time to use one sampler at the time and make my selection. With the service like this, you have solved my Christmas shopping dilemma! Thank you very much; I will let you know about my preferences, and at that time I would appreciate your instructions on how to exchange the KL type (original purchase) with the new selection.

By far the best cologne oil out their. Also best customer service.

you guys have THE BEST patchouli, and i've tried almost every brand out there!
Nichole S

I've bought the oils since 2003 and always receive comments when wearing them. I have found the customer service second to none, which is especially fantastic as they get posted to Australia (and arrive quickly). Will continue to recommend the Fragrance Shop to everyone!

I love patchouilli and have been wearing it exclusively for over 20 years!!"

the carnation is a soft spicy scent that is just right for me. So far i've tried the dry oil, lotion, spritz and oil. shipping is quick. thanks so much!

Yes, I recieved my order and I am VERY happy with the very vanilla fragrance. LOVE IT!. Thank you all for always being attentive

I absolutely love the fragrances I received so far from The Fragrance Shop! I purchased Hermes Rouge and Kiss of the Dragon - both a beautiful fragrances and smell identical to the department store version only longer lasting. I love the dry body oil and most today I tried the body lotion - fabulous combination!!!! While the Fragrance Shops fragrances are lovely, nothing and I mean NOTHING can beat their customer service!!!! I am so happy that I found you!!!!
T. Roberts

When the Body Shop stopped producing pure floral scented perfume oils, I didn't know where to turn. Thank you The Fragrance Shop for providing such pure (single note) and authentic floral perfume oil fragrances!! You will definitely have me as a loyal customer!!

Thank you for your superior customer service. I know many will we happy to discover your unwatered down fragrances. The perfumes you buy now at stores are so weak now........Good job!

Thank you so much for your assistance today, for the wonderful products you create, and your exceptional customer service. I have loved your products since I discovered them last Fall, and now I'm hooked - okay maybe its just the 1 scent I keep purchasing, but its all I wear! Thank you!

What I find so interseting is you could never find this anywhere else.

Great products (I have used Rain for many years) and wonderful service. I have my products mailed to Canada and they always arrive quickly with no hassles.

Prompt, polite, perfect. Thank You!

My favorite scent in a great deal travel size (buy 2 get 1 free). I've been ordering for several years and have never been disappointed. Keep up the good work.
Marcy P

I Love ordering from your website. I just received my oil and was so happy to see that you put some in a smaller bottle for travel! What a great idea! Its also nice that you sign your names yourself and not just by computer and a free sample and a candy just made it nice and personal. I will never buy perfume again!

FINALLY! I have been searching for years for a natural perfume that smells great,lasts more than 15 min., & is made without harsh ingredients. KUDOS to The Fragrance Shop for accomplishing this! I ordered a 5-pack sample pack, & the shipping was fast, and the oils are wonderful. They last all day long, & my "very picky" 16 yr.old daughter has been complimenting me whenever I wear them! Thank you The Fragrance Shop!

I always enjoy my purchases from the Fragrance Shop the packaging is so classic. But most of all I am always getting comments on how pretty I smell.

These guys are the best! Best customer service, incredible high quality essential oils...I depend on them for my peace of mind as they definitely add to my mental and spiritual state. Everywhere I go, people comment on how wonderful my scent is, and of course it's the oils from the Fragrance Shop!!

Just wanted to say a big "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart for sending so many samples for free just for missing one sample size on my order. Your customer service beats any I have experienced. May God bless your business in this new year dispite the stale economy.

I ordered the Sample Five Pack and it I am very impressed with all of them. They all smell so good I am having a difficult time trying to decide what to order first.

I love your fragrances. Patchouli is my favorite oil and you have the best and so many. Every time I place a order it arrives with in two days. When I visit my sister I make sure she takes me to your beautiful shop

I was first introduced to The Fragrance Shop in 2003 through my niece - in Miami. I purchased the Oil of Aphrodisiac because I loved how it smelled on her. I loved it!! I will certainly continue to use the samples and see what I think long-term prior to buying a larger amount. Your service was wonderful. The shipping time was quick and everything arrived in excellent condition.
I have searched for years for "di Borghese," and am deligthed to, finally, have a source for the closest I can find! Thank you!!

Thanks for the great customer service and an awesome product!


Love this company and everything you provide. Your service is impecable, your products devine. The disigner perfume oils far surpass the originals in every way (Coco channel is perfect) I have completly turned from commercial perfumes, and have made others believers as well (perfect gifts). My husband is even a customer being that you provide and incredibly "earthy" Earth oil that smells fantastic on him. We also agree that the Egyptian musk is the best we've ever tried. We are loyal custermers for life!

I have nothing but praise for this store.I ordered 2 items,i was emailed and told there was 1 item unavailable,and was i was given the choice of a refund on the unavailable item or both items.I chose to receive the available item and have a refund on the unavailable item.My refund was back in my bank just a few days later and the available item sent as promised

I've only been experimenting with fragrances for about a year now. I've tried many other sites before finally finding "The Fragrance Shop". I'm never disappointed by the quality of the fragrances, the great service and fast order processing. And I'm particularly fond of the handwritten "thanks"! Thank you Jenny and Aimee!
Mark M

Thanks, great service as always.

I love your oils! you are absolutely wonderful! I will ( I am) buying more!

Your customer service is "The Best"! I live in rural Wisconsin and therefore internet shop a lot, so have lots of experience;) After a small snafu with an order over Christmas, your customer service rep came thru with "Flying Colors". You will continue to have my business and that of everyone else I know who uses fragrance :)! Thank You!
Karen K

Again, your product and staff are wonderful!!! The white pouchouil , not sure that's spelled correctly....is divine!! I've recommended you to everyone
Mary C

WHY ON EARTH don't you guys have more stores?! Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for my Magical Moon, Deep Red, Viva LaJuicy, Cinnabar, Noa, Rush, Shalimar and the Body Products!!! I can honestly say it smells better then the "original" and I am telling everybody I know or that asks what I'm wearing. I always say "The Fragrance Shop's ________ and name the perfume. I truly want people to expierence the quility of your products, they are very rich and lasts all day! You guys are awesome!

