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Custom Designer Four-Pack

* Scent 2:
* Scent 3:
* Scent 4:
* Scent 1:


About Custom Designer Four-Pack

Choose any four of our designer fragrances for $73!  You get four 1/8th ounce designer fragrances, conveniently packaged in travel-size jewel box.  A full 1/2 Ounce of pure perfume for $87 ($14 off the the price of our normal 1/2 Ounce size). Because of the considerable discount, promotional codes or percent-off discounts cannot be applied to this package deal.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Awesome!!

    What a cool idea to try different types of fragrances! I love my Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, Tom Ford Neroli and Gucci Bamboo types.I will definitely be back for more!!

    - Posted by LGG on 9th Jan 2016

  2. Wonderful!

    So happy with the bundle of four!! That's what I usually buy, and whey they have a sale! Very happy with the oils.

    - Posted by RSF on 22nd Nov 2015

  3. Good deal

    My favorite scents in 4 cute bottles.
    Thx for quick dispatch and fast delivery
    I really enjoy these beautiful oils

    - Posted by Laurence From Luxembourg on 21st Oct 2015

  4. Great Value, Exact fragrance

    I ordered four vials of my favorite fragrance and it was a perfect match!

    - Posted by Molly on 30th Sep 2015

  5. Such a good deal!

    I usually buy at sale time and I got this at 30% off. I love all four scents so much. They last and are perfect replicas. For the record (you can't review individual scents when buying a four pack) I got:

    Chanel #22 0393
    D&G (discontinued red cap for women)
    Hermes Eau Merveilles
    Bobbi Brown Beach

    All lovely, I adore TFS!!!!

    - Posted by Derp on 1st Jul 2015

Showing reviews 1-5 of 42 | Next

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