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Designer Fragrances

Every important designer fragrance created, crafted from pure perfume oil. These are our own versions in concentrated form, they are not available commercially, and are completely free of alcohol and other fillers - All created by us, or for us by a select group of boutique perfumiers. These fragrances are divided into Women's, Men's & Unisex collections.

The Rare & Discontinued collection is our extensive collection of rare, discontinued, limited-production & generally hard-to-find fragrances - All hand crafted in pure perfume oil, with no alcohol or added filers. The fragrances in our Discount Designers collection are part of our various designer collections and do not differ in quality or style - only in price.  Many are newly released or top-sellers, discounted only for a brief promotional period.  This collection changes from week to week and season to season, so check back often to see what's been added.  

Our fragrance oils last most people six to twenty-four hours, depending upon skin type, evaporating naturally during the course of the day. Our pure perfume oils also last longer in the bottle - commercial perfumes with fillers spoil, sometimes in as little as twelve months, but pure perfume oils retain their fragrance year after year. The fragrances offered for sale here are not the designer originals. Our fragrances accurately replicate the scent, but are not the original product. 


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  • Bandit type for women
    Bandit type for women
    Bandit is a classic chypre fragrance with an aggressive leather accord and dark animalic notes. It is a provocative and sultry fragrance with a musky finish. Fragrance Notes Fragrance Notes unfold over time, with the...
  • 8 Ounce Bath & Body Collection: Body Lotion, Dry Body Oil, Aftershave Balm, Body Spritz, Bath Gel  -  Perfume Oil Sizes: 1 Mililiter Sample, 1/4 Ounce, 1 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce
    Desire type for men
    Spicy, Sweet, and Complex, this scent is a favorite among Men and Women. It was created in 2000 starts off with Sweet Fruits, followed by a Peppery Note. The finish is soft and Ambery. Fragrance Notes: The scent opens with...
  • Safari type for men
    Safari type for men
    Safari for men is a perfect balance of freshness and masculinity. Fresh citrus notes are blended with clean lavender, soft rose, and spicy carnation. The base is a warm blend of cedar, cinnamon, and patchouli, lending a...