I have nothing but good things to say about The Frangrance Shop. I actually ordered the Black Coconut Dry Oil, Spritzer, and bath gel for Christmas because of all the rave reviews I read. However, it turned out not to be a scent for me. I advised Frangrance Shop that I was not happy with this fragrance and surprisingly, they did make it right. The replacement Fragrances they sent are just my type. Thanks, Customer Service.
L.H. Another Satisfied Customer

I ordered organza Indecense, which was one of my favorite perfumes. I love the oil. I also bought a sample of another fragrance for a friend. I hope they like the oils as much as I do. And the order came so fast! thank you, thank you

I LOVE the fragrance shop!!! From exceptional customer service to great packaging and free samples there is no reason to shop anywhere else!!

I love the Fragrance shop! I use to visit the shop on Miami Beach but the online store is just as amazing. I received my order within days! The quality of the fragrance is outstanding as usual!

I just wanted to take an moment to express my complete satisfaction with the quality of service,and of the fragrances sold by this company, as well as the level of professionalism and the extent of customer contentment shown, which thus far has been unparallelled. I look forward to a continuing business relationship with this company and will recommend them at every opportunity allowed.

The items arrived in time to act as a stocking stuffer for my lady friend. Perfect condition; perfect timing. I will make an order in a week or so based on her reaction to the samples. Thanks for your attention. Thanks and Happy New Year!

you rock!! thanks so much for everything!! you were able to recreate the smell of NOVEMBER in new orleans perfectly with your sweet olive!! i get to relive my honeymoon everyday!!!
Nichole S

The companies that get my customer lifetime loyalty are the companies that are there with you when issues come up, not just when they're taking your order. I contacted the Fragrance Shop on Christmas Eve and they responded instantly via Chat Message and remedied the situation beautifully. I most definitely will be ordering from them again, and am so pleased to find such wonderful, prompt customer service! Thank you, Jenny!
Shari from San Diego

I have been a dedicated user of many fragrances from the Fragrance Shop since 2001 while living in New Orleans, LA. It was at that point where I stopped buying fragrances from the department stores focused exclusively on The Fragrance Shop. Thanks for such a great experience and helping me to smell my best.

One word - I remember you guys from new Orleans and the service is still awesome you even gave me a candy Cain . That's awesome and I will always keep you guys in mind

thank you so much for your sale!!! i was able to get the same oil that i got on my honeymoon in new orleans all those years ago!! while there's still some in the original bottle ( one drop lasts for DAYS!!!), i was afraid it may have lost some of it's power. not only does the original, bought no later than 2003, still smell the same, i now have enough to last for almost another decade!! you guys rock!! thank you also for the 2 week sample, i'm sure i'll use it, too! i left a review on the site when i first discovered the option, so i wanted to let you know how great the order worked out, "in person." p.s., my son loves when i order from you, he gets the candy!! happy holidays!!

Yes, I received the perfume oil yesterday and absolutely love it. Your customer service is impeccable and I really appreciate your reasonable shipping charges, both of which distinguish you from the competition. Even though Habit Rouge is a "men's" fragrance, I used it myself for a long time. Then I started using a couple of the wonderful perfume oils Kiehl's used to make, until they were discontinued after the company was sold to L'Oreal. I switched back to Habit Rouge but have been very disappointed with it since it was reformulated in 2003 into what is basically overpriced scented alcohol. It was the experience with Kiehl's oils that prompted me to start researching perfume oils. I am planning to order several more testers from you of some of my favorite scents before I decide which one to buy but assure you that you have a new customer.

My fourpack arrived and the reccommended Gucci Guilty is awesome. Maybe a few dates coming my way. ha ha. jennny thank you for going above and beyond in helping me!
John M

I first found your store while on Vacation in New Orleans several years ago. I have been ordering via phone ever since. Love your products and excellant service!!

I love love love your oils! Not sure I can ever go back.

Thank you very much! I appreciate the great customer service and am very satisfied with your scents! I really hope everyone I tell will try your store, it's truly better then the perfume!!!

Yes, I loved it. The new travel sizes are wonderful. When traveling, you can take your fragrance without taking up a lot of room and when the scanner sniffs it out in your carry on, it will meet the requirement so you don't have to leave it at the check point. I love the Chloe from the old days, and loved getting all like products together. I have a fun experience every time I shop here. I know you are very busy, but have a wonderful holiday when you get to enjoy it. Look forward to the new year. Have you ever considered making tarte warmer cubes? I realize I could add the oil to the wax, but just a thought because I just bought a couple of warmers and thought a fragrance would be good for my glamor girl space.
Anne B

I discovered your shop when I was in New Orlean. I was very well pleased with my purchase. Whenever I visit the city, I shop at your store. This is the first time that I have ordered from you online. I was overall pleased with the personal care that was given to me in my purchase and the kindness expressed. Thank you!!
Deborah A

Fabulous quick service! So glad I finally found the perfect lotion and scent. Thank you!

I have no complaints about the Fragrance Shop. The service and products are wonderful and I will continue to order from you. I would love it if the Fragrance Shop offered a four pack of the single note fragrances similar to the special blend four pack.

hanks so much for the fast shipment of carnation dry oil. I really love it, and enjoy trying the sample of summer rain. the candy cane was a great touch. I will be a return shopper and will refer others your way
Cathy E

I am so grateful that I found the Fragrance Shop! I am allergic to a lot of fragrances, and only wear Mitsouko by Gurlain. TFS makes the oil and it is wonderful. I bought a bottle of the dry oil and liked it so much I bought another bottle, plus lotion and spritz. Imagine my surprise and glee when I found a 1/8 oz oil as a gift for my large order. When I called to make sure they hadn't made a mistake, they remembered me, and that I only use one scent. Thanks Ladies for providing a great product.
Virginia J

I have ordered the 4 pak 2 different times. I cant tell you how great your oils are. I am sure Ill be back again!
Mary Jane

I don't think I've bought "perfume" in a couple of years, thanks to you all!! :) I especially love your help with blending scents! Thanks ladies, I recommend you to all my friends!
Gretchen M

One word - WOW!!! I just received my "Royal Secret" body lotion and I am absolutely thrilled with the fragrance and with your quick delivery. I will return again & again!

