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Sample Five-Pack (Try Before You Buy)

* Sample 1:
* Sample 2:
* Sample 3:
* Sample 4:
* Sample 5:


About Sample Five-Pack (Try Before You Buy)

Get $30 OFF Your Next Purchase Of Any Fragrance When You Buy Any Five Samples.  Try New Scents, Find A Fave & Save.  Select any Five 14-Day samples of your choice and after your purchase is complete, we'll send you a coupon code for $30 towards the price of any regular-sized fragrance or bath & body product.  

· If the $30 price is discounted by any promotion, your refund will reflect the discounted price.
· Coupon code expires one year from date of purchase and may not be used to purchase any bundles in the Samplers & Bundles category, see our discount policy for full details
· This offer is only available online, not in our retail location.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Not For My Chemistry

    If I were to review the scent quality itself, I would have selected a 5-star rating, because the oils smell amazing. However, none of the samples projected enough for my boyfriend sitting in a car next to me to smell them. He had to bury his face in my neck to get a whiff of the amazing scent. In addition to that, they wore off super quickly so they have no staying power on me and this is after I apply them fresh out the shower after I have applied body lotion. I am really disappointed that they don't work with my body chemistry.

    - Posted by Ruth-Ann from Virginia on 16th Oct 2015

  2. Samples Arrived!!! ^_^

    I came to your store in Huntersville, NC and the customer service was outstanding. After 30 mins of tests I couldn't help but go your website and order the 5 Sample Bundle which amazingly turned out to be a 7 Sample Bundle. It was awesome to receive a surprise like that. You graciously added a couple of more samples similar to what I tried and I absolutely love them.
    Now, the tough part will be for me to decide which one to order first. This Sample Bundle is awesome. The oils I selected are amazing plus the bonus samples. Can't get any better than this. ^_^
    Thanks a bunch!!

    - Posted by Pedro D on 9th Oct 2015

  3. Yaaay my samples are here!!!!

    The sampling is good for trying new fragrances but then your are stuck with.... which one to buy.The shipping was fast and the samples were well packaged,
    plus they give you a extra sample and candy how cool is that!!!!
    Thanks TFS

    - Posted by Smelling good in Kansas on 15th Sep 2015

  4. Great opportunity!

    I've ordered many 5-scent samplers over the years and have found my very favorite scents this way. I tend to like the same scent family, so the samplers give me a chance to leave my fragrance comfort zone and try new ones as well as try related scents within the favored family. I'm grateful to TFS for offering this opportunity and for allowing me to hone in on my "true" scents.

    - Posted by Robin from Rio Ranch on 11th Sep 2015

  5. Perfect for trying before purchasing.

    This sampler system is a great way to make sure you like how a fragrance wears on you before purchasing a full size bottle. The 14-day sample vial lasts plenty long enough for you to gauge how it changes on your skin, whether or not you like it, and whether or not the scent might cause you a headache (this happens to me with candy-sweet scents and certain florals).

    - Posted by Baby on 27th Aug 2015

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