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Chypre: pronounced “sheepra”, French for “Cyprus” and first used by François Coty to describe the aromas he found on the island of Cyprus. He created a woodsy, mossy, citrusy perfume named Chypre (launched by Coty in 1917). Classic chypre fragrances generally had sparkling citrus and floral notes over a dark, earthy base of oakmoss, patchouli, woods and labdanum.

Fruity: Pleasing to the nose, notes of apple, berry, mango, peach, and other sweet fruits fall into this refreshing category. Fruit notes add an exuberance and charm to a fragrance and are most often blended with florals.


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  • Burberry Body type for women
    Burberry Body type for women
    Body is sensual, feminine, and luxuriuos. An eclectic chypre-fruity composition envelops your body, creating a suggestion of effortless seduction.Fragrance NotesFragrance Notes unfold over time, with the immediate impression...
  • Honey Tangerine
    Honey Tangerine
    Ripe and juicy tangerine is blended with clover honey in this succent scent. Fragrance Notes: Honey Tangerine Fragrance Characteristics: · Classification: Citrus/Fruity· Scent Strength: Subtle· Scent...
  • Reb'l Fleur type for women
    Reb'l Fleur type for women
    Composed of rich, exotic floral notes, this scent will inspire you to express your confidence. It is a daring and intense fruity chypre scent that evokes the impression of warm skin and tropical breezes. Fragrance...
  • Rush type for women
    Rush type for women
    Rush is an instatly recognizable fragrance that is impulsive and irresistible. An intoxicating combination of florals and spices provide a a sensual burst unlike any other. Fragrance Notes Fragrance Notes unfold over time,...
  • Salvatore Ferregamo type for women
    Salvatore Ferregamo type for women
    Salvatore Ferragamo is an appealing fragrance full of class and fimininity. Traditional perfume notes are blended with daring, unusual fragrance notes to create a fragrance that is floral and fruity with grassy notes...