I have been a customer and fan of The Fragrance Shop for many years. I love your fragrances! I also want to comment on your wonderful customer service and attention to detail. Thank you!

Voodoo Love and 24K Egyptian Musk have always been two of my favorite scents(using it for the last 11 years). This time I decided to include Woody Sandalwood and Aphrodisiac Body Spritz in my order. I haven't tried the Aphrodisiac Body Spritz as yet but the Woody Sandalwood is heavenly..I love it. Like all other fragrance shop scents, a little bit goes a long way!!!

It's great to find such a large selection of perfume oils ! I'm enjoying my samples and want to thank you for the personal touch that you provide to customers.

Loved you on South Beach and now happy that i have found you again. Received my oil yesterday and to be honest smells lighter than i remember but again I held on to the last few drops for atleast 3 years !!!! THANK YOU AGAIN for my early Christmas gift to myself !! Hope to continue shopping

I have just received my order from the Fragrance Shop and absolutely love it. The Kay Family have been so helpful and have assisted me all along. I cannot wait to purchase more products and will definitely be recommending your Store to all my friends.

I love your fragrances! They last a long time and they are very true to the original... just better. I'm so glad you are operational and hope you keep the business going, for a while I was lost without your fragrances. I'm so glad to have you back!!!

Spoke with Amy today and as usual the customer service was something not experienced very often any more - excellent! Thank you, thank you may you prosper and stay viable. Love your store - wish there were more on the east coast.

We live in Los Angeles, and came across this shop on a trip out to New Orleans. we have been ordering from on-line ever since. We love it! The best quality, fast shipping, and great prices.

Superb customer service. One of the BEST online shopping experiences I have ever had. Although I do not like the smell of the black coconut maybe I will find another scent I like to support them again.

I love the compliments I am constantly getting about how great my fragrance smells. It lasts longer than any other perfume I have ever tried. Thank you for your fast service!

I ordered the Tunisian White Musk and it is simply fabulous! The fragrance is so clean and yet very delightful. I also ordered the 24karat Egyptian musk which is very nice, But I believe The white musk is my #1 choice. The service is indeed great. This is one place that I call and look forward to speaking with a human and not causing me to get an attitude!

Have bought before. Last order got lost. However, 5 star customer service send a re-order express post. Thank you so much. Not only are the scent heaven but so is the service. Much appreciated

Hello, I wanted to thank you for your great customer service and prompt delivery. The free gift was so nice and unexpected. I wrote a review for both fragrances I purchased and gave 5 stars!

Thank you so much!!! After years of searching for the Anne Klein II (discontinued in Europe) I found your oils and bodyoils. Thank yoy also for your excellent service and gift. I will soon order again!

Just wanted to tell you guys that you are awesome! Thank you so much for sending the extra caps out... and then the sample Philosophy-type fragrance as well. You have gone above and beyond to help me each time I have contacted you... and it is very much appreciated! I will most definitely return for my next fragrance purchase(;

Love the after shave balm. I've used it for years now and will keep doing so. It arrived with no problems.

I absolutely love the black coconut dry body oil. It's amazing and the only thing I wear now! I love smelling like I just got up from the beach! My absolute favorite!

I am so happy about receiving my Relaxing Fragrance! It is so similar to the original scent! And the product was so easy to order and arrived very promptly!

I just received the Magie Noir and the added samples, thank you so much I love them! I have never smelled those scents before, so that was a nice surprise! And that is so kind of you to send even a few more samples, I am beyond grateful and thank you again. I will be back to order full sizes just as soon as I can decide on my favorites! Thanks, I appreciate everything!

I LOVE THIS OIL! Thank you so much!

I must say that this is hands down the best place on the planet to get pure fragrance oils. No alcohol, no mineral oil or skin irritating fillers, just pure almond oil and oil essences. The fragrance shop offers elegant blends and designer fragrances, coupled with wonderful customer service and beautiful packaging...Really, who could ask for anything more?

Great service. Very prompt. My daughter's Christmas list contains something from here each year and the service is great!

I have bought 7 designer fragrance replicas so far and all have been spot-on. Shipping is super fast, too.


I just want to tell you how happy I am to have found your Company. Everything is so professional and am looking forward to receiving my purchase. My favorite perfume is mainly Musk. Many thanks

Awesome service we couldn't find this particular pafume anywhere but at The Fragrance Shop...Thanks guys for your excellent service!

it's my favorite! my sister wears it too and loves it! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, You are the best company in world, I am spreading the word for you. Have a great weekend

If you haven't tried the Fragrance Shop, you should. Unbeatable customer service (thank you Aimee) and wonderful scents. I only wish I were close enough to go to the store....I'd probably spend a whole day there smelling and buying!!

I LOVE the Fragrance Shop and have bought a lot of their fragrances over the past decade. I have had all of the originals that I bought from them and their perfumes are spot on exact, but they last longer! Also, their customer service is amazing.

Received the my 24K Egyptian Musk. Thank you for sending out the replacement after the USPS lost the original package. You guys are the best. And my musk is as outstanding as your customer service.

I live in Miami, and used to buy my fragrance oils at your store in Miami Beach. I placed an order on Oct. 21, and received the items Oct. 24! Wow! What fast service. Have been using your products for years & love them!

The customer service is so wonderful here, it just makes you want to shop. I posted a message on face book, suggesting a holder for the 14 day supply, and perhaps a holder for the oil. I put the oil in an old lipstick holder, (like the kind you sit on the vanity), but just thought I would make that suggestion for product development. Keep up the good work and I will be getting packages from you in the mail. It is fun to have something to look forward to after a long day at work.

