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GrecoFitness Lean & Fit Fragrances

Tony Greco, Canada's leading fitness specialist has collaborated with The Fragrance Shop on five signature fragrances for GrecoFitness in 14 locations throughout Canada. The launch of his latest private label fragrance, "Lean & Fit" is in the final stages of branding and will be announced in early Fall of 2014.

Here is the story of how the fragrances were developed, in his own words: "I grew up in Italy in a small town by the beach where everyone was fit and happy. My roots have always been to stay healthy and practice what you preach. Upon arriving in Canada in 1974, I quickly realized that Canadians shared the same philosophy - they’re active, fit and very happy. Working as a fitness professional among people who take their fitness seriously allows me to practice what I preach on a daily basis.

In the fitness industry I see so many people working extremely hard to stay lean & fit while releasing toxins in their body. How better compliment the hard work with a fragrance made of natural oils that are not only free of harsh chemicals, but derived from plants and natural sources that are actually beneficial to your health? With this idea in mind, I set out to create a unique and natural fragrance that made me feel like I was relaxing at the beach after a fantastic workout. In 2003 after discovering The Fragrance Shop in Miami Beach, I put these ideas to work and began developing my "Lean & Fit” fragrance. It’s a subtle blend of pineapple, mango, musk, black coconut and other exotic tropical oils and the result is a scent that's good for you and lasts much longer than traditional fragrances. It’s been our most successful fragrance for over a decade and now we're making it available to everyone who wants to feel clean, fresh, lean & fit.

Live Lean, Live Fit, Live Well,
Tony Greco"

· Visit GrecoFitness.com to find out more about Tony and his unique fitness regime.
· Visit Tonygreco.co, Tony's personal website to see which celebrities he's been spotted training.
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