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Special Blend Four-Pack

* Scent 1:
* Scent 2:
* Scent 3:
* Scent 4:


About Special Blend Four-Pack

Choose any four of our special blends for $47!  You get four 1/8th ounce bottles of The Fragrance Shop's special fragrance blends, conveniently packaged in travel-size jewel box.  A full 1/2 Ounce of pure perfume for $58 ($11 off the the price of our normal 1/2 Ounce size). Because of the considerable discount, promotional codes or percent-off discounts cannot be applied to this package deal and returns and/or exchanges are not available for individual 1/8oz bottles.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Different scents for different moods

    I love my four pack sampler. The Dragon's Blood is awesome for those days when I want a little mysterious, interesting scent. Himalaya is a very nice, light scent for those days when I feel springy and energetic. Black Silk is a bit sweet but has this very nice, powdery undertone and Turquoise Seas is light and makes me think of summer. Good for those dark, gloomy winter days.

    - Posted by Karen Griffin on 14th Feb 2014

  2. Variety is the spice of life

    What a wonderful way to add variety to your day! I can choose whatever beautiful scent matches my mood. Smelling good is a great thing.

    - Posted by Cee Black from Endicott on 20th Aug 2013

  3. a little bit of everything

    I was pretty pleased with everything in this four pack.
    I wasn't expecting to like the Coconut Passion.
    Thanks for the high quality items.

    - Posted by Phyllis on 10th Jul 2013

  4. Wonderful!

    I traveled with this selection, a group of my favorites, and found that I had a compact fragrance carry-all, and a small gift to leave with my hostess. She loved one of my fragrances, and will probably become a customer very soon. It was nice to have 4 fragrances with me. Thank you for creating this bundle.

    - Posted by Merry on 1st Jul 2013

  5. Wonderful

    I love these oils, so easy to order, quick to arrive. I have recommended the Fragrance Shop to everyone.

    - Posted by Liz on 26th Jun 2013

Previous | Showing reviews 6-10 of 18 | Next

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