"Totally satisfied with the the lotion and oils I ordered. I have been a customer since 2007 and do not shop anywhere else! Again Thank you!

This is the perfect way to sample fragrances. The little bottles could last a really long time. I loved the four fragrances I ordered - Voodoo Love, Angelic, Supernola, African Gold. Voodoo love is a little too "older woman" for me (I'm 23) but still very sexy; Angelic reminds me of a Chanel and is beautiful; Supernola was too fresh for my taste, but smelled pretty; and African Gold may be my favorite as it is super sexy but still young. I will definitely continue to order from here and recommend it to everyone. Their fragrances are the best quality I've seen!

I stumbled upon The Fragrance Shop on the internet while searching for a discontinued parfum. Thank God I did. Your shop is a piece of heaven on this earth. I will never buy another fragrance from another company again. Your shop is a blessing. Thank you for such wonderful products and service!
Alicia of San Jose, CA

the first time I found the Fragance Shop online, I forgot to mark the page. It took me a long time to find it again; but it was worth the search. I am extremely happy with their attention to my satisfaction with my order. I wear Calandre by Paco Rabanne and it's practically impossible to find it here in upstate, NY. Using the perfumed oil and other products is the best thing I could have done. It saves me time and money, plus I still get all the compliments I used to get before I switched! Love you, Fragrance Shop, Miss Rosa
Miss Rosa

I initially heard about this company watching "The View" when Sarah Jessica Parker was on the show and she was asked what fragrance she was wearing........it was Moroccan Musk. I googled that and found The Frangrance Shop...and I explored it buying several fragrances. I truely love Egyption Musk and Pink Sugar. I highly recommend this company!!!

The Fragrance Shop exceeds all important standards of excellence from the way customers are treated to the outstanding quality of fragrance products and accessories. It is a pleasure to invest consumer dollars in a family owned and operated business that insists on the kind of quality control that other companies have long ago abandoned. In some cases it's disappointing and others completely appalling, that any famous person, regardless of what they are famous (or infamous) for, can slap their name on everything from perfume to salami and make a fortune. Meanwhile, actual crafts persons linger in under sung, obscurity simply because they are without or will not bow to, the the marketing machines of the pseudo-creative, pop culture, incompetent. Bravo to The Fragrance Shop for maintaining excellence in a world of increasingly over-priced and over valued mediocrity.

Dear Angels, I am the bad girl who usually earns the lump of coal at Christmas. This year I get to say, "Take that! Santa!" You did not have to send the extra oils, as I said the bottle might have taken a slight beating but the contents were fine. Your kindness has inspired me to reiterate my mantra about true service.

Singing your praises! While e-mail corresponding with Amiee, and now this $30-off-next-purchase code, you all have shown me dynamic customer service thus far, and I haven't even received my order in the mail yet. Believe it or not I didn't even know you existed until last Saturday, October 8th, 2011, when I went to Macy's at Northlake Mall - looking for a special scent. They didn't have it but, believe it or not, referred me to you and even wrote down the directions. I'm looking forward to my very first order arriving soon. If I am as impressed as your website claims, of course, I will be back! I'm really excited about this new scent experience

loving my black orchid type dry body oil. I am so thrilled to have found your site!

i received my dry oil yesterday and i love the feel and sense very much-thanks

I wanted to thank you so much..I just received the dry oil n its perfect and wonderful n I love it...sincerely kelly.

There is no reason to suffer with short lived alcohol based fragrances now that I have discovered The Fragrance Shop. The only thing as good as their fragrances is there customer service, which is spectacular.

Love the Moroccan Musk I ordered. Also super fast delivery, will definately order from you again, and will pass on this site to friends and family.

I have been wearing the same scent from The Fragrance Shop for 4 years. Everytime I think about changing, I just can't do it...I love my scent, it smells like me! The product is phenomenal and so is the customer service. I am a friend/fan for life!

I just want to tell you how happy I am to have found your Company. Everything is so professional and am looking forward to receiving my purchase. My favorite perfume is mainly Musk. Many thanks.

I visited New Orleans in 1999, wandered into the store, purchased 1 oz. of Pheromone oil and oil of fresh air. I used the Pheromone quickly, and I still have the Fresh Air for special occasions. It smells as beautiful as when I bought it and lasts all day.

I am allergic to perfumes but was so happy when I found the perfume oils from the Fragrance shop. I ONLY buy perfumes from you. The aromas stay with me all day...good thing too since I teach elementary school age students who love to hug me. And they all LOVE the way I smell...I dab a bit on my stomach since that's their height lol. Your service is impeccable! Thank you so much

I received my sample pack,and I was blown out of the waters,I purchased Prada Infusion,from Dillards, and was curious to see if they could match, oh my, it smells just like my fragrance from Dillards, I'm hooked and will continue to buy from you and refer others!!

I love the oil from The Fragrance Shop!! It is so refreshing...

All the sales people where very helpful. I had created a scent more than 7 years ago. They still had the scent card with my receipt on it.. I was so excited, you se the store I had gone to was in New Orleans, before the Huricane. I was not sure I would ever be able to recreat my special scent again. To my amazement it was shipped to me and in my hand in 3 days. It was perfect! everyone whom I talked with was very helpful and friendly. I will continue do my fragrance shopping here!

