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Designer Travel Bundle

* 1/8 Oz. Perfume Oil Scent:
* Bath & Body Item #1:
* Scent:
* Bath & Body Item #2:
* Scent:


About Designer Travel Bundle

Get a full Eigth-Ounce of any designer fragrance, plus any two designer scented travel size Bath & Body products for $45.00. Wear your favorite designer three different ways or try three completely different scents - The choice is yours.  

Read more about the Bath & Body Collection items offered here: Aftershave Balm · Bath & Body Gel · Body Lotion · Body Spritz · Dry Body Oil

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Extremely close to the original

    The Aventus by Creed scent was magnificent. I get complimented on this scent by the Fragrance shop often. Personally wish it was a little stronger staying like other scents i've purchased but I am extremely happy with it.

    - Posted by DMunoz on 25th Aug 2014

  2. Great Deal

    This is great! It not only makes a wonderful gift to others but for your self too! This bundle is good for travel as well, and It's perfect for those who love to add more to their collection.

    - Posted by AquaMirage on 16th Mar 2014

  3. Ideal sizes and complement of products

    The perfume oil (Burberry London Type for women) was the perfect size for traveling and will fit perfectly in my purse. Also this bundle gave me a chance to try the dry oil and lotion of the same fragrance.

    - Posted by tts on 6th Nov 2013

  4. Very versatile

    The designer travel bundle offers in very useful sizes a variety of possibilities. I have bought three of them, in different combinations of lotions and dry oils ,and I have been completely satisfied with all of them.

    - Posted by Alicia from NY on 17th Jun 2013

  5. Perfect!

    The size and the choice of accompanying bath and body products are not only perfect for travel, but also for those of us who wear many different scents and don't necessarily want the larger sizes.

    - Posted by Neferteria on 24th Jan 2013

Previous | Showing reviews 6-10 of 10

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