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Custom Designer Four-Pack

* Scent 2:
* Scent 3:
* Scent 4:
* Scent 1:


About Custom Designer Four-Pack

Choose any four of our designer fragrances for $73!  You get four 1/8th ounce designer fragrances, conveniently packaged in travel-size jewel box.  A full 1/2 Ounce of pure perfume for $87 ($14 off the the price of our normal 1/2 Ounce size). Because of the considerable discount, promotional codes or percent-off discounts cannot be applied to this package deal.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Great deal

    for perfect scents. I just adore TFS!!!

    - Posted by Derp on 22nd Jun 2015

  2. Fast delivery

    As always! very happy with the fast delivery. The oils arrive well wrapped, and just what I was expecting, good quality oils. The four pack a good way try different kind of oils, and have enough to last a long time.

    - Posted by RSF on 16th May 2015

  3. Custom Designer Four-Pack

    This is hands down the best way to purchase fragrances anywhere.

    1. The customer service here is better than anywhere else. They will make sure you like what you get.

    2. The product here is of better quality (oil base vs alcohol, and higher parfum concentrations) than if you were to buy the original fragrance at the store or online.

    3. Just one of these 1/8 oz bottles could easily last in excess of a year if applied every day. (Just to reiterate, I mean that you can use it many times without running out, I'm not talking about the shelf life of the product, which is years and years) I've applied one fragrance at least 5 or 6 times and the oil level hasn't gone below the neck of the bottle. Four of these for $73 is unreal.

    4. Not only is the price of the sampler bundle more economical than buying alcohol fragrances anywhere else, it's economical compared to buying larger fragrance oils here. 1/2 oz bottles here are more expensive than 4 @ 1/8 oz (which totals 1/2 oz) so you get more variety and the same amount for less money. You can't beat that deal.

    - Posted by Chris from MI on 4th Jan 2015

  4. Amazing selection

    My first purchase from The Fragrance Shop was in Provincetown in 1996. So glad to have found them online. All the oils we received were wonderful. I only wish the scent lasted a little longer. Nevertheless, I will definitely purchase from this company again in the future. Very efficient ordering, shipping and excellent customer service.

    - Posted by Coco on 17th Dec 2014

  5. Wow what a wonderful selection

    Thank you for the HUGE selection of perfume types to choose from. The designer bundle is the perfect way to have many of your favorites, and/or to try a new scent you wish you could afford.

    I bought these as gifts for my sisters and they came packaged so pretty! I can hardly wait till Christmas to see how much they love them.
    The prompt delivery is great too! Wow I love this company.

    - Posted by T Prue on 23rd Nov 2014

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