A word about the Fragrance Shop: After trying a few imitators (of which there are now many), I am very glad to have been first acquainted with The Fragrance Shop. Your products and customer service are superior. For those shoppers concerned with comparative pricing, please remind them that this is a case where you usually get what you pay for. Fragrance addict that I am, ('would rather have fine fragrance than furniture), I say from experience that low priced (fragrance oils) usually equal: 1. Low quality. Low concentration of essential oil, often made from cheap synthetics with little staying power. bearing little or no resemblance to the fragrance original. 2. Poor presentation. Low-end, generic containers that leak, are (gasp) made of plastic or just not presentable. 3. Poor customer service. Many of these sellers have no brick and mortar stores and refuse to provide service via telephone leaving the customer with challenging, e-mail only interface. Thank you for all you do.
M. Christopher

Thank you so much for the first-class service! I really appreciate your quick response and action. I love your products and can't wait to keep trying new scents!
Shelley H

it is the same thing every time ... jenny and aimee know exactly what i will like!! i wanted to replicate the smokey "head shop" fragance from the 60's....i was sent oriental kush and it was exactly what i wanted!! amazing! i appreciate your quality and high standards thank you !!
Jeff C

I received my order in record time (two days). Not only that, but your fragrances are to die for! I have so many good things to say, I hardly know where to begin. First, you carry scents that cannot be found anywhere (except the original, and even those can be difficult to find; i.e., Mitsouko, L'huere Blue, etc.). Second, your versions are much MUCH more long-lasting than I have EVER used, original or duplicate. Some of them, I can even smell the following morning! I know now I no longer have to look anywhere else because The Fragrance Shop carries THE best, bar none. I am so looking forward to ordering full-size versions of many scents that I only dreamed of owning. Thank you again so much! Also, thank you for the extra samples you included in my order .. they were much appreciated and enjoyed!

I have NO questions...just ANSWERS! :) I must have been living under a ROCK all these years! I've ordered twice in the last 3 weeks from you all and the oils are getting "sweeter and sweeter". I absolutely love your products (AMAZING) I don't think i've ever smelled prettier than now with your oils. Thank you, thank you, thank you! P.S. i get compliments from guys on the daily! :)

I'm writing reviews for all the scents I chose in the sampler pack ... but just wanted to say, every oil in the sampler is perfect. Now I can't wait to order & try the sandalwood oils. Thanks for such amazing service and such wonderful products; The Fragrance Shop is a rare gem!

Great service! Always a follow up to see if all is satisfactory. Love the scents. They are longlasting.

Just wanted to say THANKS Fragrance Shop. Ordered Voodoo love oil, lotion and body spritzer. The order was placed on the weekend and was delivered quickly and promptly. I've gotten many compliments on this fragrance. Have you guys thought about putting together travel sets? Thanks Fragrance Shop for a lovely fragrance.

The fragrance shop is the only place I get my oils. The service is fast, the people are great. This the best.

Thanks Kay Family for these wonderful oils. I love the Indian Patchouli and Docle & Gabbana (The One). Bvlgari, is by far my favorite. I will be ordering more of it!

Some of the most beautiful fragrances on the planet!! I've been searching for ages for a decent place to purchase perfume oils online. Some of the most popular places to shop don't come close to the depth of these fragrances, nor the longevity.

Hi girls, As you know I love love love the fragrance shop. It is the best!!! I love spending money there and telling everyone about you guys. So happy our paths have crossed:) Love Monique AKA (skirt)

I am so happy I found this site! I LOVE perfume, but hate the mass produced, commercial stuff that is so expensive and fades in an hour. The customer service here is fantastic: Changed my mind about the size I ordered a few minutes after I placed it and when I called, Aimee took care of it right then and refunded the difference promptly. And the samples arrived in record time! Now, I'm looking forward to using their "Fragrance Replication" service. I highly recommend this place!

I recently ordered the black coconut and rain samples. I absolutely love them. I shall be ordering again.

I don't have a question, but I would love to tell everyone, if you have not tried the fragrance shop, you really should. A friend of mine told me to give them a try, so I did and have enjoyed the oils that I have ordered. Awsome, try them you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for getting my order to me so quickly. I love "white patchouli" and I'm so happy I found you guys when I visited the river walk in NOLA. Thanks again!!!

I recently purchased several samples from The Fragrance Shop and was very impressed with all aspects of my order. The samples came quickly and I really enjoyed trying all of them. I had been to the North Carolina shop but didn't have enough time to browse. I was so glad to know that I could order on line. I will work my way down the line with samples. You guys are the greatest!

I recvd my order yesterday and as usual ..I am well pleased Thank you for the gift. I will be ordering again in the near future. Take care

I have done a lot of online shopping and I mean A LOT, and I am always disappointed when I find awesome finds however absolutely ridiculous shipping costs as I live in Australia. I recently found the fragrance shop website and was blown away by the extensive list of fragrances, the awesome reviews, and deals but I already expected shipping costs being much too high. WOW, I was wrong! Great, Fair Prices for amazing products?! Once in a blue moon! I will never buy commercial department store fragrances ever again.

I just got done chatting with one of your customer service reps, Jenny. I received the best customer service I have received in a long time. Kudos!

Hi Team. I just wanted to leave some feedback about how wonderful Jenny M was to deal with on my Fragrance Replication. Shipping to Australia, I was a little worried, but not only was the service BEYOND AMAZING so was the end product. I now smell like my favourite fragrance again and feel so great about the customer service and helpfulness of your team. I cannot recommend you highly enough. I will be a long-time customer for sure! Thanks again.

Great products! Love my black coconut oil! Fast shipping!! Thank you!!
Melissa B

The very best customer service!!! I had an issue with my order, which was my error not theirs and they took care of the problem immediately. I have never had such great attention form any other purchase I have made through the internet until my purchase with The Fragrance Shop. I will make sure I get the word out and I will now make all purchases from them in the future:)

I love the Hawaiian Tropic oil & the Dry Coconut Oil. I have referred your web site to anyone that stops me and ask me what Im wearing. Love the oils! Thank you.

I received my fragrances yesterday and they're great! I also like the samples you sent. I remember visiting the Fragrance Shop when it was in Miami a number of years ago. I'm glad you still have the fragrances from those days. It's been a while. Thanks again for providing such wonderful and long-lasting fragrances.

