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Dry Body Oil



About Dry Body Oil

Dry Body Oil with Coconut Oil & Vitamin E Oil. 

To choose a fragrance for your Dry Body Oil, please search for your fragrance in the search box, once you get to the page, select the Dry Body Oil.

Indulge your skin with the cleanest & most unique moisturizer you've ever used.  Like a liquid talc, this light oil absorbs quickly leaving your skin smooth and silky.

Active Ingredients: Cyclomethicone, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E.

Our entire Bath & Body collection is Alcohol, Paraben, Phthalate & Cruelty-Free
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Customer Reviews

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    I use this as a body lotion in the morning. I have searched and used so many unscented lotions which were just awful. I am now only going to use the oil and body lotion as I feel it leaves my skin soft and conditioned for the entire day. Do try it, you won't be sorry.

    - Posted by Heather D on 17th Feb 2015

  2. Unscented for layering is fabulous

    This is a great base for layering a scent atop it...INCREASES longevity and PROJECTION....
    OK! I'm a I need direction...
    I bought the 2 ounce unscented DRY BODY OIL to try layering DK LEADED, a TRULY SUPERB SCENT.I'll be buying the larger size and my first thought is to get the DK LEADED scent....Tho I have MANY other scents from FS.....YEAH! I know.....get both the DK LEADED scent and the UNSCENTED....
    SO???Any thoughts on what to do???
    I enjoy the DRY BODY LOTION for the layering AND it is a VERY NICE body oil...

    - Posted by TOB9595 on 7th Nov 2014

  3. Amazing product

    I have been using your fragrance oils since 1999, this is the first time I have tried the body oil, as you say IT IS a dry oil very lite, absorbs quickly, much better then the body oils I have been using, PLUS being 'scented' with my normal fragrance is a huge plus! It is not a substitute for your normal fragrance but does last a long time. Love It

    - Posted by drew r. on 7th Sep 2014

  4. best skin treatment I have ever used.

    I suffer from 2 different vitamin deficiencies and subsequently have very dry skin. My skin loves this body oil! It keeps my skin at a healthy moisture level all day.

    - Posted by Angelique Davis on 20th Jun 2014

  5. Disappointing

    The scent smell nice and hardy coming out the container, however, after a hour, it scent seems to die down and will not carry. Now, I tried 4 light scents and they all seem to die out even when mixed with the scent's lotion. One could barely smell the scent unles they are right on top of you or should I say, right next to you. After a hour you can't smell the scent even if it is slighly still there.

    - Posted by gayle from Maryland on 27th Apr 2014

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