I was so excited to finally re-connect with the fragrance shop; I purchased some samples from them a few years back but never got around to making the order. I just purchased several of the products (oil, lotion, spritz and dry body oil) in rain. Very nice but a little on the light side. I just called the store and shared my experience with the rain products and wondered if I could exchange the spritzer rain product for J'adore L'eau, they were so kind to just mail it to me with no exchange or purchase needed. This is EXCELLENT customer service. Kudos goes out to the Kay family. Thank you so much; although I have alot of product right now, I will surely be back in the future. Thank you, thank you!!

tyle="text-align: left;">The Fragrance Shop has some serious AWESOME customer service! Aimee and Jenny have taken awesome care of me and I could not be more thankful!


I just love my purchases and wanted to thank you. The oils are beautiful and pure and the way they were packaged was fantastic...even the added touch of the Lifesavers was special. I'll be back again and again and again...thanks so much for a great shopping experience!

I love this fragrance and the service is exceptional. You guys are the best! Thank You!
R. Gage

Your fragrances are wonderful! My sister, mother and mother-in-law are now hooked on your products! Your packaging is always so personal and makes the customer feel special. We really like your little samplers because it is fun to try the different perfumes in your selection. Thanks so much and I have told all my family and friends about you! :o)

I have been buying wisteria oil from the fragrance shop since I visited their shop in New Orleans in the early 90's. Now, I buy over the phone when I run out. It could not be easier. They are pleasant and helpful and it takes moments. I would be lost without them.

I am really happy with my purchase, as I have bought your oils for over 6 years now. The price is great, the oils last a long time and I get quite a few compliments on my perfumes. The Four Pack of Oils is very nice yet some are very faint. I found that I can mix them to get stronger scent. The Kush is really nice and spicy! Like me :o)

I love the Black Coconut Dry Body Oil and will be contacting you in the future, and ordering more of your products.

I loved every fragrance you sent. How much I like Dragon's Blood was a surprise. I love the Vol De Nuit, and have already made a batch of bath salts!

Received my samples, they are delightful. Thank you again and I have been spreading the good word about your company and I will be making future purchases. Have a great weekend! Sincerely, the smiley customer :)!!!

You guys are awesome. Received the order and the Dry Body Oil is delicious. I will post a comment-rating tonight on your website. The customer service is spectacular, could not ask for more. Thank you!

I cannot recommend this company highly enough! Their shipments come within 21 days of ordering and their customer service is the best in the industry! They always send the products thoughtfully and attractively packaged and I always get samples with each order! I will only buy my fragrances from you in future!

Wow! Again, some of the most fantastic customer service ever and I was in retail sales for 20 years. Thank you and I am about to tell everyone about your products and great customer service. Thank you so very much. Hope you have a great day and you just made mine much better.

I am truly enjoying my fragrances. Everything came in perfect condition. Thank you so much for expiditing the shipment so i got it in time to take it on my trip. You will be hearing from often as i will be ordering for myself, my family and friends. I have already told them all about TFS and they love the way i smell. A handsome man followed me in Costco saying that i smell so good. I work in a hospital and often very close to patients and staff, they compliment the fragrances and they are not overwhelming.

Hey there, I love my spray! Love coconut, smells like summertime!

I got the perfume LOVELY!!!!! Thank you so much! The Plumeria blend was amazing.

Thank you again for your fine fragrances and your wonderful customer service.

The Velvet Bouquet Spritz is beautiful! Light, a little exotic, with some floral accents, too. This spritz lasts all day. I just visited your store in New Orleans a few weeks ago and I am so impressed with your wonderful service. Thanks so much!
Nancy P

Hello, I received my order in the mail yesterday and love the extra sample of Blue Sugar. Thank you very much, I am sure I will be ordering more!

Just wanted to say that I received my spritzers of Zen Garden and English Lavender today. The scents are just as light and beautiful as they were when I purchased them last weekend in New Orleans. They were taken by the airport security because I had them in my carry on, so I ordered more Tuesday. Thanks so much for a great product and excellent service!

The fragrance lasts forever!

I must have ordered at least 12 samples before finding one I absolutely loved (Because I'm so picky about perfume!) But I found one, and was very impressed when my order arrived! It was timely, and felt like you care about me as an individual! Thank You for great service, I will be returning as a customer again!

Omg!I am wearing it every day! It truly smells like the real Amazing Grace.I have been into fragrances all of my adult life and I am 60 years young!I sold it retail for years in one of the most lucrative fragrance stores known.I can tell you what a fragrance is just by looking at the bottle! What I love the most is the staying power of your oils as most fragrances have always had a tendency to fade on me.Your customer service was a most pleasant experience.I was a customer service supervisor for many years and realize this is as important as the product you sell.Great job my friends! I will be placing another order soon!

I love The Fragrance Shop! I have one specific item that I love and the service is top notch.

The fragrance lasts forever!
Robin S.

I tried to leave a review,but wasn't able to get the review page. Let me say that I love the fragrances I ordered, as well as the 2 samples you sent me. I used the dry body oil this morning after my bath and followed with my perfumed oil in the Hana Morae. Fourteen hours later, I still smell great! I do like the Pink Martini fragrance in the Dry Body Oil and the two samples you sent. I'm looking forward to trying them this week! Thank you for your great products and excellent service.

You guys rock!!!!! I love the samples and knew I would. I have never been disappointed in any oil I have gotten from you and the fact that they were free is a bonus for sure...keep doing what you do and I will remain a loyal customer forever.

This is not a question, but a thank you. My order arrived so quickly, and I appreciate the professional packaging, free sample, and kind note. This was my first order with you all and it won't be the last. A friend, Jeff, mentioned your fragrances and he was right - great scents at a great price. Thanks again!

I ordered the black coconut and nagchampa samples and I was so impressed with the smell of the oils and the packaging. I just ordered the larger version of the nagchampa. Thanks a million.

Oh I like the Fragrance Shop...really, really like the Fragrance Shop! This is an amazing store. The owners/staff are so nice, real customer service. I am so glad they are in Huntersville, NC now. Yeah!!!
R. White - Facebook Fan

I have loved China Musk since discovering it in N'awlins years ago. So light and mellow...I get compliments on it wherever I go. More importantly, I don't like many, if any, perfumes and this is perfect for me. Thanks Fragrance Shop!!

This is the most amazing company to deal with - customer service is exceptional. They way they dealt with a little "issue" I had ensured I would be a fan of TFS forever. The oils are beautiful and am so glad to be wearing Safari again. Thank you !
Rozanne T

I found you store a few years ago when vacationing in New Orleans and your products are the only fragrances I will wear.

I am extremely happy with my oil and don't go a day without someone complimenting me on how great I smell

I recently ordered the cucumber oil, spritz and body wash, along with the baby powder spritz. I was sent a sample of the sweet cucumber which was very nice; but the regular cucumber remains my forever fav!. The scents last beyond all day, and calm my crazy day's around so many stressed out situations. I owe my sister in law for introducing me to your company 25 years or so ago. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Fragrance Shop rox! :o)
Rayna - Facebook Fan

Have been wearing Fragrance Shop oils since 2001...the ONLY I use!!!
Sandi - Facebook Fan

I have been using their oils for several yrs. now and have 3 custom made fragrances.
Regina - Facebook Fan

I am new to The Fragrance Shop and recently had the opportunity of experiencing the wonderful customer service that others have mentioned. The oil is unlike any other that I have used and I have used oils for 35 yrs... I love Long lasting scent and no oily residue to deal with. I also love how pure it is! Thank you Fragrance Shop - I am glad I found you!
Pam - Facebook Fan

I love the Fragrance Shop . Thank for all your help from Miami
Facebook Fan Liz

Thanks so much for the free sample you thought i would like with my order, i think i like it even more than what i bought!! You guys are awesome and i have referred all my friends!!
Melissa - Facebook Fan

I love the long-lasting, wonderful fragrance and my family and friends love them as gifts!
T. Jackson - Facebook Fan

I love the Fragrance Shop!!! It's the best & most natural way to smell fabulous!! Great products . =)
Michelle - Facebook Fan

Very professional and courteous.

Everything was wonderful with a little surprise gift to go along with my order! Nice touch!

My wife is happy. That says it all.

Fast, nicely packaged, great product. Have to keep in mind when looking at the price, that this is oil, not watered down colognes.

I love this place! thanks!!!

Great transaction - will definitely be shopping here again!

Fantastic service, great product, will definitely use them again.

The seller was prompt in delivery and included additional samples of a fragrance I might like based on fragrance I ordered. Good customer service!

Excellent seller! Super fast shipping, even to my APO. Highly recommended!

You Ladies Rule!!!!
Because of the level of attentiveness to our needs, You've made the sales experience a delight by becoming our co-buyers instead of sales people.
The quality of the fragrances you sent were second to none. Consider Denise and I "LOYAL CUSTOMERS"!
We have a lot of family, friends and associates who like us, enjoy a great Olfactory journey. We will continue to spread the good word about your terrific company and your incredible, high quality fragrances. We're looking forward to a long and aromatic relationship with all of you.
We will be ordering very soon!

Hi! I bought a perfume at your shop Saturday, and I love it! I'm up in Portland for my recording gig, and the perfume lasts all day with just 2 drops. Thanks so much for all your help

Came in good order and included samples of other products.
Pat D

Your Cherry Vanilla fragrance ROCKS!!! It is very concentrated and goes a long way. I was at the doctors office last week. I walked down the hall all the way to the blood lab. 10 minutes later the girls asked me what I was wearing, I told them, and they said the hallway was still fragrant. How's that for a testimony to your cherry vanilla oil!! Smelling Great!
Donna O

The Fragrance Shop is great! My product was what I asked for and when I had a question or any concerns, I would e mail The Fragrance Shop and get a prompt response immediately. I feel as if I have a personal fragrance representative. I love them and the product and I will shop for all my fragrances there for now on thanks Fragrance Shop, you have been great

Fantastic! Items arrived much faster than promised -- within 2 days! -- very well and safely packaged. Perfume oil is wonderful, exactly as described. Vendor is generous and thoughtful in packaging & order; included a personal note and additional sample. An outstanding shopping experience in every way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I purchased this larger size of product after receiving the initial test size and again was impressed by packing and personal note from seller! Love the scent! Will be buying again!

Good communication, very happy with item, a great transaction. Thank you

These people were so pleasant and I have passed their name on to others. Plus I love their product and plan to order more. Thank you so much.

I just LOVE the Vetiver Guerlain oil!! Love it!! and the samples...you guys are the sweetest but most of all i loved the little life saver treat...LOL thanks for taking such good care of me.

I love this oil! I was so upset when the original fragrance was pulled off the market, and now it's getting more and more expensive, but I bought the sampler size of this on Amazon.com and I loved it so much that I'm switching. I use a lot of The Body Shop's fragrance oils, but the selection and quality here is amazing! I am going to make sure I don't run out of Miami Glow-type oil!

Everything arrived perfectly. I am so happy, that I have given your website info & brochure to one of my friends. She had complimented me on the Oil of White Tea. Thank you again for your follow-up & awesome service,

Fast shipping, great product! Will definitely do business with you again. Thank you!

The fragrance is exactly Abercrombie Woods. The product was estimated to arrive FEB 10, but arrived FEB 03, a whole week ahead of time!! Thank you very much and I will be ordering more

Just wanted to say 'thank you' and let you know how pleased I am with my Jasmine oil. I have been looking for a very long time to find this scent and your wonderful products, ease of ordering, prompt delivery and excellent service has been an added plus. Also, your hand written note on the bottom of every invoice had a personal touch and made me feel more like a friend and not just another customer. Thank you again.

I just have to tell you how much I love NOLA Rain. I make it a point to go to New Orleans every 2 years just to pick up my perfume in person and for the food at Mothers! My sister-in-law buys me perfumes for every gift and I accept them gracefully but I am and always will be a NOLA Rain girl! Your fragrances stay true to the last drop. My big name label fragrances turn to that alcohol tinge halfway through the bottle and never smell as individual as yours. Thank you for such an excellent product.
Kathryn S

Completely satisfied! I am so thrilled you were able to create my own signature scent! Thanks again!

Thank you for your excellent service for this time we received the package 4 days after it was sent to the UK . Well done !! We will be back!!

Thank you for the follow up! I rec'd my fragrance within a few days of ordering...the scent is magnificent, service impeccable and product perfect!
It is a pleasure dealing with you.

As always, you were good - very, very good. Thanks for your consistent great service!

Good morning , Excellent service, most courteous!!! I love the suggestions etc. A satisfied customer..Thank you,

Thank you, I received the order on time and very happy. Look forward to my next purchase! Darrell

You guys did a great job getting my oils to me as fast as you did.....Thank you so very much!!

I just placed an order over the phone and wanted to let you know that I found your staff very helpful and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I never hesitate to recommend you to my friends and clients, and always get compliments on the Very Vanilla. Andrea D

The "Pleasures" was a Christmas gift for my daughter... She was thrilled. In fact, she even mentioned that the note she had to wait all day for in the original was present immediately with your product, and smelled better than original, just like your brochure states. We will definitely be purchasing more from you.

...I will be happy to continue as a customer of yours!

I am very pleased with my fragrance. I intend to bring my sister there when she comes to visit.

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your products! I'm always asked what fragrance I'm wearing and I always refer everyone to your site.

Everything is fine, i love my perfumes and the ones i made for the girlfriends of my sons were truly appreciated
Christine Z

Completely satisfied! I am so thrilled you were able to create my own signature scent! Thanks again!
Diane C

I enjoyed my time in the shop. I was so please with the knowledge of you and your sister.

Excellent service, most courteous!!! I love the suggestions etc. A satisfied customer..Thank you, P.S. I love the soft fragrances..


Every thing was fantastic, thank you! Best,

Everything was perfect it was a pleasure working with you.. Thank you,

Thank you, I received the order on time and very happy. Look forward to my next purchase.

The service was and is VERY GOOD. Thanks

You guys did a great job getting my oils to me as fast as you did.....Thank you so very much!!
T. Foster

Thank You!! The Service and Products are excellent. I can't begin to tell you the compliments I receive when I use this fragrance and I've used it for years now. Thanks for the opportunity to let you know !!!
Scott H

Thank you for the follow up! I rec'd my fragrance within a few days of ordering...the scent is magnificent, service impeccable and product perfect!
It is a pleasure dealing with you...

I am truly enjoying my fragrances!!
Dr. Barbara H

As always, you were good - very, very good. Thanks for your consistent great service!
Charlotte N.

Everything arrived perfectly & I am so happy I have given your website info & brochure to one of my friends. She had complimented me on the Oil of White Tea. Thank you again for your follow-up & awesome service!
Greg M

Thanks for the nice email. I want you to know that my visit to your shop was a highlight in my shopping at Birksdale Commons. I like North Carolina and the Lake Norman area so much that I am moving there in Jan. 2010. I just have to liquidate many of my antiques and other 'stuff' that have accumulated in my 1,400 square feet old home. Many of the antiques are old perfume bottles which your father might show an interest in when I relocate and set up shop. I will keep you posted and hope to see you again very soon. Fondly,

I just received my Oil of Union Square. I can't believe it! The scent is spot on and lasts so much longer than my spray. The Oil of Chez Bond that I got for my husband is just as terrific. Thank you for having such a high quality product and for keeping up with the newest scents on the market. Sincerely,

I came into your shop in Birkdale Village on Sunday with my daughter and bought a bottle of "Summer Rain" for my Lampe Berger and you very kindly gave me a new wick. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!! I have been using it and absolutely love it, and so does everyone else! I have mention you and your wonderful store to several friends whom I feel sure will be visiting you sometime soon. Thank you for your kindness which meant a lot, I look forward to seeing you soon.
Lynne B.

I discovered The Fragrance Shop when attending the annual Boat Show in Miami Beach about 6 years ago and have made it a point to visit the store whenever I'm in town. My wife collects your beautiful hand blown perfume bottles and I wear your Oil of Desire. I am saddened to see the store has relocated after 12 years of business on Lincoln Rd, but now have an excuse to plan a visit to Charlotte!
Paul F

I have loved your perfumes since visiting the New Orleans shop in 2003, and have ordered from you ever since. Thank you!

I didn't realize how inferior my oils were until I experienced yours! My husband has never worn cologne until he tried your Oil of Ed Hardy-type. He wears it every day and loves it. We will be wearing your oils from now on.

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your Designer Fragrance Oil of Jungle Gardenia-type. I used to wear Tuvache Jungle Gardenia when I was a teenager and it brings back memories whenever I have it on. I have tried various duplicates, but nothing pleased me 100%. In fact, nothing was close until I ordered from you. Thank you for duplicating so faithfully this wonderful scent.

Thanks so much for helping me with my order and for the sample gifts! I'm sure my husband will like one of the samples and he'll have me ordering more soon! Finding a true apothecary shop is finding a needle in a haystack!! There are few of them; and yours is definitely one of the finer shops. I really appreciate all of your time and assistance. Looking forward to presents in the mail!

Thank you, thank you so much for going through all of the trouble to find a musk similar to R H Mystic Musk oil. You are truly one of the rare companies that genuinely care about their customers!

We drive from Orlando every time we visit, just so we can come to this store.
John S.

The smell is so much richer in the oil.
Michelle H.

The fragrance lasts forever!
Robin S.

Usually, I don't wear perfumes because I'm allergic to them, but I can wear the oils and it's so nice to be able to wear a fragrance again
Kathy M.

I've stopped wearing commercial fragrances since I've found your oils!
Eva D.

For long lasting, natural and exquisite fragrances I recommend The Fragrance Shop. Their pure perfume oils are free from fillers and alcohol. They can even create a custom scent for you!
Holly E.


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